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Portrait of Klaus Herrmann - Photographer, Author and Instructor - farbspiel-photo.comAbout Me

My name is Klaus Herrmann. I am a photographer, author, instructor and creator of the HDR Cookbook. On this website, you get access to my work and a variety of resources covering the photographic techniques I use. These techniques include HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging, as well as panorama and vertorama photography.

I am from Germany, and my background is in science and education. I hold a PhD in computer science, and I have worked in research and teaching at different universities for 14 years, authoring over 70 scientific publications. I have also been a triathlete and a musician for many years. All of this influences my approach to photography in which I combine my creativity and artistic vision with a methodological scientific approach and quite some endurance. I love digging beneath the surface in photography and elsewhere in life, and I enjoy teaching and explaining complex stuff in a way that makes it accessible and applicable for a wider public.

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What Does farbspiel Stand For?

farbspiel is a brand I developed to offer the material you find here. It is also a pseudonym under which you can find me and my work at different sites all over the Internet. Go ahead and search for “farbspiel” on Google.

‘farbspiel’ is a German word consisting of two parts ‘farb’ (‘Farbe’ means ‘color’) and ‘spiel’ (‘Spiel’ means ‘game’ or ‘play’). So you could translate it to ‘plays with colors’. I guess that would be my indian name if I had one. Of course, in the English language ‘spiel’ also means ‘chatter’. So, you could also translate the name to ‘chats about colors’ which would also be true.

Now you probably understand how profoundly meaningful this name is. 😉

How to Begin Your Journey with Me

There are numerous ways of discovering all the resources that farbspiel-photo.com provides to you. The best and most intuitive way is surely to start from the galleries. Browse through the photos and stop at those images that you like best. Take a look at the behind-the-scenes information on the individual photo pages, and follow the links to diverse educational resources that come with every photo.

Have fun!