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Art of Cityscapes by Jimmy McIntyre

Part of the Complete Photography Bundle 2016

Only few people step out there door and start shooting landscapes. Typically, you need to travel to remote destinations to get great landscape shots. But cityscapes are all around us. And in particular at sunset and at night, a city transforms. What may have been a boring sight in bright daylight becomes a fascinating sight when the lights are turned on.

But once you’ve captured all those lights, tones and colors – How do you post-process them to bring out all of the glory?

In this series of tutorials, one of the best cityscape photographers teaches you what you need to know to create stunning images on your next visit to the big city lights.

Quick Facts

Type Length Skill Level Retail Price
video 2.5 h 1-2 $49.97

*1= Beginner; 2=Intermediate; 3=Advanced

This product is currently available as a part of the Complete Photography Bundle that runs October 14 - 19, 2016 only. The products in this bundle have a combined value of $2,500 (actually quite a bit more than that) and the bundle is sold for only $97. That's a discount of more than 96%.

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The Instructor

jimmy-mcintyreJimmy McIntyre is an experienced travel photographer and international trainer, who is followed by 100,000s of photographers worldwide. He was recently named as one of the Top Photographers on 500px.com by Fstoppers.com. He has taught photography workshops on four continents, and his courses have been sold to 1,000s of photographers across the globe. He has had the pleasure of being published in some of the largest publications in the world.


This video course consists of a series of start-to-finish post-processing workflows for Jimmy’s most impressive cityscape images. To capture those scenes, you typically shoot an exposure series that covers the entire dynamic range of the scene. This is necessary since the contrast between city lights and a night sky can be overwhelming to the camera sensor, typically resulting on blown-out highlights.

At the core of Jimmy’s workflow is the idea of merging or blending those exposures in one way or the other to preserve that dynamic range in his final images.

Consequently, you will see a number of techniques for doing this. These include using HDR software,manual blending in Photoshop and luminosity masks.

For each image, Jimmy explains the rationale behind his approach to that particular photo. He explains why and in which way he uses which tools and he demonstrates how to use the these tools on the specific image.

If you have ever seen one of Jimmy’s video tutorials, you know that he’s got this very calm and relaxing attitude. Not only does he make it look simple. He also gives you everything you need so that it becomes simple when you do it yourself.

There a few things more educating that being allowed to look over the shoulder of photo editing expert, and that’s exactly what you get in this course.

Bonus included

On top of the actual cityscape course, you’ll get Jimmy’s “Photoshop for Beginners” video course. In this course, he teaches you all the basics about using Photoshop. That’s a very important tool in his workflow. So, you’ll find this very useful.

Summary and Verdict

Rating: 3.5/5


I found this course to be very interesting and highly educating. If you want to make your cityscape images hine, you will find the techniques you need in these videos.

Nevertheless, I have to take away 1.5 starts from the perfect rating for these reasons:

Firstly, the video resolution and quality is a bit on the low end. You will have no problem seeing everything and following along, but I wished for a bit better quality to actually be able to appreciate all those beautiful images in all their glory.

Secondly, the video course does not give you practical insight on how to shoot the photos in the first place. That part comes with it’s own challenges, and you have to go to some place else to learn that.

But if you are especially interested in learning the post-production workflow, this course is for you.

Learn more about the other products in the bundle here.

Pros Cons
  • 7 start-to-finish show-it-all workflows
  • Numerous tips and tricks for creating great cityscape images in post processing
  • A large variety of different techniques
  • The video resolution is a bit on the low side
  • No shooting part included

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Since the first Complete Photography Bundle by the 5DayDeal team in January 2014, a number of copycats have emerged and vanished again with their own product bundles. But not a single one of them came even close to the standards set by the team at 5DayDeal around Valerie and Griffin in terms of selecting only high-class products, customer-friendly delivery and customer support.

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When you buy the bundle through the link http://frb.li/5dd16, I will get a commission that compensates me for having contributed to the bundle. But no matter which link you're using (here or elsewhere on the web) to purchase, you will always pay the same price.

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