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Creativity is something mystical and god-given to many people. To me, it’s working hard, mastering your tools, experience, and having the right mindset. That’s all it takes to create original, creative photographs. Don’t let anybody tell you that you don’t have what it takes, and don’t let technicalities blur your view on what you can achieve. Let me show you how to master the necessary technology and creativity techniques to really unleash the creative photographer in you.

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6 Ways to Get Sharp Hand-Held Photos at Slow Shutter Speeds

The best way to get really sharp photos at slow shutter speeds it to use a tripod. Your second-best bet is to use a monopod. But what if you simply cannot use any such tool? Are you walking away without getting any shot? You shouldn’t, because there are techniques for stabilizing your camera even if you have to hand-hold it.

We all know this situation: You’re in this beautiful place, and you think you’re just about to snap the best images ever. But while you’re setting up your tripod a guy walk up to you explaining (more or less politely) that tripods are not allowed. Luckily, you also have your monopod with you. But you’re told that that’s not an option either. That’s a major bummer.


Frequency Separation for Dummies in Photoshop

You may have heard of this technique called frequency separation where you magically separate the details in your image from the colors and tones to be able to manipulate both independently, right? It’s used a lot in skin retouching, and it really gives you incredible flexibility. Variants of this technique are also used in landscape and architecture photography to really accentuate the details of an image without introducing artifacts like halos.

In this featured video, David Biedny explains the technique and really shows you what it all means. This is the best tutorial on frequency separation I’ve seen to date. It really empowers you to make this powerful technique your own and use it to fit your photography.


Photographers, Help Us Raise $300,000+ for Charity

How would you like to help raise $300,000+ for charity and get a great photography education deal on top of that? This is your chance to give something back while also doing something awesome for your own photography education.

How is that possible? Through the 5DayDeal bundle sale September 10 – 15. What I love about this event is that it is not just a sale, it is really an event that is much larger than a simple sale. And one aspect that is really having an impact way beyond photography is that while you are buying the bundle, you can pick between 4 important charity projects and send them 10% of the bundle price.


Get My New Personal Workflow Videos as a Bonus

I know this is crazy and I shouldn’t really do it, but I’m going to do it anyway. As a personal bonus for those of you who purchase the upcoming Complete Photography Bundle through the link http://frb.li/5dd, I have something very special. I will give away my yet to be released Personal Workflow Video Courses for Lightroom and Photoshop to you… for free!


UV Filters – Do They Really Protect Your Lens?

Wanna see a lot of glass being shattered… expensive glass? Yeah, me too! But for all you gear preservation activists on the other hand, this is not for you. You are going to feel extensive pain throughout the video and maybe irreparable brain damage. You probably know the old debate as to whether or not to use a UV filter to protect your lens. This is one of those topics that have a lot of myths revolving around them, and coming from scientific background, I like it when people actually put such concepts to a real-world (kinda-scientific) test. That’s exactly what Steve Perry does in this featured video.


Mirrorless vs DSLR – What’s Right for You?

We’re seeing more and more videos from people who switched from a DSLR to a Mirrorless camera. That’s all fine, interesting and sometimes emotional, but is it really objective and helpful?

In this featured video by Matt Granger, he gives you an objective overview of the trade-offs you’re facing when you make the switch. Matt’s Point is this: For every benefit a mirrorless camera gives you, you will also lose something. Check out the video and the list below that summarizes those trade-offs.


12 Essential Tips for Your Wide-Angle Photography

Wide-angle lenses – you use them to cram more stuff into your photos. Now wait… If that’s what you know about this type of lens, you’re missing the whole point. A wide-angle lens can be a very powerful tool for different types of photography ranging from landscape and architecture to creative effects and even to portraiture. But you really need to know what you are doing. Otherwise, you’re going to fail miserably and be disappointed with your results.

In this article, I am giving you an overview of the most important aspects of wide-angle photography and a bunch of essential tips that will make your wide-angle adventures so much more rewarding. I have collected some video resources for you that will really teach you how to take the right approach. There’s lots to learn, so let’s dive right in!


Incredible Photography Bundle Sale in September

If you have been visiting this website for some time now and if you have not lived under a rock for the last two years, you know what this is all about. Valerie, Griffin and the team of 5DayDeal.com are preparing their third Complete Photography Bundle, and it will be coming to you September 10 – 15. This will be the biggest photography bundle sale ever… ever… everrrrr. Don’t miss it!


Lightroom Secret Revealed – The Scrubby Pin Trick

In this tutorial, I will show you how to fade a local adjustment in and out in Lightroom without the need for a plugin. The software gives you the ability to change the strength of a local adjustment simply by moving your your mouse – a trick that most people do not know. Your editing work will get faster and much more powerful.

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