The Complete Photography Bundle is a bundle with dozens of world-class photography training and resources by some of the best photographers and educators on the planet. It is put together once a year by the great guys of the 5DayDeal team around Valerie and Griffin.

We all provide this bundle to you at a discount of 96% – you get $2,500 in value but you pay only $97. Each year we have entirely new products in the bundle, and this year there are even 12 products that launch on the same day as the bundle.

The event runs for 5 days before it’s gone forever.

Becoming an Artist

by Trey Ratcliff

video6.5 hours4/5

Photography is about more than gear, technology and technique. Trey Ratcliff takes you on a journey that will lead you to many revelations about how to become a real artist and about the practical side of photography.

Waterfalls and Waves

by Nicole S. Young

ebook + video133 pages + 1 hour video5/5

Water is one of the most rewarding subjects for long exposure photography. Nicole S. Young’s ebook / video series covers everything you need to know to create stunning long-exposure photographs of moving water.

Incredibly Important Composition Skills

by Lauren and Rob Lim

ebook + videos225 pages + 1 h videos5/5

Lauren and Rob Lim don’t revolutionize photographic composition, but they give you a consistent and systematic reference guide to everything you need to know about this all-important topic. It is practical and easy to read.

Art of Cityscapes

by Jimmy McIntyre

video2.5 hours3.5/5

Cityscapes are all around us. And in particular at sunset and at night, cities transform. Jimmy McIntyre teaches you everything you need to know to post-process stunning cityscape images and bring out all the color and light.

HDR Master Class

by Serge Ramelli

video2 hours4/5

In many shooting situations, the amount of light present in the scene overwhelms your camera. Serge Ramelli shows you how to shoot and post-process your images to overcome this problem and create amazing HDR images.

Mastering Lenses

by Andrew S. Gibson

ebook151 pages4/5

What lenses should you get? Which lens is good for what kind of photography? Will your kit lens do? Andrew S. Gibson answers these and many other questions and helps you make the right decisions in choosing lenses.

Lightroom for Landscapes – Black and White

by Christopher O’Donnell

online video4.5 hours4.5/5

Creating a great black and white image can be a real challenge. Christopher O’Donnell shows you exactly what it takes to bring out all those great tones and contrasts to create stunning black and white images in Lightroom.

Secrets of Successful Event Photography

by Phil Steele

online video6.5 hours4.5/5

If you’re the guy with the fancy camera in your family, you are effectively an event photographer. Phil Steele shows you the gear and techniques you need to create captivating event photos, whether you’re a hobbyist or a pro.

10 Steps to Finding Your Voice eBook

by Karen Hutton

ebook72 pages5/5

Sliders, knobs, brushes, techniques and settings… you won’t find any of that in this book. Karen Hutton shows you how to inject your personality into your art, how to express yourself and how to truly make it a part of you.

Portrait Composites Workflow

by Serge Ramelli

video4.5 hours4/5

Serge Ramelli teaches you how to shoot, composite and post-process stunning environmental portraits, even if you’re on a tight budget. You will learn an inexpensive and very versatile process in five projects from start to finish.

Wine Photography For Professionals

by Alex Koloskov

online video6.5 hours4/5

Photographing glossy objects is very challenging. This course is much broader than the title suggests. And even non-professionals will learn a ton about how to light, shoot and post-process top-class product photos with impact.

Creative Studio Lighting Guide

by Lindsay Adler

ebook135 pages5/5

Using artificial lighting to create the photos you envision is harder than you may think. Lindsay Adler gives you a reference guide, dissecting 30 different lighting setups and the corresponding photos step-by-step and start-to-finish.

Mastering Shutter Speed

by Brent Mail

video1.5 hours5/5

Shutter speed – do you know exactly how to set it up to get the results you want? Brent Mail shows you all the different types of images you can produce by using shutter speed creatively, and he teaches you exactly how to do it.

The Candid Portrait

by Andrew S. Gibson

ebook159 pages4/5

Street photography is one of the toughest photographic genres. Andrew S. Gibson shows you the gear and the techniques you need. And more importantly, he shows you the human side of it and how to master it successfully.

Post II – A start to finish guide to processing landscapes

by James Brandon

online video4 hours3.5/5

Need some real-life landscape processing action? James Brandon takes you on a ride through ten of his best images and shows you how to take them to the next level in ‘post’. You’ll see all of the action live – start-to-finish.