High Impact Photography & 5 Creative Studio Lighting Setups by Lindsay Adler

How to create high impact photographs. That's what it's all about. No matter which genre of photography you're in, you're trying to leave a lasting impression with your images. Lindsay Adler is one of the most successful portrait and fashion photographers out there. She has created thousands of high-impact images. She knows how it's done. This product is actually a combination of two brand new video courses. In the first course, Lindsay tells you her secrets for high-impact photography. She talks about how color, emotion, composition, light, movement, and subject matter can be combined in a single photograph to really make it stand out. In the second course of Lindsay's mini bundle, she shares with you 5 simple lighting setups that she uses for her photography. She also gives you tools for combining multiple setups to create even more refined looks. So, this video is actually more like a lighting toolbox that you can use to find your specific setup for a given scene. In this review, I'll tell you more about what's inside the videos and whether you should get them.

Review: Take The Mystery Out Of Lighting by Joel Grimes

Lighting a scene correctly and creatively so that you get the look you want from your shoot is the most important but at the same time the most difficult thing to do when you do studio work. The light that you throw onto a scene and the way you modify that light really makes or breaks your photos. In this video tutorial, Joel Grimes takes the mystery out of this process. He takes you through all the different options that you have today for lighting a scene and for modifying the light source you have. He explains these options and when to use which. Then he demonstrates how to use the different types of lighting and light modifiers in an actual shoot
Review - Seeing the Light by Mitchell Kanashkevich -  featured - 01

Review: 'Seeing the Light' by Mitchell Kanashkevich

How do you actually use artificial light and light modifiers in a way such that your photographs still have a natural feel to them? How and where do you set up your flash in order not to ruin the natural atmosphere in your scene? How do you use different light modifiers (e.g. reflectors) to modify and sculpt the light on your subjects exactly the way you envision it? Mitchell Kanashkevich's eBook "Seeing the Light" will help you answer the questions above and more. Read my review to get more information about the book.
Hands-on Photo Tips - How to create a spotlight effect in Photoshop -  featured - 01

Hands-on Photo Tips: How to create a spotlight effect in Photoshop

Do your photos look flat? Do you want to add some more interesting lighting effects to them in post-processing? You should really try to get the lighting right in camera while you're shooting. But sometimes, the light just isn't right when you are shooting, or maybe you want to achieve some different look when you post-process the image. In those cases, you can fix the image to a certain degree. In this video, I am going to show you a simple trick for creating a spotlight effect in Photoshop to improve the overall lighting.