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This alphabetical list contains important HDR communities on the web. These are groups of people that share images and ideas. The order is alphabetical and does not imply any ranking.

Note: The HDR Resource List is living – it evolves and changes in the same way as the community changes. Therefore, this list is certainly incomplete and may not reflect the view of all visitor. If you feel that there is an important community is missing here, please contribute to the list (how to contribute). If your contribution is added to the index, I will add you to the list of contributors.

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Flickr HDR Group


With its over 82,000 members (as of January 2012), the flickr HDR group is one is the largest HDR communities on the web. It provides an image pool with over 730,000 images and a discussion forum where the members exchange tricks, tips and opinions.

Added on: 2012-01-21

Flickr 'My First HDR' group


The Flickr 'My First HDR' group is specifically for HDR beginners. It provides an image pool and a discussion forum.

Added on: 2012-01-21

HDR Creme


HDR creme is an online HDR community where registered users can share their images and discuss HDR-related topics. The site offeres galleries, a forum, and rankings of images and users.

Added on: 2012-01-27

HDR Spotting


'HDR Spotting' is a website that is based on invitations and an editorial board who conducts a selection process on the images submitted. The intention is to showcase only high-quality work. Especially high-quality HDR images is displayed in a special 'Editor's Pick' section.

Added on: 2012-01-21

HDRI Community at hdrlabs.com


hdrlabs.com provides a community section featuring discussion forums on diverse topics for its members.

Added on: 2012-01-21

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