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On July 1st, we will be launching our brand new PCS Video platform. All our future Pro Video Courses will be running on this platform. It is a combination of software and video that is tightly integrated with resources like sample images, actions and presets that you need to learn about various photographic topics.

The core of the PCS Video platform is the PCS Player, a browser-based software that provides a learning environment for you (see below for some screenshots). On July 1st, you will get access to this software and the first free sample course that runs on the PCS Video platform. This allows you to download and test the system.

The first Pro PCS Video Course is scheduled to be released roughly one week later. If you subscribed to our email newsletter, you will get exclusive access way before the official release date at a special discount. So this is a perfect time to subscribe if you haven’t done so yet. You will even get a free ebook with your subscription.

If you want to learn more about the features of the PCS Video platform, check out this page for a detailed overview and a comparison with other video-based platforms. For a quick glance, read on!

Make sure you’re ready on July 1st to grab your free sample course.

Main PCS Video features in a nutshell


A living course library: Each course you acquire is stored in an easily accessible library. Switch between courses with two clicks. No searching on your hard drive, no fiddling with video files.


Non-linear viewing: The PCS Player provides different ways of cross-referencing other lessons and courses (bookmarks, the Lesson panel, cross-reference resources etc). You can use any of these to jump to a different part of the course at any time without losing track.


Powerful bookmarking: Whenever you come across content that is of particular interest to you, you can easily create a bookmark and give it a meaningful name.


Resources integration: A PCS Video Course does not only contain video content. It also comes tightly integrated with other resources that really give your learning experience a whole new dimension.

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