$2,000+ Photography Resources for $89. No Kidding!

5-Day-Deal-Main-Sale-GraphicThis event is already over. Please go to the current event that is running September 10 – 15, 2015.


This is easily the greatest photography event of the year. And it has launched just few seconds ago. The Complete Photography Bundle is a package of high-quality photography resources (video classes, ebooks, presets and more) worth $2,000+ (actually quite a bit more than that), and those crazy guys at 5DayDeal.com sell it for just $89. Can you believe it?

Let me do the math for you here: That’s well over 95% discount over the regular price of the products included.

Sounds insane? Well that’s why it’s only available October 15th – 20th. So make sure you get your bundle before the deal expires.

The Facts

Before we get to the details, let’s get the most important questions out of the way first. The details will follow below.

What’s in this bundle?

The last time I counted, it was an impressive list:

70+ hours of video courses
1500+ pages of eBooks
300+ Lightroom presets
500+ Professional textures and
$300+ in discount codes

Who’s in the bundle?

21 of the world’s best photographers and photography educators


How long will the event run?


How much time do I have left?

You have to make the deal in the next

After that time, the deal will be gone forever!

Contributors & Products

Ok, maybe I have lost you since you already went off to get your copy of the bundle. But if you’re still hanging in with me here, let’s look at the people and the products in more detail.

Selected contributor profiles

Here are just some of the 21 contributing photographers who make this bundle sooo awesome:

5daydeal-oct14-contributor-david-ducheminDavid duChemin is a world & humanitarian assignment photographer. He is the best-selling author of books like “VisionMongers: Making a Life and a Living in Photography”, “Photographically Speaking: A Deeper Look at Creating Stronger Images” and “Vision & Voice: Refining Your Vision in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom”. He is the founder of Craft&Vision, a photographic education company.

Learn more about David

5daydeal-oct14-contributor-joel-grimesJoel Grimes is a commercial advertising photographer based out of Denver, Colorado. He is best known for his edgy sports, action and beauty composites where he combines studio shots with location shots (mostly HDR) into incredible images.

Apart from being a successful photographer, Joel is also a great teacher who gives a lot to the photography community in his tutorials, workshops and seminars.

Learn more about Joel

5daydeal-oct14-contributor-trey-ratcliffTrey Ratcliff is probably the most famous photographer online. He is most well known for his HDR and travel photography. But he is also a great author, teacher and entrepreneur who offers books, video courses, workshops, apps and online services for photographers.

Learn more about Trey

5daydeal-oct14-contributor-nicole-youngNicole S. Young is a world-class food photographer. She has launched a successful career as a stock photographer. Since then she has moved on to become an author of a number of popular photography books about different types of photography.

Learn more about Nicole

5daydeal-oct14-contributor-zack-ariasZack Arias is a commercial, corporate and editorial photographer based in Atlanta, GA. He mainly worked as a concert photographer for seven years before he branched into editorial and advertising photography. Zack is also a great teacher and a frequent speaker at events like Photoshop World or Gulf Photo Plus.

Learn more about Zack

5daydeal-oct14-contributor-lindsay-adlerLindsay Adler is a professional portrait and fashion photographer based in New York City. Her editorial work has appeared in numerous fashion and photography publications internationally including Noise, Bullett Magazine, Essence, Zink Magazine, Rangefinder and dozens more. She shares her passions and knowledge with others, and each year she lectures tens of thousands of photographers world-wide.

Learn more about Lindsay

5daydeal-oct14-contributor-alex-koloskovAlex Koloskov is a commercial photographer, Teacher at Photigy.com. Instructor at KelbyOne.com, Udemy.com and Skillfieed.com. In his studio work he is most well known for his liquid and splash photography where he combines innovative studio techniques with creative post-production to create stunning splash photos. He is also running the educational website photigy.com.

Learn more about Alex

5daydeal-oct14-contributor-amanda-diazAmanda Diaz is a freelance photographer from Canada. Her focus in photography ranges from Fashion to Conceptual, Beauty and Portraiture. She began teaching Fashion & Beauty workshops in 2013.

Learn more about Amanda

5daydeal-oct14-contributor-klaus-herrmann…and many others, myself included! The list is long and these are only the ones that you may be most familiar with through social media and other channels.

Overall, there are 21 photographers who contribute to this event, all of them have a track record in photography education.

Additionally, companies like Lynda.com and Topaz Labs are contributing.

13 video courses worth $1,380+

Alex Aoloskov

Juan Pons - Birds Through the LensBIRDS THROUGH THE LENS
Juan Pons

Lindsay Adler - Designing an ImageDESIGNING AN IMAGE
Lindsay Adler

Trey Ratcliff - Midnigh in ParisMIDNIGHT IN PARIS
Trey Ratcliff

Joel Grimes - Take the mystery out of lighting-2TAKE THE MYSTERY OUT OF LIGHTING
Joel Grimes

Klaus Herrmann - Mask It Like a ProMASK IT LIKE A PRO
Klaus Herrman

Gavin Gough - Photographers Post ProductionTHE PHOTOGRAPHER’S POST-PRODUCTION
Gavin Gough

Jaime Ibarra - Compositing BundleCOMPOSITING BUNDLE
Jaime Ibarra

Darlene Hildebrandt

Zach Arias

David Duchemin - The Created Image SeriesTHE CREATED IMAGE VIDEO SERIES VOL.1
David duChemin

James Brandon - 10 Common Photography Mistakes10 COMMON PHOTOGRAPHY MISTAKES (AND HOW TO FIX THEM)
James Brandon

Serge Ramelli - Photoshop for Photographers + My Full 2014 Workflow BundlePHOTOSHOP FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS + MY FULL 2014 WORKFLOW BUNDLE
Serge Ramelli

16 eBooks worth $235

David duChemin - The Visual ImaginationTHE VISUAL IMAGINATION
David duChemin

David Duchemin - Chasing the LookCHASING THE LOOK
David duChemin

David Duchemin - Drawing the EyeDRAWING THE EYE
David duChemin

Nicole S. Young

Scott Wyden Kivowitz - Time is on Your SideTIME IS ON YOUR SIDE EBOOK AND PRESET BUNDLE
Scott Wyden

Scott Wyden Kivowitz - Absorbing LightABSORBING LIGHT
Scott Wyden

Andrew S Gibson - Mastering PhotographyMASTERING PHOTOGRAPHY
Andrew S. Gibson

Andrew S. Gibson

Andrew S. Gibson

Andrew S Gibson - Mastering Lightroom Book ThreeMASTERING LIGHTROOM BOOK THREE: BLACK & WHITE
Andrew S. Gibson

Christopher O’Donnell

Christopher O’Donnell

James Brandon

Lindsay Adler - Fashion Posing GuideFASHION POSING GUIDE
Lindsay Adler

Joseph Linaschke - There's No Excuse for Bad PhotographyTHERE’S NO EXCUSE FOR BAD IPHONE PHOTOGRAPHY
Joseph Linaschke

David duChemin - Vision is Better 1-2-3VISION IS BETTER 1, 2, 3
David duChemin

9 Photoshop Actions & Presets worth $299

Nicole S Young - Great Eight Presets BundleGREAT EIGHT PRESET BUNDLE
Nicole S. Young

Martin Bailey

Amanda Diaz

David Duchemin - Lightroom Develop PresetsLIGHTROOM DEVELOP PRESETS
David duChemin

Lindsay Adler - 25 Fashion Presets25 LIGHTROOM FASHION PRESETS 2014
Lindsay Adler

Lindsay Adler - Lucca TexturesLUCCA TEXTURES
Lindsay Adler

Jessica Drossin - Texture Pack BundleJD TEXTURE PACK BUNDLE 1-4
Jessica Drossin

James Brandon - Stormy Skies PresetsSTORMY SKIES LIGHTROOM PRESETS
James Brandon

James Brandon - Starry Nights PresetsSTARRY NIGHTS LIGHTROOM PRESETS
James Brandon

Software and subscruptions worth $107

Topaz ReMaskREMASK
Topaz Labs


You’re not convinced yet? Check out this FAQ

If you are still with me here, you are probably still searching for the flaw, the catch, the telltale sign that this is too good to be true. $2,000+ for $89??? There’s got to be a catch, right?

Well… no… not really. This deal sounds insane and irrational, but there’s actually a quite effective business model behind it. Let me answer your most pressing questions in the mini FAQ below:

Q: Is this too good to be true?

95% off is actually such a big discount that it raises the typical questions: Is it legit? Is it scam? Are these products actually worth it if they are sold this cheap?

It’s only natural if you are asking these questions. But I can tell you that this is absolutely legit! These are first-class products created by world-class photographers. Just take a look at the list of products and who contributed them. People like Joel Grimes and Lindsay Adler are highly respected and famous all over the world. Alex Koloskov, Jaime Iberra and Martin Bailey are industry leaders that are very active in their community.

Just in case you have doubts, simply email any of them personally and ask if they are really in this. No… seriously! Email them! They will answer!

Q: But how come the price is sooo low?

Well, this has different reasons:

These are all electronic products. Thus, apart from renting and managing a download server, the actual process of selling them does not cost any money. Now obviously, each of these products has its monetary value, but this value is not dependent on any physical distribution mechanism.

Each of the contributors has definite advantages (over selling their product stand-alone) when they participate:

  1. The marketing is easier because there is more value involved,
  2. All contributors together can reach many more people than any one alone,
  3. The 5 Deal Day event became well-known quickly which created a bit of a hype,
  4. For each bundle a contributor sells, they get a commission that in many cases exceeds the price of their own product because they get to sell the whole bundle.

So, you see. Even if the discount is huge, this is still a win-win situation for everyone (including you – the buyer who gets the discount).

Q: If this is such a great thing, why does it end?

Because keeping it running forever would naturally lower the price of each single product to about 5% of its original value forever. It’s the same reason why any discount has to end: Because the product is actually worth much more and the sellers just cannot sustain this over an extended period of time.

Q: So, all of these products are really only worth 5% of their current regular prize?

No, not at all! For the reasons explained above, it is possible to offer this discount for a very limited time (5 days in our case). But each single product in the bundle has a much higher value. Some are actually worth a couple of hundred dollars. They have been created by very talented and very skilled people who spent many years on perfecting their craft and many months on writing, recording, programing, testing, correcting, polishing and supporting their product.

Each one of the products carries the soul of their creators. Of course, they created them to earn some money. But much more than that, each single contributor put their heart into it in order to give something back, to tell their story or simply to help others achieve their goals.

So don’t make the mistake to mix up low prize and low value. This bundle is low prize – awesome value!

Q: How will the bundle be delivered?

Once you have purchased your copy of the bundle at the 5DayDeal.com website, you will get an email with download links for the different products and discounts. Simply download everything to your computer, unpack the respective archives and enjoy the products.

The combined size of the downloads is ~35GB split up into over 40 files that you can download individually. The downloads will be available for you until November 10th. So, you’re not in a hurry, but you should proceed with the downloads as soon as you can. Depending on your Internet connection, this may take a while.

I recommend that you use a download manager. I use the Chrono download manager for the Chrome browser. It lets you add all the downloads simply by clicking on them, it queues them all and downloads them automatically.

Tip 1: Tick the Add paused checkbox in the Chrono settings, so that all the files are queued properly. When you are done queuing them, simply click the Start all button in the Chrono main view.

Tip 2: Add those products to the top of the download queue that you are most interested in. This way you can start checking them out while the other product files are still downloading.

Q: Who is actually selling the bundle, and can I trust them?

The 5DayDeal event is organized and operated by a team of four photographers and designers that take care of all the technical, organizational and financial stuff behind it:

These guys are awesome. I have worked with them before, and I absolutely trust them. Everything went flawlessly and whenever a problem did occur, they resolved it quickly and professionally.

Q: Where can I turn when I run into problems with the bundle?

The 5DayDeal team will be happy to help you with any possible problem that you may have, whether it’s related to the purchase, the downloads, the products or anything else. Simply email them at support@5daydeal.com. You can also reach them via social media, but maybe they will react more promptly to emails.

You can also send your email to support@farbspiel-photo.com if you feel more comfortable with that. I’ll be happy to forward it and get you help quickly.

Q: Wait! What's in it for you?

Me? As a contributor to this bundle, I get a commission for every referral that leads to a purchase of a copy. This is the deal: I add value to the bundle, I help sell it, and I get a portion of the revenue.

The product I have contributed is my Mask It Like a Pro! video course.

Further questions? Email me directly!

Portrait of Klaus Herrmann - Photographer, Author and Instructor - farbspiel-photo.com
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7 replies
    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Mr. but, (is that your real name? 😉 )

      You are absolutely free to let this one go by. I have no problem with that.

      As a contributor to this bunlde, I can tell you that it’s legit.


  1. Joey Wilson
    Joey Wilson says:

    Mr But, I bought this when it first went on sale and trust me its legit.. I have learnt so much already and the amount of lightroom Presets and Textures that you get is unbelievable… If I were u I would buy it before the time runs out… Otherwise spend 2000 bux … BTW it is to help charity so that’s why this is being run….

  2. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    I missed the first deal several months ago. Now I purchased this one as soon as it appeared and spent two days downloading. The first course I opened and watch is “mask it like a pro”, and enjoy it. I’ve learned so much! For Photoshop enthusiasts, this course is a must have!


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