Lightroom 6 & CC – Everything you need to know

So, yesterday was the big day for everyone in the photography community. The new version of Lightroom was finally released. Pages leaked, serves crashed, some people drooled, and others whined. It was a day filled with excitement and emotion – a day on which you may have missed the right information to allow you to take an informed decision about getting the new version. In this post, I am collecting all the latest information in what I hope is an easily digestible format – lots of videos included.


Lightroom 6 – First Adobe Video Showcases Features

It appears to be certain now that Lightroom 6 will be out today. published an article giving some background information. Apparently, the software will be available in the Creative Cloud as Lightroom CC and as an equivalent stand-alone license under the name Lightroom 6 for $149. Check out the video below to get a glimpse of the new Facial Recognition feature.


How to create the perfect interior panorama

Creating an interior panorama does not only require great precision when you shoot the source images – it also requires some advanced techniques for stitching and post-processing the final panorama image. The close proximity of the different elements in the interior to your lens and the geometry of most interiors reveal even small mistakes in this process.

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to correct these mistakes by using powerful techniques for transforming and cropping your final image. You will learn how to create perfect interior panoramas – images that you can be proud of. The techniques will even work for single images.


The Golden Light

This is a 3-shot panorama of the interior of Solitude Palace just outside of Stuttgart, Germany. The source photos were shot just after sunset which created this nice golden glow because the interior was lit only by the lamps that you see in the image. Some of the lighting effects were also added in Lightroom during the post-processing stage. I will publish a tutorial on this type of re-lighting soon.


Free-hand Blending in Photoshop

Blending selective adjustments into an image in Photoshop is one of the key skills you need to master. But what are the tools and techniques you need to really control the area and the intensity of an adjustment you blend in?

In this video tutorial, I am going to show you a simple and yet powerful technique to gently blend in any adjustment layer and give it just the right strength. I am going to use a Quick Selection and the Brush tool to brush in a Curves layer in a very controlled way.


How to shoot high-quality panorama images

Panorama images have something intriguing. They give you a different view of the world around you – a view that does not resemble the way you see a scene with your own eyes or the way a single photograph depicts a scene. But creating a proper panorama is not easy. To avoid visible artifacts in the final image, you need some special equipment, and you need to set it up and use it purposefully.

In this article, I am going to show you the right gear, the procedures for setting it up correctly and the techniques for shooting a high-quality panorama image.


How (and why) you get my upcoming book FOR FREE!

For my upcoming book ‘Unleash the Power of Lightroom Presets’, I am taking kind of an unusual approach. Typically, authors and publishers keep all the content of their books secret until they are actually published. Giving people access to an unfinished book without charging for it seems the most crazy thing to do. It is scary on so many levels. Yet, that’s exactly what I am doing!


My next book: Big surprise coming up tomorrow. Don’t miss it!

I am in the process of finishing the manuscript of my next book Unleash the Power of Lightroom Presets. As a little preview, here is the cover as it will appear on the iPad. The preset features in Lightroom are much more versatile and powerful than most people think. There is a whole framework of different presets that helps you make your work much simpler, faster and more creative. Especially develop presets – when used the right way – can transform the way you are editing your photos in Lightroom. And I will show you how.


How to Select Fuzzy Hair in Photoshop

In this video tutorial, Nathaniel Dodson from shows you how to select fuzzy hair in Photoshop. This is one of the most hairy (excuse the pun) tasks for a retoucher, and it comes in different variations. Maybe you’re not selecting hair but fur, trees or clouds. All of these objects can be very hard to select.

Check out how Nathaniel uses the Quick Selection tool and the Refine Edge tool.


How to Refine Photoshop Layer Masks with an Overlay Brush

There are a thousand ways to create a layer mask in Photoshop. Many of them will yield a gray-scale mask with many shades of gray, and it can be a bit difficult to get the contrast of such a mask just right so that you have solid black where you want to hide the layer and solid white where you want to reveal it.

In this excerpt from my Mask It Like a Pro! video course, I will show a neat little trick that allows you to get the perfect mask in such cases. I am using the Brush tool with Black and White as the color. The trick here is to set the mode of the brush to Overlay.