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My eBook “HDR Top Tips – 10 Tips for Better HDR Photos” is my little thank-you gift for our loyal subscribers. Your sustained support means a lot to me! Thank you!

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What’s in the Book?

This eBook contains 10 handy tips for your HDR work (plus a bonus tip). The range of tips covers the entire HDR workflow starting with shooting your source photos, via the preparation and the merging of the images, all the way to the tone-mapping and post-processing phase.

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In each tip, I get straight to the point and give you practical guidance for avoiding or solving particular problems. Each tip is richly illustrated to help you implement it in your own workflow. Wherever possible, I will give you pointers to additional sources of information where you can read more about the respective topic.

The eBook comes as a PDF file that you can read conveniently on your Tablet PC, on your Laptop or Desktop PC, or on your Smartphone.



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The Photo Cookbook Series

So, that’s all? One free eBook and that’s it? No, not at all! This is only the first glimpse of what will be coming your way soon: The Photo Cookbook Series.

The Photo Cookbook Series (PCS) is a series of eBooks, video tutorials and other material that provides in-depth practical information on different photographic topics and offers practical guidance to photographers at all levels. The topics do not only include HDRi (High Dynamic Range imaging) but also more general fields related to the technique, the technology, and the workflow involved with creating, processing and presenting your photographs. Over time, I will add more and more material to The Photo Cookbook Series to make it a living library that you can use to guide you through your photographic life.

You will be able to purchase each PCS product directly from my website at an affordable price, and subscribers will get exclusive early access at attractive discounts.

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Any Questions?

I know that this was a lot of information to digest. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to pose them in the comments below! I will do my best to assist you promptly!


93 Responses to Get Your Free eBook – HDR Top Tips!

  1. Gary Guest says:

    Awesome. I look forward to your series of books.

    And thanks for the information over the last year. It has been most helpful.

  2. Incredible idea, my friend, of I will re-activate my subscription and waiting for your books. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    Your friend José.

    • farbspiel says:

      You’re welcome, José!

      It’s good to know that you will be on board with us for the coming adventures.

      Take care!

  3. Frank Justesen says:

    I am a pretty new to all your information and are really hooked up on all this incredible stuff avaiable here. I will look forward to the ebooks you will publish.
    Keep on Keeping on – Frank

  4. Diana Delgado says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us all. I love your videos and the way you explain things,now looking forward to your ebooks.

  5. Klaus, thanks to your teaching I have took my skills to another level, thank you very much. Your friend José.

    • farbspiel says:

      I am glad to hear his, José! I hope there is somthing in this eBook for you that lets you go even one level higher.

      Have fun with it, mate!

  6. Jim Ault says:

    Thanks for organizing your list and offering the HDR ebook. Great example of marketing in today’s world. First saw your work on TwitPhoto (in the old days :-) Hopefully Catherine Hall will launch her new show soon.. and I will launch my new Photoshop YouTube channel soon.

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Jim,

      you’re welcome. Yes, I am looking forward to Catherine’s new show too. I think it’s going to be great!

      Best of luck and success for your Photoshop channel. Let me know when it’s public.


  7. Thank you very much for the book. I read all your articles.

    Greetings from Argentina!

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Victor,

      “I read all your articles.” Oh, that was you!? ;-)

      Just kidding! Thanks for your support!

      Greetings from Germany to Argentina!

  8. Chris says:

    Just downloaded and had a quick skim, already saw 3 or 4 things I’ll try next time I go shooting, thanks a lot, Chrs

  9. Jane says:

    Thanks Klaus, I am looking forward to reading your ebooks.

  10. Adrian Evans says:

    Thank you for the free eBook and all the hard work gone into this and your super web site

  11. JORGE SANABRIA says:

    Un saludo, Klaus
    1000 GRACIAS por compartir sus conocimientos, a partir de este momento a ponerlos en practica !!!
    Nuevamente un saludo desde Bogotá, Colombia y muchas gracias

  12. John McNamara says:

    Thanks for all your info and help with HDR pictures!!!!!
    I am looking forwrards to reading this book.

  13. John McNamara says:

    Thanks for all your hard work and the e-book !!!! It has ALL been very enlightening.

  14. Seiz Agaznoir says:

    Hi Klaus,

    The ebook is awesome!



  15. Bernie says:

    Thanks farbspiel for the e-book!

  16. Anwar says:

    Thank you for the e-book.
    It’s going to be really helpful.

  17. Harry says:

    Thanks Klaus, you are an inspiration for up and coming photographers interested in HDR Photography. You are to be commended for you professionalism and a desire to share your knowledge and expertise in the filed of HDR. Thanks for the ebook, I shall put your tips to good use when I visit Europe this coming winter. Thanks again and look forward to future books and videos.

  18. Manuel Alfonso says:

    Thanks Klaus !!
    You continue here your line of sharing knowledge and experience that makes so much for HDR and for photography in general.
    Best regards, Master

  19. Thank you, Klaus, and congratulations on a superb website.

  20. Rafal says:

    Thanks for the e-Book Klaus. Reading right now. Great stuff.

  21. Thanks Klaus! Just downloaded it, gonna take a look this weekend! I’m guessing I won’t be disappointed ;)

  22. Thanks for the Ebook Klaus!! Great to have a source of inspiration like you! (^_^( Regards Henrik

  23. Ton says:

    Just watched the TwitPhoto podcast (from July) with you. It was awesome. Great tips, thank you to share all this!
    Thank you also for the free e-book.

    • farbspiel says:

      “Just watched the TwitPhoto podcast” – Oh, that was you!? LOL, just kidding!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and for the kind feedback. I really appreciate that. Have fun with the eBook, Ton!


  24. Aluguesser says:

    Vielen Dank! I am looking forward to your more and more masterpieces!

  25. Steve says:

    Already a subscriber,thanks. Can u send me a replaccement code since i lost my previous copy when my hard drive failed last month.this is for the hdr ebook,thanks again.

  26. Edgardo says:

    Got the book a couple of days ago, the tips are very useful! Thanks a lot for sharing!

  27. Mark Gourlay says:

    What a find. Just starting out more seriously with my photography and getting into HDR in particular. What a find whilst browsing. I look forward to even more information and guidance from farbspiel.

    Thank You

  28. Sam says:

    Many thanks for the e-Book, Klaus.

    Merry Xmas to you and your family!

  29. Nick says:

    Subscribed last night, but received no email with the free ebook code.
    Great job! Your tutorials have boosted up my photos.

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Nick,

      thanks for the nice feedback!

      I can see your subscription in the system, and the message with the download data has been sent to you at 1:13pm EST. Please check your SPAM folder for the message. If you find it there, please do the following:

      1. Tell your email client that this message is not Spam.
      2. Add the address to your contacts.

      Let me know if you found it.


  30. Nick says:

    Thank you for the quick response.
    Did all the above prior to notifying you. No result.


    • farbspiel says:

      Ok, I will look into it. No worries, we will get this fixed. I will send you a personal email with further instructions in a minute.


  31. janewebb says:

    Hi, Signed up but no email received to activate.
    Checked Spam and nothing,#

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Jane,

      you subscribed at 14:14 and sent the message above at 14:23. It may take more than 9 minutes for the email to arrive. The system says that the confirmation email was sent out to you. Please check again. If it’s not there, let me know.


  32. Nick says:

    Good morning Klaus,
    Problem solved. Just received the welcome email.
    Many thanks for your timely support!
    Your technique and tutorials really rock and make the difference in artistic photography!

    Best regards

    PS Please check the application of your technoque in my photostream in flickr (

    • farbspiel says:

      Good morning, Nick!

      Great. I re-sent it this morning and it got through. Thanks for letting me know, and have fun with the eBook.


  33. Bruce says:

    Have never received the welcome email with the pass code. I’ve checked the spam folders and nothing there. I wonder if there is still a problem such as Nick had above?

    Could you please send the code so I can get the eBook?


    • Bruce says:

      I tried confirming the subscription a second time thinking that maybe I messed it up the first time. I know it confirmed as I got the thank you page, but I still do not have the welcome email with the password to download the eBook.

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Bruce,

      there may be a problem with my email list provider. I have already contacted their support staff to resolve it.

      I will be sending you a private message to get you started with the eBook. Stay tuned.


  34. vaqas says:

    there is no download button appears….

  35. Jay Holmes says:

    Your work is beyond beutiful so I wont labor the obvious.
    I don’t seem to have a password for your site even tho I am registered.
    So I would apprecate your sending a password to me.
    Thank you,
    Jay Holmes

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Jay,

      thanks a lot for your kind words. I will send a private mail to you to resolve any issues with your registration. Stay tuned!


  36. Klaus your eBook is extraordinary as every thing that comes from you. Your friend José.

  37. graham white says:

    fantastic work thnx for the book will find it very useful good kuck with the future !!!

  38. Cyn Witney says:

    I have just downloaded and read your ebook and I think it is wonderful Up until now I had been plodding along doing all the wrong things – using presets trying out +++different software etc and wanting my pix to look like those extreme HDRs because thats the “in thing” not because they all look that great. Your book confirmed what I have felt – less is more and Photomatix is not that good fo verything. I had discovered sliders and used them just this week and love what I can do with them. Still very much a newbie but loving every minute. However I would like to learn how to organise my pix in Lightroom and go from there. I guess there are tutorials in your resources index so will check them out. Thanks again for your very informative book. I look forward to learning more x

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Cyn,

      thanks for your feedback. You’re welcome!

      Yes, less is more, just as for everything else in life. You should start at the natural side of things and find your way from there. That’s the best way of knowing when you did too much to an image.


  39. Ian says:

    Hello Mr.Farbspiel,frst of all I wanna say thank you for allowing us to play with your pictures,here’s the result…

  40. Chow says:

    Hallo Mr. Farbpsiel,

    I typed HDR Top Tips in the unlock password section but it stated that it is wrong password.
    Did I do anything wrong? Thanks.

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Chow,

      you need to subscribe using any of the forms you find on this website (e.g. the one in the text above). After clicking “Join us”, you will receive a confirmation email. Click the link in that email. This will cause a welcome email to be sent to you which contains the password.


  41. hendra says:

    Got it…thank you so much! cheers!

  42. Liz says:

    Thank you very much!!!

  43. Al Kawasaki says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your ebook! Looking forward to the Cookbook.

  44. Jaime says:

    Knowledge is like wings for the mind. So gracious of you to share your knowledge and techniques. I look forward to immersing myself in what you share to apply and explore the world around me in a new light and perspective. Your photos are an inspiration and proof of the endless possibilities. Thank you.

  45. Venky Rao says:

    Dear Klaus,
    Your research is definitely going to be useful for amateur photographers like myself. Many thanks for sharing your work.

    Warm regards,

  46. Thanks for sharing it. Great tips and very useful.

  47. Gary Bridger says:

    Thank you for the HDR tips Will have a good read later. been a bit put off by HDY Not sure i like it, I have seen so much of it, So many have won competitions from using it. So I hope it may nudge me to giving it a try.

  48. Michael says:

    Many thank Klaus,
    Excellent e-book – clear, crisp and concise with just the right balance between theory and “how to” information. If you’re looking to add some extras to the basic e-book at a later time, perhaps you might want to add a FAQ of typical questions and “gotchas”
    Otherwise, my only recommendation would be to change the font of the Download button to BOLD so after we enter the password it’s not so tough to find what to do next. Your email instructions say, “Scroll all the way down on that page to find the download area and enter the following password to unlock your eBook download” After we enter the password, many will expect a popup screen or redirect to another page to continue the download. As it is now, nothing seems to happen and unless the user scans for the subdued download button, they probably think something went wrong.
    Happy Trails, Michael

  49. Michael Whittaker says:

    Thanks for the e-book, I thought I was ok with HDR until I found your website. I have all the tools including Topaz Photoshop Bundle but I had never put them to good use until I read your tips. I love your tutorials, keep up the excellent work, Well done

  50. marius says:


  51. chepan says:

    Thank you so much for the free e-book! Please keep up the excellent work! May God bless your good heart!

  52. Ray Morgan says:


    Registered for and received the HDR free eBook, but after receiving it, in my Big Mac, using Google Chrome, it says unconfirmed 822032

    Now am not able to do ANYTHING with that file.

    Any suggestions?

    Ray Morgan

  53. Ray Morgan says:

    that’s 822032.crdownload

    Ray Morgan

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Ray,

      ‘.crdownload’ is the extension that Chrome gives the file while the download is still in progress. So either your download was still in progress when you opened it, or something went wrong in Chrome with the download and it aborted. Please simply try again. If that does not solve the problem, try with a different browser.

      The file is a regular PDF, and you will be able to open it right away when the download has finished successfully.

      I hope this help.


      • Ray Morgan says:


        Re-downloading, did the trick, now I was able to download and now read. Thank you so much for the quick response and I can’t wait to get started reading.

        By the bye, I was directed here from Serge Ramelli’s website, I just thought you’d like to know….Thanks Again…..

        Ray Morgan

  54. paull says:

    thanks for the ebook farbspiel iwlli goo through it with fine tooth and comb ;>) but will surley read this one and see wat i can pick up on many thanks

  55. ROMI says:

    Thanks Mr Herrmann. I’m a newbie on HDR and this ebook is opening up a lot of information to start me in the right direction. With much gratitude….and more power to you.

  56. aizuddin says:


  57. Diane says:

    Cannot find the text box to enter the password into

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi Diane,

      you have to scroll down to the section called “Download area”. You will find an orange box with a password field. When you enter the correct password and click on “Unlock” the page will reload. Simply scroll down to the download area again and you will find a “Download” button to get the eBook.

      Have fun with it!


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