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Dear Visitor,

this is a brand new site. I have put a lot of effort in creating it and making it bullet-proof such that you can have a great experience at

However, if there is anything that does not work as you expect it, please write a comment below and describe the problem. I will have a look at it immediately, and I will try to fix it.

Thank you!


81 Responses to Feedback

  1. John says:

    Great looking website – thank you for your efforts

  2. Paul Lucas says:

    Hi Klaus first impressions looks good, very good. Will feedback more as I dig deeper. Paul

    • farbspiel says:

      Thanks, Paul!

      It’s been quite some work. I’m glad you like it.

      Keep clicking, and if you find some flaws, let me know. That would help.


  3. Domenico says:

    Thanks!! Very Beautiful website!

  4. Nikon_bob says:

    Great move! Thanks for all you do. I get the same good feeling with here as I do at Topazlabs.

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Bob (and hi all),

      you don’t look like a “Bob”! ;-)

      Thanks for the nice compliment. I try to do my best to make you feel at home. It’s wonderful to hear that I succeeded.


  5. Hans Kool says:

    Dear Klaus,
    Congratulations on your website, it looks great!
    Although I couldn’t browse over it completly I thing it’s a real contribution to the HDR community, I think we share the passion on HDR Photography besides the fact we share the se initials ;-)
    Anyway, if I find something that could be improved I let you know.
    Inwish you and your loved ones schönes Weihnachten und ein güten Rütsch!
    Best regards,
    Hans Kool

    • farbspiel says:

      Thanks a lot, Hans!

      All the best to you and your loved ones too! Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


  6. Hans Kool says:

    Btw: first line on this page = Feeback page, should be Feedback Page…

    You may delete this message when read…

  7. David says:


    Congratulations on your website! Your work is amazing and you are very generous with your technical skills! Thank you for sharing the wealth of information. I hope I can be half as good as you in the future with my HDR images. May you and your family have a blessed Christmas!

    David R Irons Jr

  8. Luca says:

    Klaus. great work! Nice Idea for the new 2012! Ever Best photo & Tutorial. Grat Work.
    Happy New Year from Italy

  9. Ken Romero says:

    Hermann, your work is mind blowing and your new website is a masterpiece! Thanks for your incredible tutorials.

    Website has some of my photographic work and on facebook you can find ken romero fine art for some of my Corel Painter work.

    Thanks again.

  10. farbspiel says:

    David, Luca, Ken,

    Thanks a lot for your nice feedback. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your families.


  11. Renato Batiston says:


    Thank you very much for the time and effort that you are putting into this. I´ve been following you for a while now and can honestly say that I find your work amazing. Your tutorials are also very valuable.
    I really hope that all of this pays you off.
    Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing your knowledge.

  12. Klaus,

    Great new site!

    Quick question: How DO you get a 5/7/9 bracket series on the D7000? I’ve seen (and tried) the U1/U2 work-around with some (limited) success. But for handheld, it is simply not feasible (or am I missing something?). I’m thinking about a Promise Control…is this necessary to get a 9-shot bracket series? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance…

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Frank!

      I am using the U1/U2 work-around hand-held, and it works. It’s all a matter of minimizing the movement while you switch from U1 to U2. Keep your fingers on the dial and focus on the scene. I’ll work. It just takes some practice.

      For 7 or 9 shots, you will need some other means. But the User Settings work-around gives you 6 shots with a maximum of 22EV (12EV from the D7000 itself and 10EV from the bracketing). That should be enough for almost anything.


      • Klaus,

        Thanks for the response. I will continue to work on my “technique” for smooth handheld HDR using the U1/U2 workaround. I have my BKT set to 3 frames at 1.0 EV, with Exposure Compensation set to -2 on U1 and +1 on U2. This gives me -3 -2 -1 on U1 and 0 +1 +2 on U2. If I want to change it up, I change the Exposure Compensation on U1 to -1 and +2 on U2. This would then give me a -2 -1 0 (U1) with +1 +2 +3 (U2). How do you get 22EV with your setup? Also, do you do any Histogram analysis to determine the optimal EV compensation to get your range prior to the shot? Just curious…

  13. Hello Klaus,

    I left feedback yesterday, but it appears it didn’t take. No sweat…

    Great site! I have taken your advice to heart on a number of outings. Nevertheless, I have a quick question: how do you manage a 5/7/9 shot bracket series on the D7000? I’ve seen and applied the U1/U2 workaround, with some success…but only with a tripod. Is it possible to get good results using this workaround in a handheld context? If so, how? Anyway, looking forward to more posted info on your site. Thanks…

  14. OK…now I see the posts. Oh well…more traffic for the site.

  15. Malte says:

    Congratulations on your efforts to create a clear, well thought-out site with so much useful information.

  16. Good morning Klaus,

    What wide-angle lens do you recommend for HDR pano/verto-ramas? I’m looking at the Tokina 11-16mm, but it ain’t cheap. Any recommendations? Finally, do you calculate the optimum exposure range prior to your shoot? Or do you just use a good 6-shot bracket spread on your U1/U2? Thanks in advance…

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Frank,

      there is a small number of super wise angle lenses for this kind of photography. The Tokina is certainly one of them, and from what I hear, it can produce very sharp images. Of course, I would always recommend using the lens your camera manufacturer offers. It tends to produce the fewest headaches of any sort. But the price of these lenses is generally higher.

      Regarding the exposure range: It depends. For stable lighting conditions and hand-held shooting, I let the camera choose the 0EV exposure, and then I just use the bracketing function. For more complex situations (changing light) and when I shoot from a tripod, I choose the 0EV exposure manually and then calculate the remaining exposures.


  17. Klaus,
    Thanks for the tips and the great site. Hoping your 2012 will be prosperous and bring you and your loved ones much health, love and success.

    All the best…


  18. Hi, Klaus,

    I have to tell you, your photos and workflow are the masterpieces of fine art, really. In matter of workflow organization in PS, toning and post processing work you the perfectionist. I admire your work, and hope, some day, I could also do so perfect photos, like you.

    My experience with more than 3 auto bracketed exposures:
    I use Canon EOS 40D camera, and when I want to get more then normal range of +/- 2EV, at first I simply dial the exposure compensation to -2 EV as central AB, make 3 AEB photos, than increase to +2 EV, and make another 3 AEB photos. This is how I get 5 AEB photos on my camera very quick, but normally this is not my workflow. I make my own hdr photos from 3 exposure AEB, toned in Photomatix, and then also doing some post processing in PS CS4.

    Kind regards,
    Boris Mitendorfer

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Boris!

      Thanks a lot. But just between you and me: The photos are not really perfect. I’m just good at hiding the glitches. But psssst – don’t tell anybody! ;-)

      One little tip with respect to your autobracketing: If you dial +2 and -2 EV, you get two shots at 0EV. You could use +2/-4 or +4/-2 depending on the scene. Or you could use 1EV steps and use +1/-2 or +2/-1 as center exposures. This gives you a more fine-grained coverage of the dynamic range.


  19. xabi says:

    really amazing work!!!
    i try to make something like to your work, but is impossible, your work is perfect!!!
    my english is so bad, and my germany worst!!!
    i live in basque country(“spain”), i,ll try make me understanding!!
    great work and i think that you,re the one in hdr pics!!!!

    • farbspiel says:

      Thanks Xabi!

      Your English is fine. Don’t worry! Where do you live in Spain?


      • xabi says:

        near san sebastian and bilbao!!
        i,d like to process one of these ortodoxian churches, in your pics to play with, you can put one of them.
        I,m sure the final image would be very different.
        I have tried to make hdr with Loyola’s basilic in Azpeitia and I cannot control cromatic aberrations in windows, final image is very poor. You can see my English has inproved a little bit, I have asked my wife to translate my words.

        Best wishes and a Happy New Year 2012!!!!

  20. Earl says:

    Congratulations on your new website. Thanks for sharing your stunning photographs and your workflow.

  21. Olaf Wenkebach says:

    Hallo Klaus,
    eine großartige Site. Vor allem, das hier auch Augenmerk auf das Postprozessing gelegt wird.
    Leider ist meinenglisch nicht so gut, das ich alles verstehe. Daher meine Frage:
    Gibt es dies auch in deutsch zu lesen?
    LG Olaf

    • farbspiel says:

      Hallo Olaf,

      vielen Dank für dein Feedback. Leider sind meine Ressourcen zu beschränkt, um all die Informationen zweisprachig anzubieten. Deshalb habe ich mich für Englisch als Sprache entschieden. So erreiche ich einfach viel mehr Menschen. Eine Deutsche Version gibt es derzeit leider nicht.

      Ich hoffe auf Verständnis. Aber vielleicht kannst du ja trotzdem ein paar Dinge vestehen und umsetzen.

      Viele Grüße

  22. gerhard says:

    Hi Klaus,
    learned more from the few pages of you than the thousands before … thank you very much
    LG Gerhard

  23. PixelPeter says:

    This is really a fantastic initiative.
    The visual layout is great.
    Very good. I will look for possible additions.
    And spread the word.
    Lots of success

  24. Debbie says:

    This has changed my career. Thanks for your support and I hope to pass it on to so many more.

  25. David says:

    I downloaded the samples for Chainbridge but they would not open in PS5. OS Win 7 64bit 10GB Ram

    Great site by the way. thank you for the info

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi David!

      I did not hear of any problems from other people yet. What exactly happens when you open them?


  26. Dear Klaus we need some more information about the adjusments of like Hue saturation , Photo Filter , etc. we want to know how , and how much we have to play with these values and in which conditions ? if you publish some information about these we will be glad thanks.

    Selahattin BABADAG

  27. I am looking now for quite a while at your images, your website, your making of, etc.
    What I feel, first of all, is that the vision you have is unique and inspired.
    In the film “le mystère Picasso’ from Henri-Georges Clouzot, one can see Picasso painting in ‘real time’ and conceive how technique became the bones on which Picasso’s creativeness and art were the very flesh…
    In your ‘making of’ it reminded me this film…
    You have a great mastering of Photoshop but your final vision is ahead of it and PS is a great tool to achieve it.
    There are a lot of photographers nowadays thanks to the new devices and softwares but how many will leave a new and definite new vision ?
    I am not sure but you could well be one of them…

    Bruno Lombard

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Bruno,

      wow, thanks a lot for these kind words. You’re inspiring me here.

      I hope you’re enjoying the website and that you are finding some useful tips and techniques. Keep coming back. There’s more to come.


  28. David says:

    Yes I love your site and the dedication and generous spirit behind it. Thank you you have been very helpful.

    I did encounter a problem however, when I downloaded some photos to experiment with they would only open in windows picture viewer I could not get them to open in PS5 or any other photo editor. Any suggestions?

    Thanks again


  29. Anthony Salmon says:

    Klaus, I am curious, most of your HDR shots are clearly multiple frame shots, how do you manage when there are people in the shot, and or movement, as on a ship?


    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Anthony,

      first of all, I try to wait for the right point in time such that movement and people in the shot are minimal. Then, in post-processing, I make use of Photomatix’ deghosting feature, and I fix ghosting in Photoshop using tools like the clone brush. So, much of it is actually manual work.


  30. Lewis Mann says:

    I’ve only been learning HDR since January. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learned from your site in a short time. But, I am having an issue with masking (sky, buildings, etc.)

    I’m trying to translate your methods used in Photoshop to PS Elements 10. (It was more affordable). I do have The Topaz plugin bundle for Elements and I use Photomatix Pro 4.1.

    Can you offer any help in make the translation to Elements 10?

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Lewis,

      thanks for the feedback. Good to hear that all of this is useful for you!

      Regadring PSE: That’s a tough one for me. I never used PSE. But I understand that since PSE 9 layer masks work pretty much as in Photoshop. So the concepts here should be transferable. If you have any more specific question, feel free to pose it here.


  31. Lewis Mann says:

    Thanks for trying. I’ll just keep watching your videos (and others) until my brain takes in enough to retain. Meanwhile, do you recommend a pen tablet over a mouse for masking?

  32. Hi, perhaps it’s the late time of day (or morning) here but I can’t find out how to complete the process of being added to your board. My Pinterest address is pinterest/ceannaideach/. Your help would be appreciated. Many thanks.

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Michael,

      yeah, I know. Pinterest has a problem with the board. It just loses people randomly. I am sorry for that. I am trying to contact Pinterest but no answer yet. Please stay tuned.


  33. Your site is the best source of information about the HDR far I have found on the internet.
    On You page im see very useful and valuable advice and tests.
    I congratulate beautiful HDR pictures.

    I invite You to visit my site :

    So far I’ve tested 11 different programs to create HDR-s.

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Marek,

      thanks for the feedback. I have been at your site and Polish is not my language. But I get the idea. Good job!

  34. Hi Klaus…or shall i say Master Klaus…i was given the link to your website by a fellow photographer on our Port Elizabeth photography group on facebook,as for a inquired about HDR photography and i was struggling a lot with it…the day i opened your website has got to be the highlight of my photography career,thank you so much for showing the world how to do and appreciate HDR photography…you truly are a Master in photography in my eyes…i respect your effort and workmanship you put into all of this.

    Yours sincerely
    JP Badenhorst

    • farbspiel says:

      Thanks very much, JP!

      Your words are very kind, and I love to hear that my site is helpful to you. Spread the word so that others may benefit too.


  35. Gary Duzinski says:

    Hi Klaus,

    Just found your site. It’s WUNDERBAR and it’s great that you are sharing it with everyone. I’m an intermediate HDR and HDR Pano photographer and appreciate all the work you have put into your craft.

    You should take the “r” out of farbspiel and make it FABspiel, for all the fabulous pics.


    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Gary,

      thanks a lot! I am glad you have found my site, and I hope you’re going to learn a lot. Keep coming back for more and tell your friends. ;-)


  36. Locke says:

    Hey! your time lapse videos are really great, many thanks for taking the time to show us your workflow, it’s very very helpful ^^
    I was wondering, after watching santorini cathedral, and then the natural history museum, did you change from using topaz remask for local adjustments, to making the adjustment globally and then painting it on with the standard brush? – personally I’ve always made the adjustments first, then made an inverted mask, then painted them on the part I need.. which way do you find better, or is it simply personal choice?
    Many thanks again!

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Locke,

      thanks a lot! I use both techniques for masking. I don’t think one is better than the other. It simply depends on the type of mask. For fine details, I use a brush. For larger elements, I tend to use Topaz ReMask.


  37. Jason Leadley says:

    Just cannot get enough of these images. I am encapsulated by the pictures themselves and the process of creating them. Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge. I only WISH I could sit in a tutorial with you and walk through these steps….. amazing ! Congratulations.

  38. Raymond H says:

    There seems to be a problem with your D7000 quick tips page. I cannot open it in Chrome or IE (via IE tab in chrome), and I also had issues on my Android browser. I just wanted to let you know.

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Raymond,

      thanks for the heads up!

      The page opens and displays fine in Chrome, Firefox, and IE for me. Strange! What exactly happens when you try opening it?

  39. Paul Ciura says:

    I am a fellow HDR enthusiast and your site has a huge wealth of information. Thank you for taking the time to write all this stuff up. Your HDR work is excellent and your teaching approach is outstanding as well.

    Looking forward to the future posts!

  40. Barrie says:


    The link to your site came to me through Google+ and I have to say I am blown away by your work. My philosophy on HDR photography is much the same as yours, except that I have avoided hand held shots since I started HDR, about a year ago. However, from today that will change. Your work and the advice I have read so far on this site is outstanding…. Just when you think you know all about HDR… back to the drawing board… Thanks Klaus

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Barrie,

      you’re welcome! I am glad I could open a new door to hand-held HDR photography for you. I hope you’re having fun with it


  41. Don says:

    Hi Klaus,

    What a great and informative site! I have really come to enjoy HDR photography and your cookbook is excellent. Very well written and easy to understand for us newbies. I look forward to learning lots more from you! Thank you! Don

  42. Joelle says:

    Great photos, love the recipes!!

  43. Rob Hanson says:

    Hi, Klaus –

    I’m wondering if you could cover adding and subtracting masks, as you do in some of your recorded sessions. It looks like a useful technique, but I can’t find much information about it, and your videos zip by pretty quickly.

    If it’s really simple and isn’t worthy of covering in a new tutorial, could you zip me an email and let me know what you’re doing with those mask subtractions? I might just be missing something very simple.


    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Rob,

      good idea! There are several ways of doing this, and I will be covering that topic soon. Stay tuned!


      • Rob Hanson says:

        Thanks, Klaus –

        Interestingly, I wasn’t able to find out much about the subject… not in Photoshop Help nor several of my large and expensive PS books.

        I’ll look forward to your coverage of it.


  44. Clara says:

    Thank you. For years I’ve had a mental image in my head of a particular photo I took. I could never figure out how to get the picture in my head to translate to the image. Today while reading through your site I found “Mountain Shed”. That’s the image I’ve had in my mind. Thank you. I may not be able to get that old image to represent what I saw, but I now know the technique to use. It’s going to be a great thing going forward.

    • farbspiel says:

      I hope you can use the “Mountain Shed” image and the descriptions I give to apply the look you want.

      Maybe you want to try and download the Pics to play with for that image. That may help you find out what exactly you should do to that type of image.

  45. Marc says:

    Hi Klaus,

    Love your work and website.
    However, the link in the headerimage on the homepage to the HDR cookbook is not working. It is going to /hdr-cookbook/ instead of /learn/hdr-cookbook.
    Thanks for all the beautiful pictures and great tutorials!

  46. newelly says:

    great site and lots of good your pics

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