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I know that you are curious to see which type of gear other photographers use. Me too, of course. After all, it’s the gear that makes the photos, right? Hmmm… wrong! ;-)

Yes, having decent gear is important. But at least in terms of image quality, you don’t need pro equipment. Any entry-level DSLR can produce excellent images today. Lenses are a bit more important as their optical quality has much more influence on your images. But the component that really decides how good your images will be is that wobbly thing made of flesh and bones that is at the other end of your camera – YOU!

Anyway, you came here to see what type of gear I am using, right? Well here is the list:



Ok, I am a Nikon guy! But I’ve heard rumors that you can actually take kind-of-ok photos with Canons too. ;-)

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  1. Laura Bavetz
    Laura Bavetz says:

    Thank you for your information. I like reading and learning from you. What computer system do you use and why?


  2. colin lister
    colin lister says:

    At 73 Iv taken quite a lot of pics in my time as a amature and a press photographer , but seeing your portfollio your pics are spectaculare and a bit mind bending !!!
    I have lots of pan landscapes and would you beleve I use a canon 5d11


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