$2,500 Value for Only $97 – The Complete Photography Bundle Starts Now

5daydeal_oct2016_launch_poster_1_smallThe Complete Photography Bundle 2016 that you may have been hearing about through different channels is finally here. It starts right now and will run for 5 days straight (October 14 – 19, 2016). Snatch your Complete Photography Bundle (worth $2,500, sold for only $97 = 96% off), win one of the prices ($10,000 in total), do something for charity, and get my next video course Off-Limits Photos Workflow Secrets for free on top if you purchase through this link.

Here’s how much longer the bundle will be available:


When this countdown reaches 0, the bundle is gone forever.

Too much to swallow in one go? Don’t worry! Just read on and I’ll give you the important facts.

Quick facts

What’s in this bundle?

The last time I counted, it was:

60+ hours of video courses
1700+ pages of eBooks
450+ Lightroom presets
380+ Actions/Overlays/Textures

Who’s in the bundle?

26 of the world’s best photographers and photography educators


How long will the event run?

The sale will run October 14th – 19th, noon PDT


Anything else?

Yes! You can win $10,000 in prizes.
10% of every bundle sold go to a charity of your choice.
Get additional bonus products by doubling your charity contribution.

My personal ‘Thank you’ bonus for you

off-limits-workflow-secretslightroom-to-photoshop-and-back-boxIf you purchase the bundle through this link, you will receive my next video courses (Off-Limits Photos Workflow Secrets) as a personal bonus from me directly.

You will learn a new fully non-destructive workflow for sending your images back and forth between Lightroom and Photoshop. No edit you apply to your images will ever be set in stone again. This means total peace of mind, incredible flexibility and increased efficiency for you.

The course is 2.5 hours long, and when it goes on sale publicly, the price will be $39.95. As a bonus for the bundle, you will get it for free.

A lot more information is available on the course announcement page.

New This Year: 15 Bundle Product Review – Right Now!

I know that $97 is still a serious investment for many of you. In order to give you some more information on the individual products, I have created a little bundle product review site for you. I am reviewing 15 products from this year’s bundle for you.

All the reviews are available immediately, right now. So go ahead and browser through them if you’re still not sure whether you want to get the bundle or not.

Follow the Whole 5 Days Right Here

I will be celebrating this incredible event here at farbspiel-photo.com with a ton of free tutorials, featured tutorials, and reviews. So, if you feel undecided about the bundle, check back here daily to make up your mind. You can bookmark farbspiel-photo.com right now. Or, better yet, subscribe to our newsletter to receive all this good stuff through email.

But now, over to you. Get your bundle and fuel your photography for many months.

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