HDR Before and After: Into the Open


Into the Open (HDR) – Before-and-After comparison (click to enlarge, click with middle mouse button to open high resolution version in new tab)

Into the Open (HDR)

View the final result and read more information on the post-processing work here: Into the Open (HDR).

This is the before-and-after comparison of “Into the Open (HDR)“. At the top, you see the twelve original source images straight out of the camera. This image is based on a 12-shot exposure series with shutter speeds between 30s and 1/60s. At the lower left, you see the result of merging those shots into a 32-bit HDR and subsequent tone-mapping in Adobe Camera Raw. And finally, at the lower right, you see the final image after a number of post-processing steps executed in Photoshop CS6.

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