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Wuerttemberg Mausoleum (HDR Vertorama)So, I am actually reviewing my own eBook here now. The 5 Day Deal Event is on the finishing straight, and over the last three days, I have reviewed six products from other photographers. All of them are included in the The Complete Photography Bundle ($1,200 worth of photography training and tools sold for just $89), just like my own eBook: A Practical Guide to HDR Vertorama Photography.

For completeness, I’ll give you a bit of information on this eBook that teaches you everything you need to know if you want to create interior images like the one on the left.

Of course, there is no way for me to be objective about this. 🙂 I am totally biased because I have put my heart and my soul into this book. Consequently, this is not actually a book review but rather a book presentation.

Keep this in mind while your reading it!

The Topic

Have you ever tried to photograph a beautiful interior just to find that no matter how you approach it, your photos just don’t capture the beauty and the overwhelming impression that you have while you are standing there?

If there only was a silver bullet for solving that problem! Well, HDR Vertorama Photography might just be what you are looking for!

HDR Vertorama photography is a photographic technique that is especially suited for producing impressive indoor photographs that present interiors like no other technique can. It allows you to capture the entire room and present it in a single image that appears to open towards the viewer.

An HDR Vertorama image consists of a number of individual exposures that are combined in a process called stitching. These individual exposures are called sections. The typical distortion of a Vertorama image creates interesting leading lines drawing the viewer into the scene.

The dynamic range of indoor Vertorama images tends to be very high since it depicts large portions of an interior, ranging from very dark regions (e.g. the dark corners in a church) to very bright regions (e.g. around windows).

In many cases, this dynamic range cannot be captured with a single exposure setting for all sections. Therefore, each section of a HDR Vertorama image is produced from HDR image that is created from an exposure series.

The eBook

A Practical Guide to HDR Vertorama Photography - eBook cover iPadThis eBook has 180+ pages and 112 illustrations that will teach you everything you need to know about creating exciting indoor Vertorama images.

Chapter 1 starts with a discussion of the basic concepts. You will briefly learn about HDR photography and about vertical panoramas (Vertoramas) and how these concepts fit together. Then, we will discuss the specific challenges and how to tackle them. You will get a complete overview before we delve into the different topics in the following chapters.

Chapter 2 presents a detailed discussion about the gear you need. We will discuss cameras, lenses, tripods panorama heads and some additional things you need to get started. You will learn which features of the respective gear are important for this type of photography.

Chapter 3 is about planning and composing an HDR Vertorama. I will explain things like how to use leading lines, how to apply the rule of thirds, and how your position influences the final image.

Chapter 4 explains how to shoot the source photos for your HDR Vertorama images from a tripod. I will teach you how to set up your camera and your panorama adapter properly, and you will learn the proper workflow for taking the photos step by step.

Chapter 5 discusses how you can shoot the source photos hand-held. We will analyze the challenges this holds and how to overcome them. Being able to shoot hand-held will open many new opportunities for you to create amazing images.

Chapter 6 contains an extensive and detailed discussion of the post-production workflow. Once you have produced the source photos, you need to combine them using HDR software and panorama software. You will get a step by step guide that takes you through this entire process starting with the preparation of the source photos, via the HDR merging process and the stitching all the way to the finishing touches.

Chapter 7 presents three example HDR Vertorama projects giving you all the details of the shooting and the post-production stages.

Each chapter ends with a handy checklist that you can print and take with you when you go out shooting. These lists help you remember and replicate the individual steps required.

Other Things You’ll Learn

This eBook is actually three books in one: Apart from teaching you everything about HDR Vertorama Photography, there are countless tips that can improve your photography and post-production in general.

After reading the book you will also be able to:

  • Create high-quality panorama photos with ease. The fundamental knowledge you need is fully embedded in the book.
  • Post-process first-class HDR images.
  • Effectively prepare and correct your images (any images) before you run them through your post-production workflow. This includes lens correction, noise reduction and perspective correction. This is all included in the post-production chapter.
  • Post-process your images and make them pop using simple tools and techniques.

The Style of Teaching

A Practical Guide to HDR Vertorama Photography - Free Sample Teaser - smallRather than disecting my own style here (can’t be objective on this topic ;)), I’ll give you a bit of information on my background: I have been a scientist and university lecturer for 14 years before I turned my passion (photography) into a profession. During this time, a big part of my job was to take complex topics and explain them in a way that is easily accessible. And that’s excatly what I carried over to may new profession – teaching photography.

If you’re still skeptical, simply click on the image above to download the 62-page sample PDF.

The Summary

The Pros The Cons
  • Its awesome! I am biased! 😉
  • None! Did I tell you that I’m biased? 😉

My Personal Tips for this Book

Here are my personal tips on how to work with this book:

  • Pick one or two nice churches in your neighborhood, and practice a few HDR Vertorama shoots.
  • You should print the checklists at the end of each chapter and work through them at home to make sure everything is clear. Then head out the locations of your choice and try it.
  • The HDR Vertorama technique does take some practice because it involves some complexities in terms of chooting and post-production. But once you master it, these images will be a highlight in your portfolio.
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