A Practical Guide to HDR Vertorama Photography

Create stunning images of interiors and let your viewers immerse themselves in them.


HDR Vertorama photography is a photographic technique that is especially suited for producing impressive indoor photographs that present interiors like no other technique can. It allows you to capture the entire room and present it in a single image that appears to open towards the viewer.You will learn everything there is to know about combining panorama and HDR techniques to create these stunning images that will be a highlight in your portfolio.

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    eBook (PDF) / 183 p. / 112 illustr.

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    intermediate / advanced

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Matthias Church - Budapest, Hungary (HDR Vertorama)HDR Vertorama photography is a photographic technique that is especially suited for producing impressive indoor photographs that present interiors like no other technique can. It allows you to capture the entire room and present it in a single image that appears to open towards the viewer.You will learn everything there is to know about combining panorama and HDR techniques to create these stunning images that will be a highlight in your portfolio.

Contents at a glance

  • The basics: How to combine HDR and Vertorama photography into a consistent overall workflow.
  • The technical side: Which camera, lenses and tripod support you need.
  • Tripod shooting: How to adjust and use your panorama head for highest quality and precision.
  • Hand-held shooting: How to manage the complexity of shooting the source photos hand-held.
  • Rules of composition: How to compose your vertoramas without ever seeing the final result in the field.
  • Post-production: How to post-process an HDR Vertorama from merging your HDRs all the way to the finishing touches.
  • Workshops: Detailed insight into selected HDR Vertorama projects.

Further details

An HDR Vertorama image consists of a number of individual exposures that are combined in a process called stitching. These individual exposures are called sections. The typical distortion of a Vertorama image creates interesting leading lines drawing the viewer into the scene.

Anatomy of a HDR Vertorama - Figure from the eBook 'A Practical Guide to HDR Vertorama Photography' by Klaus Herrmann
The Anatomy of a HDR Vertorama – Figure from the eBook ‘A Practical Guide to HDR Vertorama Photography’

The dynamic range (difference in brightness between the brightest and the darkest areas of the original scene) of indoor Vertorama images tends to be very high since it depicts large portions of an interior, ranging from very dark regions (e.g. the dark corners in a church) to very bright regions (e.g. around windows). In many cases, this dynamic range cannot be captured with a single exposure setting for all sections. Therefore, each section of a HDR Vertorama image is produced from an exposure series – a series of photos of the same scene at different exposure values. These exposures are merged together into a HDR image that has every area of the scene exposed correctly. So, each section of the stitched Vertorama image will be an HDR image.

Content: HDR Vertorama photography – a multi-exposure photography technique for creating stunning indoor and outdoor photographs.
Depth: In-depth discussion of all relevant topics – Equipment, shooting techniques and post-production workflow including workshops for selected HDR Vertorama projects
Special features: Handy checklists for each major chapter and links to extended information on the web
Skill level: intermediate to advanced – you should know the basics of photography and HDR
Volume: 7 chapters, 183 pages and 112 illustrations
Pricing: Regular price: $19.95 (special offer available to subscribers)
Format: PDF – Readable on every device that has a PDF reader app and printable.
Readability: Layout optimized for tablet PCs and ebook readers with PDF support – take the book with you wherever you are! Large fonts and high-resolution images to allow zooming.
Download: About 24 MB in size. After successful payment, you will be redirected to your download link, and an email with the link will be sent to you.
Warranty: Full money-back guarantee! You don’t like it? You will get your money back! No questions asked.
Checkout: Quick and simple through PayPal. No PayPal account required – credit or debit card will suffice.
License terms: Copy to as many devices as you like and make backup copies as required as long as it is for your personal use. Re-selling and re-distribution to third parties is not allowed!

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Download the 62-Page Sample PDF

A Practical Guide to HDR Vertorama Photography - Free Sample Teaser - smallClick on the image to the right to download the 62-page sample PDF for this book. The sample contains selected parts and pages that give you an impression of what you will get when you buy the whole book.

Flip through to make up your mind if this eBook is for you.

Check out these sample HDR Vertorama images

Let there be Light (HDR Vertorama)

Wuerttemberg Mausoleum (HDR Vertorama)

Basilica St. Martin (HDR Vertorama)


Format and size

The eBook is provided as a regular PDF file. As such, you can put it on any device that has a PDF reader on it (e.g. the iBooks app on your Apple device). There is no special software required at all. The file is about 24 MB big. So make sure you have that space on the device you want to put it on.

Which devices can I read it on?

As suggested above, the only requirement in terms of the devices is that

  1. they have enough memory to store the eBook and
  2. they are equipped with some PDF reader

The layout, the font size and the images are optimized for the iPad. But it will work perfectly on any other tablet. You can, of course, read it on your PC or Mac. And you can read it on your smartphone. If you have a very small screen, though, it might just not be the right kind of devices to consume a photography eBook.

How do I put it on my device?

There are numerous ways of putting the eBook on any of your devices. Let’s go through some of the most common ones.

Apple user can use iTunes

  1. Connect your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad to your computer.
  2. In iTunes, select your device (below Devices), and click the Apps button.
  3. Below File Sharing, select an app from the list, and click Add.
  4. In the window that appears, select a file to transfer, and click Choose.


  1. Get a free account at dropbox.com
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  3. Put the file into the Dropbox directory structure that is created for you.
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You can find specific information for your device here. Other cloud services will work in a similar way.

If you have a specific question concerning the file transfer for your device, go to the Ask the Author tab and send me a message describing your case. I will try to help.

Any copy protection or DRM?

Nope! The PDF is fully accessible. Just put in onto your device(s) and open it.

Does this mean you can distribute it to your friends? Absolutely not!

Please understand that this book and all of its contents is copyright protected and all rights are reserved. I deliberately chose not to include any protection mechanism because these mechanism usually lead to a drastic decrease in usability and a drastic increase in the support that is necessary to tell you how to read it.

I am fully aware that this enables anyone to share the book and re-distribute it. But that would be illegal. If you love the book and if you would like to share that love with your friends, simply point them to this page so they can buy it.

What are you allowed to do with the book?

For your personal usage and backup purposes, you can copy it as often as you like. There is no need to purchase a separate copy if you want to read it on two different devices as long as both belong to you and are not accessible by anyone else.

You can copy or print any part of the book. But again, this goes for personal usage only. For example, if you would like to print any of the checklists at the end of the chapters to take them with you while you’re out shooting, go ahead. That’s perfectly fine. Just don’t hang it on the bulletin board in your dormitory and don’t put it in an envelope to send it to your best friend.

You get the idea, right?

You are not allowed to re-distribute the eBook or any part of it to any third party or to make it publicly available on the Internet or elsewhere. This includes (but is not limited to) selling the book (in print or electronically), sharing it on social networks and providing access to it via any file sharing network or any website.

Are there other payment methods apart from PayPal?

At this time, PayPal is the only method for paying online on this website. You do not need a PayPal account though. As you click the Checkout button at the bottom of the Checkout page, you will be redirected to PayPal where you can log in with your PayPal credentials. If you do not have a PayPal account yet, simply click on the “Pay with a credit or debit card” below the login area. This will allow you to use your card without becoming a registered PayPal user.

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Videos About This Product

Watch my interview on TWiT Photo about HDR Vertoramas (and other stuff).

Time-lapse Making-of Videos

Watch how these images evolve through all the post-processing stages and stop at any position to inspect the parameter settings.

The making of The Library (HDR Vertorama).

The making of The Ingress (HDR Vertorama)

The making of St. John’s Co-Cathedral – Valletta, Malta (HDR Vertorama)

Ask the Author

Any questions? Send me a message quick and simple!

If you have any question about this eBook, the pricing, the format of the book, the devices you can read it on – anything really – simply fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 7 reviews

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Readers’ Reviews

Worth every penny

$20 for a book of this size and quality is incredible. The book allowed me to take my photography into a whole new direction. I knew Klaus HDR Vertoramas but I never got a hold of how he created these masterpieces. The book explains every detail. a must-buy for everyone who\'s into HDR.”
- Hugo Busco

A Practical Guide to HDR Vertorama Photography

Tons Of Great information. Well Made And Beautiful Examples. Well Worth My Money!”
- Jeffery Chavez

Very nice hands on guide on HDR Vertorama

Was already a regular visitor of the farbspiel site and was trying out HDR vertoramas. But this book starts from scratch and takes till the last processing step.A true cookbook.Covers all aspects including gear,shooting and extracting the best out in post processing. Just wish case studies could have been more including some more complicated (design wise) churches / frescos indoors. Could have got more knowledge on post processing (Though one can follow the making-of videos on the site).”
- Puneet Verma

Fantastic guide and great value!

This is a VERY comprehensive guide to how Klaus creates his stunning images; not the cheapest ebook around, but probably the best value for money, in terms of how much info it provides. It is full of step by step instructions with screen shots and lots of detail - I have not managed to work through all of it yet, but I an very happy with my results so far. Perhaps the info is already available on Klaus\'s website, but this book brings it all together in one place, with all his latest tips. If you have any interest in creating this type of image then I cannot recommend this ebook highly enough - just buy it, you won\'t be disappointed! Many thanks Klaus, it was certainly worth the wait ;-)”
- Peter Scrimshaw

Makes the Complex Clear!

As always, Klaus has done a fantastic job presenting what can at first seem to be a daunting topic. His explanations are clear and simple, the accompanying photos are inspiring, and the book will surely help the aspiring HDR-Vertorama photographer. I always learn a ton from Klaus\'s instructionals, and this is no exception.”
- Lynne Pitts

A Practical Guide to HDR Vertorama Photography

The book is very detail in explaining the steps from preparations all the way to post processing in a very concise and clear manners. Highly recommended for those who want to start the journey in Vertorama.”
- Ryan Zhang

Great Book!

This book provides knowledge that can be applied any HDR work flow not just vertorama\'s. It has already solved a number of my problems!”
- Chris Axe
42 replies
    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Dean,

      then I have two great news for you:

      1. It’s only $19.95 (not $19.99)
      2. If you subscribe, it gets even cheaper: $15.95 (that’s 20% off – think about it!)

      Do you want to know what that really means? Then check this out!

      You only have to find another $5.96 in your wallet. So, you’re only one McDonalds meal away from this book (BigMac: $2.33 + Fries(M): $1.85 + Coke(L): $0.80 + Ice Cream Cone: $1 = $5.98).

      Now it’s your choice: Would you rather have another burger this evening, or would you like to improve your photography skills? By the way, burgers, fries, coke, and ice cream are known to be bad for your health.

      So, in reality, it’s learning bleeding edge photography techniques vs. more cholesterol and fat in your arteries.

      That would be an easy choice for me. What about you, Dean? ;)

      Ok, all joking aside:

      I understand that you may feel that it’s too expensive for you, and I am sorry to hear that – not because I won’t get your money, but because of the missed opportunity I see. This is a high-quality book with a professional layout and with all the knowledge that I acquired on the topic through my hard work. You won’t find a book on this subject anywhere else. This is original content that will open a new range of photography for you.

      That’s why it’s not dirt cheap.

      I value you honest feedback, and I still hope that you will find joy and opportunities to improve in my free tutorials.


  1. Dean Huggins
    Dean Huggins says:

    Sounds good except I would like to see more image examples etc as I have been doing HDR for many years my self and am looking for more advanced techniques. I did not see any information on what photographer level we are talking about here. Can you provide more info? I mention 9.99 because that’s what i paid for the last e-book about photography I bought.
    Thanks for responding.

    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Dean,

      thanks for your response and for letting me know the reason for your previous comment. That’s valuable feedback for me.

      This book is definitely great for the advanced photographer. If you already know HDR, then you’re in great shape to build on that and discover this new HDR Vertorama technique in the book. I shall add this info. You’re right!

      There are no sample pages yet because the layout of the book is not finished. I will certainly add them once I have them.

      This is only the initial announcement and I will add more information in the next weeks. So stay tuned.

      Thanks again for your feedback, Dean!


  2. gael
    gael says:

    Hello Klaus, And happy shooting year!

    I already have subscribe, but I want to benefit from 20 % discount. I think that you deserve to be supported in 100 % in this project and for it I am ready to put the hand in the pocket!

    Have to I reregister or I shall take advantage of the discount by being already subscribed?

    Thumbs up my HDR mentor ;)

    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Gael,

      if you are subscribed you will receive the 20% discount. So, you’re fine.

      I appreciate your willingness to support me a lot. Thanks!


  3. Peter Scrimshaw
    Peter Scrimshaw says:

    Hi Klaus, this is really something that want to try so can’t wait for the eBook! I have already picked up some very useful tips form your site, so I think the price is about right for a specialist topic – the quality looks superb and your results are stunning. Many thanks for sharing your ideas. All the best, Peter

  4. Isaac Cubillos
    Isaac Cubillos says:

    This is a great price for sharing your expertise. Looking forward to it. Also, I enjoy the copyright notice instruction, but still don’t have the hang of it. Perhaps a video tutorial might help some of us along on that. I’m going to dissect your “The Library” and pick up some tips from that, too.

    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Isaac,

      thanks! I will make more ‘normal-speed’ videos in the future. The watermarking tutorial may be one of the first.

      If you have a specific question, let me know, and I’ll try to help.


    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Murray,

      feel free to purchase two copies if it’s underpriced. ;) Just kidding!

      I think it’ll be forth every penny, though. I am putting a lot of effort and everything I know into it. So, stay tuned!


  5. Kathie Lee
    Kathie Lee says:

    Klaus — when will this ebook be available? I’ve been watching and waiting and am looking forward to owning a copy (I’m a subscriber).



    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Kathy,

      I am sorry for the delay. Right now, I am in the process of moving to a new home with my little family. This makes it a bit difficult to keep the schedule.

      The manuscript is finished, and I will be working on it full time again next week. It should be out the first or second week of April. Keep your fingers crossed.

      Thanks for your interest and your support.


  6. Jeffery Chavez
    Jeffery Chavez says:

    I’m there. As soon as it’s available it’s mine. Good instruction material for me because I want to learn that. and with the 20% off bringing it to $15ish is right about in my price range. Keep up the good instruction Klaus!


  7. tony allison
    tony allison says:

    I just love the line where you say
    “bleeding edge photography techniques vs. more cholesterol and fat in your arteries”

  8. Newelly
    Newelly says:

    Good to see you got it done.I will be buying it when I get home tomorrow and look forward to reading it.best of luck with your new book.

  9. Craig Stilson
    Craig Stilson says:

    Can you tell me what is required in the way of equipment and software to effectively use this technique? I don’t want to invest in the book if I don’t have the required tools.

  10. richard
    richard says:

    hi klaus,
    i got a good chuckle out of your burgers and fries comment.
    i plan on getting the book and paying the price you ask.
    the price reflects your time and work along with the contents.
    and besides,will $20 really break anyone?

    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Richard,

      I see that you’ve already gotten the eBook. Thanks for the purchase.

      For some people every penny counts. I understand that, and if those people buy something from me, it’s a statement. But saying that an eBook (no matter which one) is not worth 20 bucks is strange, isn’t it?

      Just between you and me: The book is underpriced when you look at it objectively based on the content, the amount of information conveyed and the time and knowledge invested. But pssst… don’t tell anybody! ;)

      I hope you enjoy the book. Feel free to send me a link to your HDR Vertoramas. I am curious to see your results, Richard.

      Take care!

  11. Carmen Mazza
    Carmen Mazza says:

    Great book, laid out in a very logical manner making it easy to understand the steps to create some great HDR Vertoramas! Thanks Klaus…

  12. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Hi Klaus,

    thank you for sharing your knowlegde. I avoid the noise reduction tool in photomatix and do the NR now in the very beginning of my hdr workflow manually to every picture with Topaz DeNoise and a second time after processing Topaz Adjust with the Adjust DeNoise Tool. The difference in quality is huge.

    I’m very interested in your ebook, but I don’t shoot indoor pictures, but outdore architecture. Does the ebook is useful to me, too to improve the quality of my pictures/workflow? Is there actually a discount on it?


    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Daniel,

      you’re welcome, and thanks for sharing that part of your workflow with me. Using NR right makes a whole lot of a difference, and I am glad it improved your work.

      As for the eBook: Interior HDR Vertoramas are particularly fascinating. However, the entire technique can of course be used outside and inside. In the book, you will get tons of tips that are not really Vertorama-specific. You can also apply many of these to any of your photos. In fact, it will also help your create normal (horizontal) panorama images. These can be very interesting for architecture subjects.

      In summary: Yes, I do think you will find the book very useful, even if you prefer shooting outdoor scenes. And of course, its never to late to try shooting indoors. ;)

      The discount: You will get a discount code (20% off) when you subscribe to our newsletter (e.g. at http://farbspiel-photo.com/connect/subscribe).

      I hope that answers your questions. Let me know if you need more information.


      • Daniel
        Daniel says:

        Hi Klaus,

        thank you for the quick answer. I’m very interested in the part of post-processing (after hdr-merging in photomatix) and can’t wait to read your book to learn from your workflow and experience. I think 15 $ ist not overpriced, if the book contains such valueable tips like the noise reduction tip. Printing tons of unperfect flat or overprocessed hdr-pictures is much more expensive and frustrating :-)

        The discount: I subscribed yesterday and got an email with a confirm button. I clicked on it and received a confirmation but after this nothing happend. I did not get neighter the free hdr tips nor the discout link for the ebook. could you please check, whether something went wrong?

        Thank you

  13. Bruce Hausmann
    Bruce Hausmann says:

    Hi Klaus
    I really enjoy your videos and am impressed with your work.
    I have tried searching my hard drive and am not sure if I purchased your e-book. Do you have a record if I have?
    Thanks so much
    Bruce Hausmann

  14. Chris Axe
    Chris Axe says:


    Great Book! The information has already been a tremendous help just after reading only half the book! It contains so much information that can be applied to any type of panorama or just HDR in general. Here in the US we don’t have an abundance of cathedral’s or church’s like Europe. So I don’t know how many Vertorama’s I will do but it does not matter this book has solved a lot of my issues with my regular panoramas and HDR work!


    Chris Axe

    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Victor,

      you will get the discount code with your welcome email when you subscribe. You can then enter the code in the chekout process.

      Let me know if you have any questions.


  15. Colin
    Colin says:

    Hi Klaus,

    Firstly, I’m only a novice hobby photographer who struggles to find time outside of full-time work to get out with my camera as often as I would like and to spend on post processing.

    I’ve only just started today really, to look into HDR as an option and came across your website.

    What I would like to ask you is; if, in future, I was to go down the track of HDR and later look into HDR Vetorama Photography, would the two software programs I’m using, Lightroom 5 and OnOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 8, do the job for me?

    Kind Regards,


    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Colin,

      thanks for your message and your interest.

      In order to create HDR Vertoramas, you need two things: First, you need a software that lets you create HDR images. I think neither Lightroon nor Perfect Photo Suite can do this out of the box. Check out Photomatix for this purpose. Second, you need a software that lets you stitch multiple images into a panorama. Again, your software does not provide this function. There is free stitching software out there that works well. Try a program called Hugin, for example.

      With the Photomatix trial version and Hugin, you should be able to get off the ground without any expenses.



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