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4 Essential layer masking tools in Photoshop

Layer masking is one of the most essential skills when you are using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. In this article, I will give you an overview of the most important tools that Photoshop provides for creating layer masks. I will quickly run you through the basics of layer masks before we go on to the more advanced techniques like channel masks and paths. This will give you a set of tools that you can use in many different situations.

Step up your Photoshop game - Mask It Like a Pro  -  featured - 01

Step up your Photoshop game – Mask It Like a Pro!

Layer masking is undoubtedly one of the most fundamental skills you need in order to master Photoshop. Mask It Like a Pro! is our 6-hour video course that teaches you these skills from the ground up. It was designed for beginners and advanced Photoshop users alike. Watch the the video below to get an overview of the course and each individual chapter.

Introducing PCS Video - Changing the way you learn photography -  featured - 01

Introducing PCS Video – Changing the way you learn photography

It all started last year when I began working on the video side of things here at Video is the educational medium of the future, and it’s importance grows day by day since websites like YouTube have made it so easy to publish sophisticated content. So, it was clear right from the start that video would be an important pillar in our educational concept. But as with every new endeavor, you never quite grasp the nature of the challenges until you’re in the midst of it.

The Rhythm of Life (Ultra-Lapse) -  featured - 01

The Rhythm of Life (Ultra-Lapse) – 1 Million Times Faster than Real Life

Watching grass grow can be pretty boring. But what if you speed it up 1 million times? This movie does just that: It shows you 3 years in 100 seconds. You’ve probably never seen a time-lapse movie from me. But a couple of years ago, I was experimenting with several time-lapse techniques, and when we moved to a new home, I decided to start a special project. This video is the end result, and it’s probably one of a kind.

Review - Powerful Imagery by Mitchell Kanashkevich -  featured - 01

Review: ‘Powerful Imagery’ by Mitchell Kanashkevich

Don’t you wish that you had more information on how your favorite images were created – about the thought process and the creative process behind the photos? If only there was a book that would reveal the Why, the Where, the When and the How!

Mitchell Kanashkevich’s eBook ‘Powerful Imagery’ is exactly that book. Mitchell has selected 15 of his favorite images made over the past decade and dissects them. Read the whole review the learn more.

Review - Seeing the Light by Mitchell Kanashkevich -  featured - 01

Review: ‘Seeing the Light’ by Mitchell Kanashkevich

How do you actually use artificial light and light modifiers in a way such that your photographs still have a natural feel to them? How and where do you set up your flash in order not to ruin the natural atmosphere in your scene? How do you use different light modifiers (e.g. reflectors) to modify and sculpt the light on your subjects exactly the way you envision it?

Mitchell Kanashkevich’s eBook “Seeing the Light” will help you answer the questions above and more. Read my review to get more information about the book.

HDR Vertoramas - Interior Photography at its Best -  featured - 01

HDR Vertoramas – Interior Photography at its Best!

Have you ever tried to photograph a beautiful interior just to find that no matter how you approach it, your photos just don’t capture the beauty and the overwhelming impression that you have while you are standing there?

If there only was a silver bullet for solving that problem! Well, HDR Vertorama Photography might just be what you are looking for! Check out this eBook presentation to learn more.

Review - Photographing the 4th Dimension - Time by Jim Goldstein -  featured - 01

Review: Photographing the 4th Dimension: Time by Jim Goldstein

The attempt to capture time with a still camera seems strange at first. After all, a normal photo is captured in a split second, right? But you may be surprised to find that there is a lot to be discovered when you go beyond that split second. In this book, Jim Goldstein provides you with a great introduction to capturing time in your photographs using a variety of techniques from long exposure, via light painting techniques to star trail photography, cinemagraphs and time-lapse photography. Read this review to learn more about the book.

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