HDR Resource Index Contributors

The HDR Resource Index is living – it evolves and changes in the same way as the community changes. Therefore, this list is certainly incomplete and may not reflect the view of all visitor. I you feel that there are important entries missing in the index, please contribute by commenting on the respective page. I will do my best to update the list to reflect the HDR community’s (your) opinion.

How to Contribute

Add a comment to the page that you think is incomplete. Add the following information:

  • The resource you want to add
  • A brief description of the resource: What is it? What sets it apart from the resources that are already in the index?
  • Your complete name
  • The address of your website (any publicly available page on the web that represents you best)

I will review your comment and add your resource if appropriate. If the resource is added, I will also add your information to the list of contributors below.

Adding a Link on Your Website

If you contribute, you may also want to add a link to The HDR Resource Index on your website. To do so, go to the ‘Links and Badges‘ section and copy/paste one of the code snippets.

List of Contributors

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Klaus Herrmanninitiator, contributorhttp://farbspiel-photo.com
John Fergusoncontributorhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/12663995@N06/
Robert McMillancontributorhttp://picstrong.500px.com/
Himanshu Balicontributorhttps://plus.google.com/u/0/110187419177323937761/posts
Eric B. Walkercontributor
Henrik L Andersencontributorhttps://plus.google.com/u/0/116246462646179586664/posts
Andrea Catellicontributor
Terry Olsencontributorhttp://www.flickr.com/photo/terryleeo
Derek lloydcontributorhttp://dereklloyd.co.uk/coppermine
Christophe Afonsocontributorhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisafonso21/
Mark Rupertcontributorhttp://marksflashcube.blogspot.com/
Paul Zietsmancontributor
Fraser Rosscontributorhttp://www.fraserross.info/
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24 replies
    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Stephen,

      great! If you contribute in the way suggested above, you’ll be to the list. Looking forward to your contribution.


    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:


      it’s really simple. Look through the resource index (lists of resources) and check whether there is anything essential missing – any photographer, community, tutorial, book or software product. If you contribute something that’s worth adding, you will be put on the contributor list.

      The contributor list is not some list where I will put anybody. It’s just for those people who really added something worthy to the Index.

      I am looking forward to your contribution.


  1. Trijasson Gaël
    Trijasson Gaël says:

    Hi Klaus I would like to get added to the list, i learn hdr with your hdr cookbook and today i finaly ready to share my work.I ‘m start pratice photography 6 month ago & hdr 4 month. My HDR look like a painting & now I orient myself to inside Romanes churh (many i my country).
    My complet name: TRIJASSON Gaël
    i two adress to share :
    i prefer the first.
    Ok i hope my work is good enough to be listed.
    Thanks again & take care

  2. Rami Saarikorpi
    Rami Saarikorpi says:

    Hello. I do not find any 360 panorama HDR material!? I’m one of photographers who do that kind of things and I also teach photographers to do it. I have right book of that issue also, but is is in FIN only (hopefully in ENG later)

  3. Terry Olsen
    Terry Olsen says:

    Hello Klaus,

    I have read and learned a great deal from your excellent tutorials on your website. Thank you so much! I have also learned so good HDR processing from a couple of other blogs.

    The first is Jacques Gude. He has a couple of excellent video tutorials showing his post-processing methods.

    http://www.jacquesgudes.com Look for the tutorial link.

    Another HDR photographer I have learned from is Rob Hanson. He has some tutorials on his blog. I use his three-layer technique on many of my images.


    There is an e-book on HDR available from photographer Mark Johnson.
    It is titled “Illuminating HDR” and is available from his website.


    Finally, Photomatix Pro is my first choice for HDR software.
    However, I have and occasionally (try) to use Nik Software HDR Efex Pro. If any of your readers use this particular piece of software, here is an e-book specifically for it by Jason O’Dell.

    “The Photographers Guide to HDR Efex Pro”


    I hope you find some of these resources valuable. I know of several more print books on HDR. If you’re interested in them, let me know.

    Thanks again for sharing your images and knowledge. I certainly appreciate it.


    Terry Olsen
    Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA

  4. Adrian Evans
    Adrian Evans says:

    Klaus, thank you for taking the time to create this wonderful site and helping us all with all your hard work and time.

    i have added a link to you from my web site so all my friends and fellow HDR artists can follow your techniques and resources, i myself having been trying to improve/change my hdr work-flow/colour profile after visiting your site and can see the difference on my latest photos – still more improvement required so i will be back often.

    many thanks


    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Thanks Adrian!

      Awesome to hear that you see some improvement in your work. Feel free to come back as often as you like! :-)


  5. Fabian
    Fabian says:

    Hello Klaus,

    I’ve been running the site http://www.hdr101.com for quite some time now. (it went offline, and about a month ago I brought it back to life again).

    Is a tutorial for beginners as is very simple to follow to allow a first time user to feel the amazement of HDR photography.

    Hope I can get added to the list.


  6. Roman Shymko
    Roman Shymko says:

    Hi Klaus,

    I’m interesting in to be added to your list :) I’m a photographer enthusiast. I like different direction of photos and one of them is HDR photography. You may check my works on my personal site: http://roman-shymko.com.

    The part of the site displaying HDR works can be found here: http://roman-shymko.com/digest/tag/hdr/

    Please let me know if you think I can be in your list.
    Btw, you are in my Friend&Partners section: http://roman-shymko.com/about-me/

    Looking forward,


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