The Superresolution Trick – How to Quadruple the Resolution of Your Camera

The-Superresolution-Trick-How-to-Quadruple-the-Resolution-of-Your-Camera-post-bannerHave you ever dreamed of shooting with a megapixel monster camera and get  images upwards of 50 Megapixel? Of course, these cameras are really expensive which means that they’re out of reach for most of us, right? While that’s true, there is a technique that allows you to create ultra-high resolution images even with an ordinary, entry-level camera. It’s called Superresolution, and it’s mostly done in post-production.

In this featured video tutorial, Ian Normal shows you how to do this. With his 24 Mpx camera, he creates a series of 20 photos of the same scene and merges them together in Photoshop such that the combined image actually has 94 Mpx of resolution.

The trick is to enlarge, align and average all the individual photos. By averaging them, the little variances in sub-pixel details contained in the image data add up while the noise is canceled out. This way, Ian manages to achieve a real increase in resolution. This process is very similar to what some high-end camera manufacturers do in-camera today.

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2 years 7 months ago

Neat trick … if one can call it that. Thanks for pointing this out Klaus and definitely one I shall be trying.