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The Making of – The Library (HDR Vertorama)

The Library (HDR Vertorama)

Go the photo page to see the final image and to get additional information on the post-processing.

Here is the Making-of video for ‘The Library (HDR Vertorama)‘. Watch how this image evolves through all the post-processing stages and stop at any position to inspect the parameter settings (see remarks below).

This video shows the entire post-processing work starting with the HDR merging and the tone-mapping in Photomatix, all the way through to the finishing touches in Photoshop. Each major step is explained by a subtitle.

Watch it in full HD mode (1080p) full-screen and pause at any point to inspect the parameters I choose for the different tools involved in the post-processing.

The Video

In a Nutshell

The Library (HDR Vertorama) - Before and after

Check out the before and after to see the major milestones of this image side-by-side.

An HDR Vertorama image is essentially a vertical panorama combined with HDR to capture an extremely wide vertical angle of view and all the tones in the scene. The scene is photographed from bottom to top, and each of the photographs overlaps with the previous one and the next one. Moreover, each of these photographs is actually an exposure series (usually 3 or more exposures) that is merged into an HDR image. These HDR images are then combined in a process called stitching.

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How to Watch the Video

  • This video is available in HD (1080p). Click the “YouTube” button to the lower right of the player above to go to the original video on YouTube. You will have to switch the player to “1080p” (click on the gear wheel) to watch the HD version!
  • Switch the player to full-screen mode (squared icon at the lower right corner of the player area) to see all the details.
  • In HD mode, you can stop at any position and see the exact parameter setting I applied. Use the knob on the time bar to move forward and backward as the video is paused.
  • You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to jump backward and forward.

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13 Comments on "The Making of – The Library (HDR Vertorama)"

5 years 2 months ago

This is amazing! Really looking forward to the new e-book (and hoping you spend a bit on the image stretching/transforming prior to cropping – sure looks simple when an expert does it, but I really struggle with that).

5 years 2 months ago

Really nice video! I like your attention to details.
I have a question as for noise reduction. I was making shots for my vertorama in a very dark place and therefore had to use high ISO to make hendheld images. After merging images to HDR I got very noisy result. Do you have any special tricks for such cases? I’m curious if you can help.
The result image I got is this:
Please let me know. Thanks.

5 years 2 months ago

Thank you, Klaus. That is more than I expected from your reply! I’ve read your article and will try to repeat your steps. I was using ACR NR and then Photomatix NR and in some cases Noise Ninja.

5 years 2 months ago

Excellent video Klaus. Your work is truly inspiring and I learn something every time I watch one of your videos. also looking forward to the new Ebook

Keep up the good work

5 years 2 months ago

Thanks for showing us how it is done! You are an artist of post-
processing. Thanks again, tim d peterson

5 years 1 month ago

As I was watching the word did constantly came to mind was “genius”… ;-). Thank you, Klaus. Outstanding work, yet again.