HDR Photographers

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This alphabetical list contains photographers who use HDR prominently in their work and have reached a certain level of distinction and influence on the HDR community. The order is alphabetical and does not imply any ranking.

Note: The HDR Resource List is living – it evolves and changes in the same way as the community changes. Therefore, this list is certainly incomplete and may not reflect the view of all visitor. If you feel that there is an important person missing here, please contribute to the list (how to contribute). If your contribution is added to the index, I will add you to the list of contributors.

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Daniel Cheong


Technology enthusiast and passionate amateur photographer.

Sample photos:

Preferred subjects: architecture, seascapes
Country: United Arab Emirates
Added on: 2012-01-21

Rafael (RC) Concepcion


RC is a photographer, book author, and photography instructor at Kelby Training. With his many activities, his presence on the web and his latest book "The HDR Book - Unlocking the Pro's Hottest Post-Processing Techniques". He is a very influential HDR photographer.

Sample photos:

Preferred subjects: architecture, people
Country: USA
Added on: 2012-02-23

Girolamo Cracchiolo


Girolamo is very successful with his images on flickr. Especially his sunset seascapes are worth visiting his site.

Sample photos:

Preferred subjects: seascapes, architecture
Country: France
Added on: 2012-01-21

Klaus Herrmann


Klaus is a HDR photographer and creator of the HDR Cookbook (primary resource for HDR post-processing tips). His specialties include HDR vertorama and panorama photography.

Sample photos:

Preferred subjects: architecture, landscapes, HDR vertoramas
Country: Germany
Added on: 2012-01-21

Neil Kremer


Neil lives in Los Angeles and uses his camera to express the way he sees the world around him. A mixture of modern digital processing techniques and today's high quality camera gear allows him to show his audience exactly what is around him.

Sample photos:

Preferred subjects: landscapes, seascapes, architecture
Country: USA
Added on: 2012-01-21

Yannick Lefevre


Yannick Lefevre is a french photographer who uses DRI (Dynamic Range Increase) techniques in many of his images.

Sample photos:

Preferred subjects: landscapes, cityscapes
Country: France
Added on: 2012-02-23

Elia Locardi


World traveler, travel photographer

Sample photos:

Preferred subjects: architecture, landscapes
Country: Italy
Added on: 2012-01-21

Artie Ng


Artie is one of the most influential HDR photographers on flickr. He has started with HDR photography in 2008.

Sample photos:

Preferred subjects: architecture, landscapes
Country: Australia
Added on: 2012-01-21

Jay Patel


Jay is a nature photographer who uses HDR techniques in some of his work, always trying o get a natural look.

Sample photos:

Preferred subjects: nature, landscapes
Country: USA
Added on: 2012-01-21

A.G. photographe


A.G. is well-known on flickr for his wide-angle and fisheye photography of architecture and cars. Most of his photographs are taken in Paris

Sample photos:

Preferred subjects: architecture, cars
Country: France
Added on: 2012-01-21

Trey Ratcliff


HDR pioneer, blogger, creator of the travel blog stuckincustoms.com

Sample photos:

Preferred subjects: miscellaneous
Country: USA
Added on: 2012-01-21

Eric Rousset


Eric is well-known for his landscape and seascape photography from the French Riviera

Sample photos:

Preferred subjects: landscapes, seascapes
Country: France
Added on: 2012-01-21

Rick Sammon


Rick Sammon is a professional photographer, author and photography instructor with a very wide range of subjects on his portfolio. He uses HDR in his work and teaches about it. His site is full of very useful resources, also on other photographic subjects.

Sample photos:

Preferred subjects: landscape, architecture, people
Country: USA
Added on: 2012-01-31

Pawel Tomaszewicz


Pawel's landscape and seascape HDR images have a distinct style. His use of fisheye lenses creates impressive perspectives.

Sample photos:

Preferred subjects: landscapes, seascapes
Country: Poland
Added on: 2012-01-24

Karl Williams


Karl is an award-winning and internationally-published photographer based near Glasgow who, although having been doing photography of one form or another for the past 30+ years, has only converted to digital photography in the last few years. His photographic philosophy is quite simple, and is based upon a quotation from Ansel Adams: 'There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs'. [adapted from karlwilliamsphotography.co.uk]

Sample photos:

Preferred subjects: scenics, architecture
Country: Scotland
Added on: 2012-01-25

Kim Yoeung Seng


Kim Seng is a photographer, author coffee connoisseur, techno geek and world traveler. [source: captainkimo.com]. He provides tutorials and an eBook about HDR on his website.

Sample photos:

Preferred subjects: landscapes, seascapes
Country: USA
Added on: 2012-01-24

Zsolt Zsigmond


Zsolt Zsigmond is a landscape photographer from Hungary who uses HDR in his work.

Sample photos:

Preferred subjects: landscapes
Country: Hungary
Added on: 2012-01-27

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15 Responses to HDR Photographers

  1. John Ferguson says:

    I have found this guy very influential in my my HDR work.
    Captain Kimo – http://www.flickr.com/photos/32154460@N04
    He’s also got an HDR ebook that is very good.

    Me, I’m at – http://www.flickr.com/photos/12663995@N06/
    Which you can probably skip. :)

    BTW, Where’s YOUR HDR ebook??? Soon I hope.

  2. Filip Farag says:

    Conor MacNeill AKA TheFella on Flickr:


    For me, he’s one of the greatest HDR photographers out there.

    I’m at https://plus.google.com/u/0/113656379833336702679/posts most of the time, feel free to check it out! :)

    Thanks for your hard work Klaus!

  3. I suggest Pawel Tomaszewicz, a great HDR entusiast and master in post processing:

    For me, I’m @: https://plus.google.com/u/0/114307663646685369963/posts.

    Great Work. Great photos you have Klaus! Well done!

  4. Thanks Filip! It doesn’t look like I made Klaus’ list, but it’s always nice to know I have fans out there!

    I’ll think of some HDR photographers that inspire me, and suggest them for the list.

  5. Fraser Ross says:


    Can I suggest Rick Sammon for your list? http://www.ricksammon.info

    Rick is one of the most published photographers of all time. He is also a teacher of HDR photography.


  6. Giorgio Benetti says:

    Can I suggest Javirunner for your list?

  7. AnZanov says:

    Impressive list of gurus, hats off for all of them.
    My dream is to be listed here ;)

  8. K L Markert says:

    I would like to add Brandon Kopp to this list. His HDR work is absolutely gorgeous. He is very helpful with his instructions on how to create HDR photos, as well. http://phototourismdc.com/, or http://www.brandonkopp.com/Welcome.html

  9. There are so many great photographers and HDR specific photographers online. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish them because of their sheer talent.

    To be the best you have got to practice your art. You have to work through the bad photos and be willing to learn from those that are shining in the field you which to be on the short list with. I practice continuously and also do HDR. Specifically I shoot Seattle, Pike Place Market, and all around the Pacific Northwest. Every year bring better images.

    Thank you for putting out such great HDR photographers to see and learn from their style.

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