Topaz DeNoise 6 - How to Be a Noise Reduction Ninja

In this tutorial, I will show you a very effective workflow for reducing the noise in your images using Topaz DeNoise 6. Topaz Labs have released the latest version of their noise reduction software recently. And while they did not update the core noise reduction functionality over the previous version, it is still one of the best if not the best noise reduction software out there.

How to create precise masks in Lightroom

In this video, I am showing you a trick that helps you create highly precise masks in Lightroom. The idea is to take a 2-stage approach by first creating a mask that extends beyond the edges of the area you're trying to select. At the second stage, we're going to use the Eraser brush with the Auto Mask feature to get rid of the excess mask areas.

Hands-on Photo Tip: Photomatix Pro 5 'Fusion Real-Estate' Method

Real estate photographers are confronted with many situations where they need to capture the interior of a room and the view out of the windows in a single image. This is where HDR techniques can really help you capture such a scene and present this entire tonal range in your final image. However, real estate photos have to be as natural as possible. Therefore, tone mapping approaches are dismissed by most real estate photographers because getting a natural look with them is difficult. Photomatix Pro 5 now has a really effective and simple new method called Fusion/Real-Estate that lets you take full control over the tonal range of your images while keeping them as natural as possible. This video shows you how easy it is to apply this new method.

Photomatix Pro 5 - Review of the new features

In this video, I will take a look at the features of the brand new Photomatix Pro 5. HDRSoft has released the long-awaited version 5 of their HDR software Photomatix Pro (still in beta as of this writing). And there is a number of new features for enthusiasts and professionals that can make your HDR post-processing a lot easier and more effective. I will review the new features and give you some information on how to use them in your HDR work.

Hands-on Photo Tip: Single Exposure Blending

In this Hands-on Photo Tip, I will show you how to develop two separate versions of a single RAW image file and blend them together in Photoshop. One version is optimized for the highlights and the other one is optimized for the shadows. In this way, you can work on the different regions of your image separately which gives you much more flexibility for optimizing the overall photo.
Hands-on Photo Tip - Work Faster with Background Saving in Photoshop CS6  -  featured - 01

Hands-on Photo Tip: Work Faster with Background Saving in Photoshop CS6

In this Hands-on Photo Tip, you will learn how the Save in Background feature of Photoshop CS6 can be a real time-saver. You can now save a file while you carry on working on it. Photoshop will save all the changes done before you told it to save the image. Especially if you are working with large Photoshop projects (e.g. panoramas or files with many layers) this can speed up your workflow and avoid frequent interruptions.
Hands-on Photo Tip - How to Remove Chromatic Aberration in Adobe Camera Raw  -  featured - 01

Hands-on Photo Tip: How to Remove Chromatic Aberration in Adobe Camera Raw

In this Hands-on Photo Tip, I will show you how to use Adobe Camera Raw (version 7 and later) to remove Chromatic Aberration from your photos. Chromatic Aberration is an optical effect caused by your lens. Especially when you shoot with a wide-angle lens, it creates color fringes towards the edges of the frame. If you do not treat them properly, these fringes get worse when you post-process your images, especially when you are using them to create an HDR.
Hands-on Photo Tips - How to create a spotlight effect in Photoshop -  featured - 01

Hands-on Photo Tips: How to create a spotlight effect in Photoshop

Do your photos look flat? Do you want to add some more interesting lighting effects to them in post-processing? You should really try to get the lighting right in camera while you're shooting. But sometimes, the light just isn't right when you are shooting, or maybe you want to achieve some different look when you post-process the image. In those cases, you can fix the image to a certain degree. In this video, I am going to show you a simple trick for creating a spotlight effect in Photoshop to improve the overall lighting.
Hands-on Photo Tips - How to remove halos in your HDR images -  featured - 01

Hands-on Photo Tips: How to remove halos in your HDR images

Are you getting halos in your HDR images? Sometimes, you find the perfect setting in your HDR software, but right at that setting, halos start showing up and ruin your image. These ugly bright fringes around high-contrast edges are a well-known and common problem in HDR photography. In this video, I will first go over some tips to avoid halos in the first place. Then I will show you how to get rid of them in Photoshop by darkening those halo regions selectively.
Hands-on Photo Tips - Creating a Non-destructive Vignette  -  featured - 01

Hands-on Photo Tips: Creating a Non-destructive Vignette

Darkening the edges of your photos can really help you in getting more depth and in leading your viewers' eyes to the important elements of your photo. This is called "vignetting". In this video tutorial, you will learn how to create a vignette using non-destructive editing. That is, you will not change the pixels of your image in any way. Instead, the vignette will be on a separate layer on top of your image, and you can turn it on an off or change it at any time, independently of your work on the photo. I will show you how to do this in Photoshop.