Review: Landscape Photography (eBook & Video Tutorial) by Nicole Young

Nicole-S-Young---Landcape-Photography-Video-Tutorial---Cover-ImageIf you are into landscape photography, the subjects and the creative possibilities are endless. How do you shoot the different scenes in order to end up with the image you have in your head? What are the shooting techniques and the tools? And last but not means least, how do you process your images to give them their final look?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just go out with a world-class landscape photographer and watch every step? Wouldn’t it be great to watch over her shoulder when she post-processes those images on the computer to pick up all those little tricks?

This eBook and video series by Nicole S. Young gives you exactly that: A deep insight into how it’s done and what the right tools and techniques are to make your landscape photos really stand out.

About the Author

5daydeal-oct14-contributor-nicole-youngNicole S. Young is a world-class food and landscape photographer. She has launched a successful career as a stock photographer. Since then, she has moved on to become an author of a number of popular photography books about different types of photography.

The Topic

The topic of this eBook & Video Tutorial is plain and simple: landscape photography from start to finish. You will learn everything there is to it in order to step up your landscape skills.

The eBook & Video Tutorial

When Nicole S. Young says “from start to finish”, she means it! You will find everything in this tutorial from the initial idea for a photo, via the technical details and the tools for capturing it, all the way to the post-processing. Nicole shows you this process not for one or two images. No, she demonstrates it for ten images. So, you will really get a very broad range of knowledge covering different scenes and situations.

Sample page from the eBook “Landscape photography”

First, I was a bit confused by the fact that she had an eBook and a video tutorial for me. At first glance, both seems to convey the same information, but actually they complement each other nicely: Both cover the same set of images, but the 124-page eBook gives you the complete picture (including the shooting technique and technology and the post-production) while the video tutorial focuses on the post-production only.

The eBook has a beautiful layout and is structured very logically: The book has a chapter for each of the photos and each chapter has a section about the “Photography & Setup” and one section about the “Workflow & Processing”. So she really does proceed from start to finish for each shot.

For each photo, she starts by giving you some background about the shoot and the location, how she got there, what her thought process was, how she composed the shot and why she chose which settings on her camera. Reading all of this gives you a good impression about how she came to the final photo and why she took it this way.

Sample page from the eBook “Landscape photography”

Then she dives into the processing part where she gives a step-by-step workflow for each photo depicting the detailed settings in many diagrams and illustrations. This is also where the video tutorial comes in. Basically, the videos also show the processing steps. A logical order in which to consume the whole set of materials is to read a chapter of the book and then watch the respective video. This will give you the best insight into Nicole’s process.

Sample page from the eBook “Landscape photography”

Throughout the book, Nicole also gives you a number of general tips about photography and setting up your camera. The book has handy hyperlinks so that you get from A to B fast, something that surprisingly few eBook authors seem to do.


Other Things You’ll Learn

Especially in the video tutorial, you’ll pick up a ton of tricks for working in Lightroom, Photoshop and other tools. For example, you’ll learn digital blending techniques and how to take your photos from Lightroom to Photoshop and back in a whole workflow. Nicole starts each section with the selection of the image she’s going to process from the whole set of photos she took at the location. So, you can also pick up some of the ratio behind chosing one image over the other. And you will also learn about using lens filters for capturing sliky water or waterfalls.

There are a lot more big and small tips in the book and the video that will help you become a better landscape photographer both behind the camera and in front of the computer.

The Style of Teaching

When you watch the video tutorial you really feel that Nicole has rock-solid knowledge about what she’s doing. Now, you should assume that anyone who put a video or ebook up for sale should have that. But quite often, you see people do their thing in a video and you get a feeling that they’re actually in a trial and error mode. Nicole is the opposite. Even while she is being creative, it appears as if every step is well-planned. That creates a very pleasing atmosphere for learning.

The Summary

The Pros

  • The combination of an eBook and a video tutorial is quite unique and works perfectly.
  • Nicole does not hold anything back as she takes your from start to finish for no less the ten awesome landscape photos.
  • The ebook is beautifully laid out and the videos are produced professionally.
  • The package also contains the sample images for you to follow along.

The Cons

  • The main font in the ebook is a bit too small for my taste.

My Personal Tips for this Package

Here are my personal tips on how to work with this package:

  • With the combination of eBook and video I would recommend that you read a chapter and then watch the respective video to really deepen your knowledge and see all the tricks.
  • Then check out the sample images that come with the package and try it yourself. While repeating Nicole’s steps is a good start, you should also try to start from scratch and try your own processing style with each image.
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