Shooting fast motion - Three different techniques explained

The guys from DigitalRev have put together a mini series of videos about shooting different fast-moving objects using different techniques. This is a really fascinating genre of photography, but it is also a genre that you will fail miserably at if you do not have the required know-how. The main difficulty is obviously to freeze the motion and eliminate motion blur despite the fact that objects move fast. But it is equally important to synchronize your shooting properly with the fast-speed event you want to photograph. As always, there are different scenarios and subjects to require different techniques, and there are different ways to tackle these problems, ranging from a brute-force burst-mode approach, via using rediculously expensive high-speed flashes all the way to a clever low-cost sensor-driven approach. Here are the three techniques explained in detail by the DIgitalRev guys in their Speed Shooter series.
HDR Before and After - Closer to Heaven

HDR Before and After: Closer to Heaven

This is the before-and-after comparison of "Closer to Heaven (HDR)". On the left, you see the eight original source images straight out of the camera. This image is based on a 8-shot manual exposure series with shutter speeds between 30s and 1/4s. In the middle, you see the result of merging those shots into a 32-bit HDR and subsequent tone-mapping using the detail enhancer option of Photomatix Pro 4.1. And finally, on the right side you see the final image after a number of post-processing steps executed in Photoshop CS5.