How to Use Double Masking for Natural HDR Blending in Photoshop

In this excerpt from my Ultimate HDR Master Class 2017, I am showing you a method that I call ‘double masking’ to blend two exposures manually.


Aurora HDR – How to Control the HDR Look of Your Images

In this tutorial, we will take a look at the ‘Structure’ panel in Aurora HDR to see how you can control the overall HDR look of your images.


They are doing it again… 5DayDeal Alert

The Complete Photography Bundle 2016 will run October 14 – 19. For 5 days straight, you will be able get this package of top-class products at a fraction of the actual total price.


Stop Doing HDR like it’s 2008!

Do you remember the days when everybody and their dog did HDR? People would just slap some preset onto their image in their favorite HDR app, finish it off by tweaking it in unbearable ways and post it online. Well, thankfully, those days are over. Over the last decade, things have changed. The initial HDR hype ebbed away, techniques and apps have matured, and HDR has silently entered mainstream photography as a useful tool.


How to Create an HDR Panorama in Lightroom

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to use Lightroom to create one of the most complex types of images. We’re going to make an HDR panorama by merging and stitching 21 photos to get a single 180° image that has sufficient details in the highlights and shadows.

Ansel Adams' equipment.

How to deal with trolls that attack your photos

Whenever you create something notable and share it with the world, you’re going to receive criticism. Especially if you’re just starting out, this can be terrifying.

In this thoughtful and inspiring video, photographer and filmmaker Sean Tucker gives some great advice on how to deal with different types of critique. In particular, he gives you some insight and advice on what drives trolls to put you down and how to deal with their destructive comments.


How to Back Up Terabytes of Photos Quickly and Safely

In this post, I will show you a simple setup and a tool that makes backing up terabytes of images, videos and other data fast and automatic.


Is the Nikon D500 a High-ISO Beast? Check out these Samples!

High-ISO performance is big for me in my photography. Therefore, I was watching closely to see if any information leaks about the new D500 beyond the usual marketing talk by Nikon themselves. And sure it did. Here are the first credible High-ISO samples.


How to Get a Live Web Preview in Photoshop

You may put many hours into editing an image to get everything perfect in Photoshop. But once you export and upload it to the web, you may be shocked to see that the colors are all wrong, the sharpening is too strong, and it just does not look good at thumbnail size. Sounds familiar, eh?

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to get a live web preview of the images you edit in Photoshop. You can also download the tools I created to achieve that.


How to Create Lightroom Presets the Right Way

Lightroom’s Develop presets are a great way to speed up and simplify your editing workflow. Presets let you store the develop settings you apply to one image and apply those settings to any other image with a single click. You may be used to applying presets that you acquired from someone else, but how do you create your own presets?

In this tutorial, you’ll learn the basics of how to start creating Lightroom presets yourself.