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Viewing and learning are great. But nothing beats direct interaction. You may have questions, feedback, suggestions, or requests. You may want to get timely updates about new recipes, photos tips and tricks. When a new Pics-to-play-with feature comes out, you may want to be the first to test you skills to maximize the feedback from those that come after you. To have all that and more, you should not just visit and consume the existing information – you should connect!

What does that mean?

It’s simple! You can do any or all the following:


Subscribe to Enter your email in the subscription form at the top right corner on every page of this site and click on Subscribe, or go to the subscription page. You will receive an email notification whenever I add a new photo, a new recipe, a before-and-after comparison, a making-of video, or pics to play with. This is the ultimate way to stay in touch.

Of course you can unsubscribe at any time by going to the unsubscribe page. Wait! Your not clicking on that link now, are you? Subscribe first, learn that you love it, and you will never have to see the horrible unsubscribe page. I promise! :-)


Add comments, questions, and feedback directly to the comments section below the respective page. No matter if it’s a photo page, a HDR Cookbook recipe or some other page, express your thoughts by using this tool.

Send Email

Send me a private email if you have any request or suggestion that you don’t want the public to see.

Get Social

Add me on any of the major social networks. These are places where I share all kinds of information that may not necessarily be published here. For example, if you add me to your circles on Google+, you will regularly get Photographer Tips. Expand your horizon by meeting new people this way and get tips, tricks and news updates.


Add me to your flickr contacts. Flickr is the most active photo sharing platform on the web. Comment, fave and discuss my photos there.


Visit and add me on YouTube to get first-hand notifications when I upload a new video.


Subscribe to my RSS feed with your favorite RSS reader to integrate my stream of information into your news feed. You can also subscribe to the comments feed.


You see that there are tons of ways in which you can connect and stay in touch with me. I would be happy if you use them.


6 Responses to Connect With Me

  1. Gary Guest says:

    Hi from Australia,

    Love the new site.

    Will look forward to investigating more in the coming days.

    Best of luck.



  2. Keith says:


    Great new web site, easy to navigate round,
    very user friendly.

    Appreciate very much your tutorials and the effort you
    have put into the new site,great job.



  3. I an unhappy that i couldnt see you and introduce with you in istanbul :( i love you and your sharing soul… Thanks

  4. Muhammad Moazzam says:

    Hi Klaus Herrmann!

    Please invite me in this board ( Best of Pinterest Photographers ).

    My Pinterest address is ( )

    Waiting for your response!

    Many Thanks

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