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The Transporter (HDR)


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The story of this photo:
Ok, this is not a space ship but a cruise ship. Anyway, they have a transporter on board that can “beam you up, Scotty!”. I just wonder why they’d build a ship when they can beam you anywhere you want!? ;-) This was shot in the Anytime Bar onboard the AIDAbella cruise ship. This is nothing more than a sophisticated door. This door, by the way, takes you to The Wormhole.

Quite a bit of contrast to my previous upload: From a religious icon of the 18th century to a teleportation device from the 24th century. Well you just have to be flexible, I guess! ;-)


Take a look at my “HDR Cookbook”! It contains some more information on my techniques.

How it was shot:
> Taken handheld [details]
> Camera: Nikon D90
> Lens: Sigma 10-20mm F3,5 EX DC HSM
> Details can be found here

How it was tonemapped:
> HDR creation and tonemapping using Photomatix version 3.1 (Detail Enhancer)
> Saved as 16bit TIF

How it was post-processed:
> Post-processing was done in Photoshop
> Topaz Adjust on the entire image to get back the colors and the details [details]
> Topaz Denoise [details]
> Saturation layer (master)
> Curves layer (increasing the contrast)
> Curves layer on the ceiling to enhance the reflections
> Vignette effect using a masked fill layer [details]
> Sharpening using the high-pass filter [details]
> Watermarking

Any comments, feedback or criticisms are highly welcome! Thanks for viewing!


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