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There is only one thing left to do before you can download your free eBook. Confirm your subscription to activate it:

  1. Check your email inbox. In a few minutes, you should find a confirmation email from “farbspiel photography” with the subject “Action Required: Please confirm your subscription“.
  2. Open the confirmation email and click the confirmation link inside. The link is clearly marked.

Thanks for your trust and your support!

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Details and Troubleshooting

4 easy steps to confirm and activate your subscription. The figure is based on Gmail, but your mail service/software should have very similar features. (click to view large)

In some cases, your email service decides that some email is spam although it is perfectly legitimate. If you don’t receive the “Action Required:…” email within 30 minutes, please open your Spam folder and check if you find it there. If you do, please take the following steps:

  1. Tell your email service that this is not spam. Most provides and programs have a button for that. The email will be removed from the spam folder and put back into your inbox. Additionally, your email service will learn that our emails are not spam.
  2. Add the email address “” to your contacts. This tells your email service that our emails come from a friend and that they are absolutely no spam.
  3. Open the email in your inbox and confirm your subscription (as explained above).

If you still don’t see the confirmation email anywhere, you may simply have misspelled your email address. You would not believe how often that happens. Simply fill out one of the subscription forms again, double-checking your email address. If you get a message saying that you are already subscribed your email address was fine and another copy of the confirmation message will be sent to you.

What can you do to make sure our emails arrive?

Please add the email address “” to your email contacts before you proceed!

This tells your email service that our emails come from a friend and that they are absolutely no spam. By doing so, you make sure that the email with the eBook download data gets through to you.

What if I am having second thoughts?

If you think that it was not a good idea to subscribe, don’t worry. You can safely ignore the confirmation email, and we will not bother you again. Hey, no hard feelings. You should be careful with your email address and we respect that.

Important: We cannot send you the access data for your free eBook if you do not activate your subscription.