Something big is coming… that will change your photography

10625147_10102421800045161_7548050399421525042_nI know this sounds fuzzy, and vague, and a little like a click bait, to be honest. And I as much as I’d love to add more beef to this bold promise right now… I can’t, because… I signed a contract that says “You can’t!” on the first page.

So, for now you just got to take my word for it: This photography event is going to blow your mind. It’s an opportunity that does not come very often – an opportunity to learn so much about photography that you will literally be busy for a whole year (conservative estimate) sucking it all in.

Launches October 15th at Noon EST…

The “Big Thing” is finally here.
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October 15 – 20, 2014

Teaser video

The organizers of the event created the following teaser video to give you a first impression.

Did you see those names flash by? It is a real honor for me to be amongst some of today’s greatest photographers in this event.

Selected Contributors

Just in case the portraits and names went by too fast, here is a selection of the contributors with some background information. Guys, this is seriously awesome, if you are asking me. But see for yourself:

5daydeal-oct14-contributor-david-ducheminDavid duChemin is a world & humanitarian assignment photographer. He is the best-selling author of books like “VisionMongers: Making a Life and a Living in Photography”, “Photographically Speaking: A Deeper Look at Creating Stronger Images” and “Vision & Voice: Refining Your Vision in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom”. He is the founder of Craft&Vision, a photographic education company.

Learn more about David


Joel Grimes is a commercial advertising photographer based out of Denver, Colorado. He is best known for his edgy sports, action and beauty composites where he combines studio shots with location shots (mostly HDR) into incredible images.

Apart from being a successful photographer, Joel is also a great teacher who gives a lot to the photography community in his tutorials, workshops and seminars.

Learn more about Joel

5daydeal-oct14-contributor-trey-ratcliffTrey Ratcliff is probably the most famous photographer online. He is most well known for his HDR and travel photography. But he is also a great author, teacher and entrepreneur who offers books, video courses, workshops, apps and online services for photographers.

Learn more about Trey

5daydeal-oct14-contributor-nicole-youngNicole S. Young is a world-class food photographer. She has launched a successful career as a stock photographer. Since then she has moved on to become an author of a number of popular photography books about different types of photography.

Learn more about Nicole

5daydeal-oct14-contributor-zack-ariasZack Arias is a commercial, corporate and editorial photographer based in Atlanta, GA. He mainly worked as a concert photographer for seven years before he branched into editorial and advertising photography. Zack is also a great teacher and a frequent speaker at events like Photoshop World or Gulf Photo Plus.

Learn more about Zack

5daydeal-oct14-contributor-lindsay-adlerLindsay Adler is a professional portrait and fashion photographer based in New York City. Her editorial work has appeared in numerous fashion and photography publications internationally including Noise, Bullett Magazine, Essence, Zink Magazine, Rangefinder and dozens more. She shares her passions and knowledge with others, and each year she lectures tens of thousands of photographers world-wide.

Learn more about Lindsay

5daydeal-oct14-contributor-alex-koloskovAlex Koloskov is a commercial photographer, Teacher at Instructor at, and In his studio work he is most well known for his liquid and splash photography where he combines innovative studio techniques with creative post-production to create stunning splash photos. He is also running the educational website

Learn more about Alex

5daydeal-oct14-contributor-amanda-diazAmanda Diaz is a freelance photographer from Canada. Her focus in photography ranges from Fashion to Conceptual, Beauty and Portraiture. She began teaching Fashion & Beauty workshops in 2013.

Learn more about Amanda

5daydeal-oct14-contributor-klaus-herrmann…and many others, myself included! The list is long and these are only the ones that you may be most familiar with through social media and other channels.

Overall, there are 21 photographers who contribute to this event, all of them have a track record in photography education.

Additionally, companies like and Topaz Labs are contributing.

Charity aspect

On top of this impressive list of photography educators and companies, there will also be an important charity aspect to this event. So, not only will you be doing something good for your own photography, you will also be helping others who are in need of some support.

The charity partners are Flashes of Hope, Mercy Ships, Camp Smile-A-Mile and Bethel:

  • Flashes of Hope raises funds to accelerate a cure for children’s cancer while honoring the unique life and memories of every child fighting cancer.
  • Mercy Ships brings hope and healing to the forgotten poor by mobilizing people and resources worldwide, and serving all people without regard for race, gender, or religion.
  • Camp Smile-A-Mile provides challenging, unforgettable recreational & educational experiences for young cancer patients and more.
  • Bethel is a pioneer and leader in the field of early intervention for blind children in China. They provide support, encouragement and training to blind children in China.
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