16 Top Photography eBooks to Step Up Your Game

ebook-mini-reviews-cover-smallWhat’s the best way to invest in your photography? You may buy a new camera, some lenses or a crazy new tripod, that’s for sure. But will this make you any better as a photographer? You have to be strong now, because the answer is… wait for it… NO! New gear is great, and we all have a gear acquisition syndrome to a some degree, but the only thing that will really makes you take better pictures is Education!

In this post, I am sharing mini reviews of 16 awesome photography eBooks with you. These are all premium products, and you will not get them for free. But they are well worth the investment.

So let’s get to it quickly!

by David duChemin

Regular price: $10.00

David DuChemin is a famous world & humanitarian assignment photographer and a best-selling author. In this book, he teaches you how to see the world and your own photos from a different perspective. You will learn what it takes to create stunning images - not from a technical standpoint but from a creative and artistic standpoint. If you're buried too deeply into technical and gear-related questions, David will take you out of this rut and open your eyes for what it really means to create art.

by David duChemin

Regular price: $5.00

In this book David DuChemin teaches you how to use a certain photographic look to express yourself. In 10 lessons, you will learn how to use light, depth of field and shutter speed in your photos creatively. David will give you guidance on using the right lenses for your subject in order to tell the story of a photo your way, and he gives you tips on where to place your subject within the frame of your photo. In further lessons, you learn about capturing gestures, using colors to convey a certain mood, and much more.

by David duChemin

Regular price: $5.00

In his book Drawing the Eye, David introduces you to the concept of the Visual Mass - a property of the elements in your photos that pulls the viewer's eye towards them like the sun pulls the earth towards it. Visual mass is not about filling your frame with objects, but rather about the quality of the subjects you photograph and the framing and composition. Understanding this concept will help you create much stronger images, irrespective of the specific genre of photography you pursue.

by Nicole S. Young

Regular price: $30.00

In this book, food and landscape photographer Nicole S. Young takes you through the entire process of creating stunning landscape photos from start to finish. She discusses no less than ten of her best images and takes you from the preparation, via the shooting all the way to the processing and finishing touches in your photo editing software. You will learn the whole process, and you will see it first-hand for ten stunning examples. The ebook comes with a complementary video series in which Nicole shows you the post-processing step-by-step.

by Scott Wyden

Regular price: $29.95

Scott Wyden gives you a complete walk-through in long-exposure photography in this book. You will learn everything it takes to create pictures with silky water, awesomely smooth skies and surreal cityscapes. Scott gives you a complete rundown on the gear you need, the camera techniques to use and the filters that will allow you to create such images. On top of that, you will see stunning examples and learn how these images where created and post-processed.

by Scott Wyden

Regular price: $4.95

Absorbing the Light is a very personal story told by Scott Wyden - a story that tells you how and why he got into photography and what his path was. If you are a beginning photographer, this can be a very helpful lesson on how to develop your craft, what it takes to become an outstanding photographer yourself, and how to start a career in photography.

by Andrew S. Gibson

Regular price: $11.37

With this book, Andrew Gibson delivers a great introduction to photography. If you've just started out and bought your first serious camera, it can be tough to get going. You have to learn an entire universe of new concepts and how to apply them to create the photos that you envision. Andrew takes you through this entire process. He gives you the foundation of photography, explaining the rules and how to apply them. He picks several examples covering a number of different types of photographs and explains how to create them. If you're a beginner in photography, this is the perfect book for you.

by Andrew S. Gibson

Regular price: $37.37

In his book series about Adobe Lightroom, Andrew Gibson gives you a complete guide to this popular photo editing software. You will first learn how to manage your photos in the Library Module, how to organize them, tag them, find them and much more. This will help you organize even a very large collection of photos quickly and effectively. In the second book, Andrew takes an in-depth look into the Develop Module. This is where you actually edit your photos. You will learn how to create stunning images from start to finish, covering all the tools, and giving you valuable tips on how to use them. In the third book, you will learn how to create stunning Black&White images in Lightroom. There is much more to Black&White photography than just desaturating an image, and Lightroom brings powerful tools for this type of photography. Andrew discusses all of them and teaches you how the Pros do Black&White with Lightroom.

by Christopher O’Donnell

Regular price: $19.00

There is something very special about using a shallow depth of field in your photos. This powerful tool can help you separate your subject from the background and create strong compositions telling captivating stories. But using this tool to create exactly the images you want can be tricky. In this book, Chris O'Donnell, teaches you everything there is to know about it. You will learn all the tricks and tips you need to control your exposure settings in a way that you get exactly the right amount of Bokeh.

by Christopher O’Donnell

Regular price: $19.00

The golden hour just before sunrise and just after sunset and the prime times for every landscape photographer. This is when the light is most beautiful and the balance between sky, foreground, light and shadow is perfect. But as with most things in photography, getting is right and nailing your blue hour photos is a challenge. It takes a lot of knowledge, experience and the right tools to get this right. In this book, Chris O'Donnell teaches you how it's done. You will learn what the best locations are, how to find them, and how to set up your camera and composition for the most stunning blue-hour photos you have ever created.

by James Brandon

Regular price: $9.97

Are your photos sharp? Nailing the focus and avoiding anything that can potentially make and image blurry is quite a task. Many photographers create images and don't even notice that the most important parts (e.g. the eyes in a portrait) and not sharp. This can ruin a photo entirely. James Brandon gives you a complete run-down of what you can do to get the sharpest photos possible and what to avoid in order to minimize anything that may cause a loss of sharpness. This ranges from the gear you are using all the way to the techniques you use to take your pictures. This book is in it's third edition already and has become a reference book that you should absolutely check out.

by Lindsay Adler

Regular price: $29.99

Lindsay Adler is a professional portrait and fashion photographer based in New York City. Her editorial work has appeared in numerous fashion and photography publications internationally including Noise, Bullett Magazine, Essence, Zink Magazine, Rangefinder and dozens more. In this book, Lindsay teaches you everything she knows about posing models for fashion and beauty photography, and that's a whole lot. She takes you through different poses, and gives you all the details about the pose, the camera settings and the lighting setup. If you want to become better at posing your subjects, this is a must-read.

by Joseph Linaschke

Regular price: $11.99

iPhonography is so popular because it's quick and simple. But there is no guarantee that your photos will be good. On the contrary, the limitations of this type of camera make it even more challenging to take good photos. In this book, Joseph Linaschke will teach you how to take better iPhone photos. You will learn about the basics of light, exposure, perspective, composition and much more. Joseph puts all of these concepts in simple terms so that anybody can understand them and become a better photographer quickly.

by David duChemin

Regular price: $12.00

Gear is good, but vision is better. This is motto of David DuChemin and that's the theme of the three books in this series. They contain an inspirational collection of thoughts, ideas and techniques that you can employ to improve your photographic vision. Too many people get bogged down in lengthy discussions about gear and technology losing their sense for seeing the world around them and envisioning how to capture it. This is what David would like to change with this series of books. If you want to learn how to see and envision the world to make better photos, this book is for you.

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