The Crazy $50,000 Photography Giveaway

5DayDeal-Complete-50000-Photography-Giveaway-GeneralThis is easily the biggest photography giveaway you ever came across. If you enter now, you can win over $50,000 in prices. These prices include computers, gadgets, cameras, and software as well as a ton of photography education by some of the biggest names in photography.

So, if you want to win and upgrade your photography, head over to the 5DayDeal website and enter the giveaway.

My personal tip

The 5DayDeal team will draw the prize winners individually for each prize. This means that you will have multiple chances to win. If you don’t win the first time, you’re still in for the second and the following prizes.

And that’s not a bad chance at all. So, make sure you enter now before the giveaway fun begins on September 10th.

Some of the highlights

If you need more information to make up your mind, here are only a selected few of the highlights among the nearly 30 prices.

…and there are a lot more items in the giveaway basket.

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