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HDR Cookbook – Before and After: The Boat – Ko Panyi, Thailand (HDR)

Before-and-after comparison of an HDR image: The Boat - Ko Panyi, Thailand (HDR)

The Boat – Ko Panyi, Thailand (HDR) – before and after (click to enlarge)

This is the before-and-after comparison of “The Boat – Ko Panyi, Thailand (HDR)“. In the top row, you see the original source images straight out of the camera. This image is based on a 3-shot autobracketing series with 0, -2 and +2 ev. On the left side on the bottom row, you see the result of merging those shots into a 32-bit HDR and subsequent tone-mapping using the detail enhancer option of Photomatix Pro 4.0. And finally, the right side of the bottom row shows the final image after a number of post-processing steps executed in Photoshop CS4.

Tip: You should also view the “Making of”-video of this imageto get a better impression.

The final image and a more detailed description of the post-processing steps can be viewed here. Click on the image below to view a bigger version.

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4 Comments on "HDR Cookbook – Before and After: The Boat – Ko Panyi, Thailand (HDR)"

7 years 1 month ago

Just brilliant work
and a real inspiration to those who may not have tried HDR work yet..
They should

5 years 2 months ago

Hi Klaus,

super Seite die du hier hast. Hab einige Tricks bei der Bearbeitung hier gelernt die ich auch direkt mal auf ein par Fotos angewendet habe. Die sind nun Längen besser als vorher. Deine Seite habe ich auch direkt bei dem ersten Bild verlinkt. Hier der Link zu meinem Foto mit dem Link zu deiner Seite in der Beschreibung: Meine Bilder
. Mach weiter so, ich find das echt klasse!



3 years 5 months ago

Hello, you’ve great photos ! I just want to ask what is your program for post-processing ? thank you :)