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Before and After comparison of the 12-exposure HDR Vertorama 'Light my Way'. Created with Photoshop and Photomatix

Light my Way (HDR Vertorama) – Before and After comparison (click to enlarge)

HDR Vertorama image showing the interior the Chinese church in Toronto, Canada

Click here to see the final image

This is the HDR before and after comparison of “Light my Way (HDR Vertorama)“. The final image was created from 4×3 TIFF files (4 series of 3 autobracketed RAW images, +2, 0, -2EV that were converted to TIFFs using Abobe Camera RAW). You can see the 12 source images in the left three columns. These images were merged into 4 32-bit HDRs and tone-mapped with Photomatix Pro 4.2 (Details Enhancer option) using the same settings for each image. The resulting 4 16-bit TIF images where then stitched using Photoshop CS5. The result of the stitching, perspective correction, cropping, and retouching can be seen in the middle column. In the right column, you see the final image after a number of post-processing steps executed in Photoshop CS6.

A Practical Guide to HDR Vertorama Photography

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2 Responses to HDR Before and After: Light my Way (HDR Vertorama)

  1. Hi Klaus, here again with a question, why did you stitched the images in CS5 instead of CS6 ?
    Your work is extraordinary, congratulations. Your friend José.

    • farbspiel says:

      Hi José,

      Thanks mate! I used two different versions of Photoshop because I stitched this image quite some time ago and only now got to finish it up and publish it. So there is no technical reason for this.


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