Lightroom CC Complete Training by Serge Ramelli – Full Review


Lightroom 6 & CC have been released earlier this year. The software has been improved a lot over earlier versions, and in this video course by French photographer and photography instructor Serge Ramelli, you will learn everything there is to learn about the standard in photo management and photo editing software.

Serge takes you on a complete tour through Lightroom showing you each module. He also demonstrates the newer features with some sample workflows. If you are new to Lightroom and trying to learn what it can do and how to do things quickly, this course is for you.

Quick Facts

TypeLengthSkill levelRetail Price
Video6 hoursBeginner$97

The Instructor

5DayDeal - Amazing Deals For A Limited Time! - Mozilla Firefox_2015-09-07_17-41-30Serge Ramelli is a French photographer and movie producer living in Paris, France and L.A. He became famous for his colorful HDR photography and his weekly video podcast where he offers tutorials about various post-processing techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom. His photography and his tutorials have inspired thousands of photographers all over the world.

Detailed Review

Serge explains it all in this video course. He structured his course to follow the logical arrangement of the different Lightroom module as you find them in the software. At the beginning, he imports images and shows you how to use the different import options correctly, how to add your copyright information to your images and many other useful tips for starting your Lightroom workflow. You will learn how to work with folders, how to import videos, how to detect faces, how to sort your images, and other tools inside the software.

After the initial introduction of the basics, Serge concentrates on the tools for editing your images in the Develop module. He goes through all the tools and explains each on of them. After that, he demonstrates the new panorama options based on two example sets of source images, and he shows you how to create an HDR image inside Lightroom. The next videos showcase sample projects that revolve around retouching. He uses a wide variety of sample photos, all of which are provided as raw images with the course. Serge takes you through the retouching of various landscape, panorama, cityscape and portrait photos. Through these projects, you will learn all the ins and outs of a proper retouching workflow, and you will pick up many pro tips and tricks.

In the latter part of the video course, Serge introduces the lesser-known modules (Map, Book, Slideshow, Print and Web). He also shows you how to use presets and how Lightroom interacts with Photoshop and plugins that you install.

Other Things You’ll Learn

Of course throughout the bulk of the videos, you’re going to learn about the features of Lightroom and how to use them correctly. But Serge also gives you various insights into his own workflow and shows you a lot of tips on how to use the different features to achieve certain results quickly.

Teaching Style

Serge Ramelli has a very charming and relaxed style of teaching. The Frenchman in him comes though in his style of presenting things, which makes this a very relaxing and enjoyable but still very informative course. Serge takes the time to explain all the steps at an adequate level of detail. So, even if you are not an expert in Lightroom or image editing, you will find it easy to follow his explanations. Having said that, even experts can still pick up a lot of valuable insights and tips.

Summary and Verdict

This course shows it all to you. Serge does not hold back on anything as he gives you the complete tour through this popular software. If you are new to Lightroom, and if you want to get up to speed quickly, this is the best course you can buy. It’s better than any book out there because you can actually see how things are done.

  • Serge provides you the most complete Lightroom guide I am aware of.
  • His explanations are concise and to the point. Serge does not waste your time in this course. But be warned, the amount of information may be a bit overwhelming. So take your time and watch each lesson as often as you need to to really understand it.
  • You get all the raw files that Serge uses in this course. This enables you to follow along and do exactly what Serge does.
  • You will learn some effective editing techniques that will propel your Lightroom work.
  • Serge recorded the tutorial videos at a bit of an unfortunate screen resolution and with the UI scale set to small. So you have to watch these videos full-screen. But it’s OK. You will be able to read everything.
  • This 6-hour course is split into 57 videos. I wish Serge had created fewer and longer videos as this makes the process of opening and watching them in the right order in your video player a bit of a chore.

Look Inside (kind of)

In this video, Serge gives you a 1-hour tutorial on Lightroom. This free video is not taken from his “Lightroom CC Complete Training” course, but it gives you a good impression on what to expect in terms of style and content. Note that the actual “Lightroom CC Complete Training” course is much more detailed and teaches you a broader spectrum of topics.

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