Get My New Personal Workflow Videos as a Bonus

I know this is crazy and I shouldn't really do it, but I'm going to do it anyway. As a personal bonus for those of you who purchase the upcoming Complete Photography Bundle through the link, I have something very special. I will give away my yet to be released Personal Workflow Video Courses for Lightroom and Photoshop to you... for free!

Incredible Photography Bundle Sale in September

If you have been visiting this website for some time now and if you have not lived under a rock for the last two years, you know what this is all about. Valerie, Griffin and the team of are preparing their third Complete Photography Bundle, and it will be coming to you September 10 - 15. This will be the biggest photography bundle sale ever... ever... everrrrr. Don't miss it!

16 Top Photography eBooks to Step Up Your Game

What's the best way to invest in your photography? You may buy a new camera, some lenses or a crazy new tripod, that's for sure. But will this make you any better as a photographer? You have to be strong now, because the answer is... wait for it... NO! New gear is great, and we all have a gear acquisition syndrom to a some degree, but the only thing that will really make you take better pictures is Education! In this post, I am sharing mini reviews of 16 asweome photography eBooks with you. These are all premium products, and you will not get them for free, but you can get them for an incredible price in the next few hours.

$2,000+ Photography Tools for $89 - Less than 12 hours to go!

If you're not living under a rock, you've probably already heard about the incredible deal that the team at 5DayDeal offers until October 20th (today!): A $2,000+ bundle of photography resources for only $89 (95% off). In this post, I will give you an update as we are on the finishing straight. There are less than 12 hours to go before this bundle deal will be gone forever. If you have not snatched your copy by now than... well... it's time to act.

Zack Arias - One Light 2.0 (Full Review)

Lighting a scene in-studio or on location can be an intimidating task, even for an experienced photographer, and even more so for a beginner. Most professional shoots that you see and read about are incredibly complex using multiple lights, a whole set of modifiers and some expensive props. How in the world are you ever going to pull off something like this? If that's what you feel like, than this video course by Zack Arias is perfect for you. Zack shows you how to light a scene with one light and one modifier. That's all it takes to - as Zack himself puts it - take pictures that don't suck.

Review: Landscape Photography (eBook & Video Tutorial) by Nicole Young

If you are into landscape photography, the subjects and the creative possibilities are endless. How do you shoot the different scenes in order to end up with the image you have in your head? What are the shooting techniques and the tools? And last but not means least, how do you process your images to give them their final look? Wouldn't it be awesome if you could just go out with a world-class landscape photographer and watch every step? Wouldn't it be great to watch over her shoulder when she post-processes those images on the computer to pick up all those little tricks? This eBook and video series by Nicole S. Young gives you exactly that: A deep insight into how it's done and what the right tools and techniques are to make your landscape photos really stand out.

Review: Take The Mystery Out Of Lighting by Joel Grimes

Lighting a scene correctly and creatively so that you get the look you want from your shoot is the most important but at the same time the most difficult thing to do when you do studio work. The light that you throw onto a scene and the way you modify that light really makes or breaks your photos. In this video tutorial, Joel Grimes takes the mystery out of this process. He takes you through all the different options that you have today for lighting a scene and for modifying the light source you have. He explains these options and when to use which. Then he demonstrates how to use the different types of lighting and light modifiers in an actual shoot

Review: Tack Sharp by James Brandon

One of the most basic things you need to get straight when taking a photograph is to make sure it's sharp - tack sharp! If you like a softer look in your images, you can always add that later in your post-production. But making a blurry image sharp is far more difficult and in many cases even imporssible. In the 3rd edition of his book Tack Sharp: A Step By Step Guide To Nailing Focus James Brandon teaches you all the different ingredients to creating the sharpest possible images. And there are many ingredients to this. It's not just about using a tripod.

Review: Midnight in Paris by Trey Ratcliff

In this 4-hour video course, world-famous travel photographer Trey Ratcliff and fashion and fine-art photographer Miss Aniela take you on a journey through the majestic French countryside and inside the Château de Champlâtreux for a one-of-a kind photography workshop. They show you how to shoot different types of photos in that renaissance building and context, and in the extensive post-processing parts of the tutorial, they show you how to make those image come to life.

Review: Designing an Image by Lindsay Adler

If you want to start a career in commercial photography, the video collection Designing an Image is going to be an invaluable resource for you. In her 7-hour video course, Lindsay Adler takes you from the very basics of working in fashion and commercial photography all the way to the intricate details of lighting a scene and to diverse retouching techniques. But this course is not only targeted at the aspiring fashion photographer. It is much more fundamental than that since it takes you through the thought process of creating an image. Lindsay shows you how to come up with an idea for a photo, how to turn that idea into a concept, and what it takes to get from that concept to your finished image. You will get lots of lighting tips, and you will learn new professional retouching techniques.

$2,000+ Photography Resources for $89. No Kidding!

This is easily the greatest photography event of the year. And it has launched just few seconds ago. The Complete Photography Bundle is a package of high-quality photography resources (video classes, ebooks, presets and more) worth $2,000+ (actually quite a bit more than that), and those crazy guys at sell it for just $89. Can you believe it? That's well over 95% discount over the regular price of the products included. Get your bundle before the deal expires on October 20th!

Something big is coming... that will change your photography

I know this sounds fussy, and vague, and a little like a click bait, to be honest. And I as much as I'd love to add more beef to this bold promise right now... I can't, because... I signed a contract that says "You can't!" on the first page. So, for now you just got to take my word for it: This photography event is going to blow your mind. It's an opportunity that does not come very often - an opportunity to learn so much about photography that you will literally be busy for a whole year (conservative estimate) sucking it all in.
Review - Powerful Imagery by Mitchell Kanashkevich -  featured - 01

Review: 'Powerful Imagery' by Mitchell Kanashkevich

Don't you wish that you had more information on how your favorite images were created - about the thought process and the creative process behind the photos? If only there was a book that would reveal the Why, the Where, the When and the How! Mitchell Kanashkevich's eBook 'Powerful Imagery' is exactly that book. Mitchell has selected 15 of his favorite images made over the past decade and dissects them. Read the whole review the learn more.
Review - Seeing the Light by Mitchell Kanashkevich -  featured - 01

Review: 'Seeing the Light' by Mitchell Kanashkevich

How do you actually use artificial light and light modifiers in a way such that your photographs still have a natural feel to them? How and where do you set up your flash in order not to ruin the natural atmosphere in your scene? How do you use different light modifiers (e.g. reflectors) to modify and sculpt the light on your subjects exactly the way you envision it? Mitchell Kanashkevich's eBook "Seeing the Light" will help you answer the questions above and more. Read my review to get more information about the book.
HDR Vertoramas - Interior Photography at its Best -  featured - 01

HDR Vertoramas - Interior Photography at its Best!

Have you ever tried to photograph a beautiful interior just to find that no matter how you approach it, your photos just don't capture the beauty and the overwhelming impression that you have while you are standing there? If there only was a silver bullet for solving that problem! Well, HDR Vertorama Photography might just be what you are looking for! Check out this eBook presentation to learn more.
Review - Photographing the 4th Dimension - Time by Jim Goldstein -  featured - 01

Review: Photographing the 4th Dimension: Time by Jim Goldstein

The attempt to capture time with a still camera seems strange at first. After all, a normal photo is captured in a split second, right? But you may be surprised to find that there is a lot to be discovered when you go beyond that split second. In this book, Jim Goldstein provides you with a great introduction to capturing time in your photographs using a variety of techniques from long exposure, via light painting techniques to star trail photography, cinemagraphs and time-lapse photography. Read this review to learn more about the book.
Review - The Art of Photographing Wildlife by Mike Kiss -  featured - 01

Review: The Art of Photographing Wildlife by Mike Kiss

Photographing wild animals is one of the most rewarding but also most difficult photographic disciplines you can imagine. Not only do you have to master all the photographic concepts and technicalities, you also have an extremely tough subject to shoot: wild animals. They will not take directions, they will run away at just the right moment, and some even try to eat you while you change lenses. But Mike Kiss has a great book for you. Check out this review to find out more.
Review - Tasty Food Photography by Lindsay Ostrom -  featured - 01

Review: Tasty Food Photography by Lindsay Ostrom

We've probably all taken many pictures of food. But honestly: How many really good food shots have you taken so far? Not too many, eh? Great food photography is an art and a craft that requires careful planning, execution, and passion beyond the mere snapping of a photo. In her eBook, Lindsay Ostrom gives you an easily digestible (pun intended) introduction to her craft covering all aspects. A decent camera, a window and the right time of day is really all you need if you know how to use it right. And that's what Lindsay shows you in her book.
Review - The Art of Black and White with Lightroom by Serge Ramelli -  featured - 01

Review: The Art of Black & White with Lightroom by Serge Ramelli

Black & white photography is about much more than just taking the colors out of your images. In this post, I am reviewing Serge Ramelli's "The Art of Black & White with Lightroom" video tutorial. In his tutorial, Serge shows a number of different black & white techniques using different photos. He shows you how to use the different tools available in Lightroom and Nik Silver Efex Pro to turn different color photos into great black & white images. If you want to learn black & white photography with all its facets, you have to check out this tutorial.
Review - Post Edgy Photoshop Techniques by Joel Grimes -  featured - 01

Review: Post Edgy Photoshop Techniques by Joel Grimes

Compositing is a photographic technique by which several image elements that are shot separately are combined into a single image. In this post, I will review a video tutorial by one of the most well-known professional photographers who practices this technique. Check out what the pros and cons of the tutorial are before you invest your money.