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Top Photography Magazines on Flipboard - farbspiel-photo.comThe world of content curation has gained some additional momentum with the recent release of Flipboard Magazines. Flipboard is an app for iOS and Andriod that lets you aggregate and organize all the sources of information that you consume on the Internet. It connects to your social media networks and to your favorite blogs and websites (through RSS) to present all that content in an easy-to-view magazine layout style.

I have been using the Flipboard app on my iPad for some time now to manage the tons of information about photography that is published every single day. Until now, I have not made a big fuzz about that. It was simply a great tool in my arsenal that helped me in my daily work.

But with the recent release of the Flipboard Magazine feature, this tool has transformed from a content organization and consumption tool into a serious content curation tool.

What does this mean for you?

Well, there are two ways in which you can make use of Flipboard Magazines:

  1. You can create your own magazines to share the content you like with the world.
  2. You can subscribe to some great magazines to get more relevant information about your area of expertise more quickly.

This article is about the latter: It helps you find great Photography Magazines on Flipboard!

What are Flipboard Magazines?

Before we get to the list of photography magazines, let me quickly explain to you what magazines are. With the recent update, every registered Flipboard user has the ability to create their own magazines about arbitrary topics. A magazine is essentially two things:

  1. A collection of articles (blog posts, social media posts, photos etc.) that the magazine creator collects and adds to the magazine over time.
  2. A visually appealing presentation of that content in a magazine-like layout with a cover and pages that readers can easily flip through.

For me, that is the easiest and best way to consume content on any mobile device.

Brief video guide on using Flipboard magazines and an overview on the magazines curated by Klaus Herrmann

Brief video guide on using Flipboard magazines

In order to get started with using Flipboard magazines in general and to get an idea of the magazines I have created personally, check out my little video guide. It will give you an idea of what to expect and you will learn how to install the app on iOS, how to subscribe to a magazine, and how to read, like and comment on articles.

(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Flipboard in any way. I just love the app.)

Flipboard currently has over 50 million users, and the new magazine feature has inspired many of them to create multiple magazines within the first few days of the release. Finding the best magazines for your personal interests is anything but easy right now. Flipboard itself is presenting a selected set of magazines in the app in a section called ‘By Our Readers’, but that only scratches the surface.

Top Photography Magazines on Flipboard

For PC and Mac: You can install and run any Android app (including Flipboard) on you PC or Mac using the Bluestacks app player. So, not having a mobile device is no excuse! ;)
To help you make the most of the new feature, I have collected a few interesting, noteworthy and promising magazines for you. There were some obvious choices that already have a solid base of readers, but there are also some quite small (in terms of subscribers) magazines that you would probably never find. Give them a try to find out if they suit your needs.

Tip for Android users: Install Flipboard and open this page in the default browser (not in Chrome or any other browser that you installed later). Tap on any of the magazine links to open the magazine in the Flipboard app. Tap the ‘+’ next to the magazine name to subscribe.
In the following list, I’ll give you my top picks roughly categorized by photography genres. Note that this is a living list. It is not complete (in terms of genres) and I will update it when I find new interesting magazines that are worth sharing with you.

If you are on an iOS or Android device, clicking on the respective link will bring you directly to the magazine in Flipboard (if you have installed the app).

Photography in General

Photography InSight Flipboard Magazine by Klaus Herrmann
Link: http://flip.it/MUjve

Photography InSight
by Klaus Herrmann
Tagline: News, Stories, Tutorials, Tips & Tricks... Everything you need to stay up to date in photography

Description: Photography InSight covers all areas of photography from landscape to architecture, to portraits, to street photography and many more. It provides links to tutorials, tips, techniques, reviews of cameras and gear, news and stories.

Photography One Love Flipboard Magazine by Aleksey Kudyma
Link: http://flip.it/1WHun

Photography One Love
by Aleksey Kudyma
Tagline: The best photography

Description: This magazine presents general articles about all areas of photography.

Cool Photography Stuff Flipboard Magazine by skelby (Scott Kelby)
Link: http://flip.it/qKtP9

Cool Photography Stuff
by skelby (Scott Kelby)

Description: This is a collection of diverse content related to photography in general curated by one of the world's most famous photographers and best-selling author Scott Kelby.

Photography Flipboard Magazine by Will
Link: http://flip.it/8gQAB

by Will
Tagline: All things Photography

Description: Articles from all areas of photography including tests, reviews, news and stories.
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Photo Galleries

Top Photo Flipboard Magazine by Klaus Herrmann
Link: http://flip.it/HbSYR

Top Photo
by Klaus Herrmann
Tagline: The best photos of the world in one place!

Description: Top Photo is all about the photos themselves. I love viewing great photos from other amazing photographers and this is the place where I present my absolute favorites.

The Photo Portfolio Flipboard Magazine by Mandi Maenhout
Link: http://flip.it/ij3YP

The Photo Portfolio
by Mandi Maenhout

Description: This gallery magazine presents a variety of photos from different genres.

Photo of the Day Flipboard Magazine by National Geographic
Link: http://flip.it/kenBH

Photo of the Day
by National Geographic
Tagline: A collection of some of our favorite Photos of the Day.

Description: In this magazine, National Geographic presents its Photo of the Day selections. It contains an amazing collection of photographs from all disciplines and from all over the world.
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Travel Photography

Travel Photography Flipboard Magazine by Lonely Planet
Link: http://flip.it/f0qon

Travel Photography
by Lonely Planet
Tagline: Tips, tricks and stunning imagery from the world's top travel photographers.


Waypoints Flipboard Magazine by Mike Mccue
Link: http://flip.it/8q6FJ

by Mike Mccue
Tagline: Beautiful places to explore

Description: This is actually a magazine about travel locations. However, as such, it presents numerous beautiful photos of different places around the world. Mike Mccue is a co-founder of Flipboard.
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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photojournalism Flipboard Magazine by Dedot
Link: http://flip.it/rXPla

Wedding Photojournalism
by Dedot
Tagline: Wedding photojournalism and engagement/pre wedding photography news and tips.


Wedding Photography Flipboard Magazine by Wedding Reporter
Link: http://flip.it/1u5Po

Wedding Photography
by Wedding Reporter
Tagline: Inspiring wedding photography from all over the world

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Street Photography

Street Photography Flipboard Magazine by gazonthestreet
Link: http://flip.it/0nXpf

Street Photography
by gazonthestreet
Tagline: Here you will find a collection I have put together on my passion, street photography. I hope you enjoy the articles.

Description: A magazine dedicated to street photography.

Street Photography Flipboard Magazine by garethnealon
Link: http://flip.it/QU7ft

Street Photography
by garethnealon

Description: A magazine dedicated to street photography.
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Social and Humanitarian Photography

Mark Abouzeid Flipboard Magazine by Mark Abouzeid
Link: http://flip.it/jhuvW

Mark Abouzeid
by Mark Abouzeid
Tagline: Social documentary and fine art photography

Description: Photographer Mark Abouzeid concentrates mainly on social documentary in his magazine.
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Photography Education

Photography Basics Flipboard Magazine by Photography
Link: http://flip.it/g4t45

Photography Basics
by Photography
Tagline: Learn about everything from the fundamentals of digital photography to basic maintenance techniques and accessories.

Description: This magazine is dedicated to presenting articles that educate you about photography.
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Nature and Wildlife Photography

Into The Wild Flipboard Magazine by Alex Stackhouse
Link: http://flip.it/Ieku8

Into The Wild
by Alex Stackhouse
Tagline: A homage to wildlife photography, natural vistas and the transient spirit

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Mobile Photography

Photo Apps Flipboard Magazine by Christel van der Boom
Link: http://flip.it/ab3Dx

Photo Apps
by Christel van der Boom
Tagline: Apps for taking and editing photos on the iPhone

Description: This magazine is dedicated to presenting articles specifically about photography apps for your iPhone.
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Food Photography

Food & Photography Flipboard Magazine by nicolesy (Nicole S. Young)
Link: http://flip.it/n0OnP

Food & Photography
by nicolesy (Nicole S. Young)
Tagline: A food-blogger's paradise: Beautiful photos of food, delicious recipes and tips on food photography, all rolled into one!

Description: This magazine is curated by one of the best food photographers out there: Nicole S. Young. It presents photography-related content as well as food-related things like recipes.
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Art and Photography

Photo & Painting Flipboard Magazine by Chan Hau Yan
Link: http://flip.it/bjMyH

Photo & Painting
by Chan Hau Yan

Description: This magazine is dedicated to the boundary between photography and painting, presenting interesting art work that mixes the two.
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How do I determine what’s ‘Top’? (Update)

The question was raised as to which metrics I use to decide what’s top and what’s not. Do I use any metrics, or is this just a gut feeling kinda thing???

Hey, I have been a scientist for a long time. Of course I have metrics! ;)

Ok, here are the criteria that I am looking at:

  • Is the magazine really about photography? It should not be just a mix of arbitrary stuff with a bit of photo in it.
  • Is the curator investing a sustained effort in maintaining the magazine? There should be regular updates of the contents. If all articles have been put in on one a single day two weeks ago, that is not the case.
  • Are there already a number of articles in the magazine? I am putting the number of articles in the magazine in relation to its age. If 3 articles found their way into the magazine within a month, the volume is just too low.
  • Does the magazine present an original topic? Starting the n-th magazine on Blah Blah Photography is not a good idea. If there are already 5 established magazines out about a topic, the next one is probably not going to attract readers or add anything.
  • Does the magazine stick to its topic? Readers are subscribing to a magazine with the expectation that they will get what’s announced on the cover. Calling your magazine ‘Bycicle Photography’ and putting in articles about shooting landscapes will confuse people.
  • Is a magazine for the whole family? Now, don’t get me wrong here. Tasteful nude photographs are fine, and if you decide to start a Nude Photography magazine with photos, tutorials, gear tips etc. that’s great. But if you have only nacked girls in your magazine with only weak or no links to the photography side of things, it’s probably not a photography magazine.
  • Is my gut feeling right? Hey, c’mon! You knew that guts would come in here at some point, right? At the moment, the magazines are very much at a flux. It’s still very young and things change quickly. So I have to trust my intuition that a particular magazine is going to be great. If it’s not, it’s going to be off the list soon.

Found a great magazine that’s not on the list? Tell me about it!

If you know a magazine that should be on this list (according to the above criteria), feel free to write a comment below and tell us about it. Do not forget to include a link to the magazine.

5 Responses to 20 Top Photography Magazines on Flipboard

  1. What’s your criteria for determining what’s a “Top Flipboard” photo magazine? Do you have some metrics on size of readership or is this just your personal “top 10″?

  2. Al Ferreira says:

    Thanks for sharing the great collection of photo magazines. Nice additions to my Flipboard subscriptions.


  3. Kathy Meyer says:

    Although fairly new, why not check out “Amazing #Photography | A View of Our World” – flip.it/lLe7x curated daily…thanks! ~ Kathy

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