How to View My Galleries

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Like most photographers in the Internet age, I maintain several galleries all over the Internet. You can view my images on flickr, smugmug, Google+, 500px and, of course, here on Each one of these galleries essentially shows the same images. However, the information that accompanies the images on each of the sites may differ. The galleries you find here on provide links to all the available information. They not only provide for easy access to the images themselves, but also to a lot of educational resources directly related to each of the images. The following quick tour gives you an overview of how to navigate through all these resources starting from the galleries.

Galleries on

Under the view menu above, you will find all the accessible galleries. Just select one of the items to go to the respective gallery.

In every gallery, you will see a list of thumbnails like to one below, accompanied by a set of buttons that give you access to additional resources. Remember, provides resources for you to View, Learn, and Connect. The image resources (represented by the buttons) are an important element of this concept as they let you access a lot of educational resources (see below for details).

If you click on the thumbnail, a larger view will appear. You can use the arrows to the left and to the right of this view (they appear when you move the mouse over these areas) to navigate through all the images in the gallery. You can close the view by clicking on the ‘x’ on the upper right to return to the gallery view.

Image Resources

The buttons for each image in the gallery take you to the different resources available for the image. Not every resource is available for every image. Colored buttons indicate that the resource is available, gray buttons indicate that it is not available. The following resources can be available:

The Photo Page – Getting More Detailed Infos

Clicking on the ‘Photo page’ button takes you to a page that provides a larger version and a detailed description of the image and of the process through which it was created. You will learn how it was shot, which equipment was used, and how it was post-processed.

Ordering Prints

You can purchase high-quality prints in many different formats and on different material by clicking on the ‘Buy prints’ button. This opens an overlay window that lets you buy prints through Smugmug.

Licensing Photos

Clicking on the ‘License photo’ button takes you to the licensing page were you get all the information you need to negotiate a licensing agreement in order to use my images in a commercial context.

Before-and-After Comparison

If you click on the ‘Before and after’ button, you will be taken to the Before-and-After comparison of the image. This resource is available for most HDR images. It shows you the source images straight out of the camera, the tone-mapped image and the final image after post-processing in a compact presentation accompanied my additional information (EV, shutter speed etc.).

Making-of Video

The ‘Making-of’ button indicates that a Making-of video is available for this image. Making-of videos are time-lapse videos that show how the image evolved through the different processing stages from creating and tone-mapping the HDR image through the post-processing steps, all the way to the finished image. Watch the videos in HD to see all the details and the settings.

Pics to play with

The ‘Pics to play with’ button takes you to the Pics-to-Play-with resource for this image. This resource contains an archive of the high-res source exposures. You can freely download the archive and process the images in which ever way you want. You can also upload your image to flickr and compare your result with those of other people.

Get Help

The ‘Help’ button takes you to this page.


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