How to Enhance a Sunrise Image in Lightroom

If you try to create an HDR image in Lightroom, you may be scratching your head at the rather unexpected look of what you’re getting initially. You still need to ‘tone map’ the image using the RAW development controls the software has to offer.

But how do you actually get all the details out of your image, and how do you get back some of the color you may have experienced while you where out shooting the source photos?

In this excerpt from my Ultimate HDR Master Class 2017, I am showing you how to apply the right global adjustments and – more importantly – some clever local adjustments to bring all the glory back into your images.

In a nutshell…

In the first two minutes of the video, I am showing you a quick series of adjustments only using the Basic tab. Then, we’ll transition to the more advanced segment where I’ll show you how you can apply separate local adjustments to the sky as a whole and to the clouds in particular. With these adjustments, we’ll be bringing back the colors, the contrast and the sunrise feeling without affecting the rest of the image.

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