The Created Image Series Vol. 2 by David DuChemin


The-Created-Image-Series-Vol.-2-review-post-bannerWith all the talk about gear and Photoshop tricks, it is too easy to forget about what really makes you a great photographer: Your creativity, originality, inspiration and your willingness to really see the world around you. The Created Image Series Vol. 2 is a 12-hours long series of videos recorded at a live event that David DuChemin – famous humanitarian photographer and best-selling author – organized in 2014. Learning to see, storytelling, expressing yourself through your photography, how to study the masters of photography – all of that is part of this video series. But that’s not all, there are also technical sessions where you will actually learn interesting Lightroom and Photoshop techniques.

If you feel you’re stuck in the technical details of your photography without making any real progress towards becoming a better photographer, this series is for you. Just forget about the technical stuff for a second and listen to David and the other speakers as they try to fuel your creativity. And if you miss the geeky tech talk, head over to the Lightroom and Photoshop sessions of the series. There’s really something for everyone in this series.

Quick Facts

TypeLengthSkill levelRetail Price
Video12h videoBeginner – Advanced$65

The Instructor

David DuCheminDavid DuChemin is a world & humanitarian assignment photographer, a best-selling author, a workshop leader and many other things. He leads a nomadic life and shoots on all 7 continents for commercial clients and NGOs. One of David’s main goals is to convey the dignity of children, the vulnerable and the oppressed in his photography.

Detailed Review

I’ll be honest with you. When I first jumped through this video series, I was looking for screens full of Lightroom and Photoshop tricks, camera techniques, shooting advice and so on. I could not find any of these in the first few videos though, and I was a bit disappointed. But when I really sat down and listened to David talking about learning to see, I was thrown into a different state of mind – a better state of mind.

In the first video, award-winning photographer Steve Simon talks about the power of photography. Then David DuChemin talks about how you can learn to see instead of just looking. This is not done with your eyes alone, but with your mind.

Then comes the first technical session where Piet Van den Eynde gives you 20 tips for increasing your workflow productivity in Lightroom. This will speed up your post-processing workflow and gives you more time to spend out in the field shooting.

In the next two parts, Steve Simon teaches you how to tell a story both with a single image and with a series of images. Steve connects his ideas for storytelling with actionable tips for using your camera to achieve certain things like, for example, simplifying your images. These parts are mainly about how to use your camera out in the field to tell a story.

The following three parts are again about post-processing techniques. Piet Van den Eynde shows you powerful techniques for using dodging and burning to make your images stronger and different techniques for exploiting the power of black and white photography in Lightroom, Photoshop and selected plugins.

David DuChemin himself closes of the event with three very interesting sessions. First, he talks about how to analyze the photographs we love to learn from them and how to recognize the decisive moment when we see it. Then he gives you his theory about where great photos come from and which skills you need in order to create them (not your camera or Photoshop skills). Finally, you will learn something about the tension between technical perfection and the true mastery of your art. If you have a gear acquisition syndrome, this may cure you. And if you don’t have the money to afford having a gear acquisition syndrome, this will make you feel much better. 😉

Other Things You’ll Learn

This video series is really a very interesting package of different aspects of photography, many of which are way underestimated in today’s fast-paced times. We live in a world of 3-minute YouTube videos. Anything that cannot be consumed in 3 minutes or less will almost be ignored. But is that the essence of your craft? David says “No”. If you take the time and really listen to what he and his colleagues have to say, you can take some major steps forward on your path to becoming a great photographer. It’s not fast-paced. It’s slow, slow enough to give you time to actually think about what you’re seeing and hearing and not just store it for later in your already overloaded brain.

Summary and Verdict

Open a new door in your photography and let David and his colleagues show you what true mastery means and how to achieve it, or at least how to take a few big steps towards achieving it. This video series is really different from all the other products in this bundle. It is complementary to them in taking a step back and really exploring photography beyond bits and bytes.

  • You will learn how to really take great photographs, in terms of technology, but even more so in terms of seeing the moment and capturing the moment.
  • You will pick up lots of inspiration and motivation for your next photography adventures.
  • This video series will show you a different mindset – a mindset that will help you unlock your creativity.
  • Watching 12 hours of video means you really need to sit down and take the time. But then again, taking time and slowing down is an essential part of being a great photographer. So maybe that in itself is as good an exercise for you as it was for me.
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