Ho – Ho – Hold Your Breath! The Biggest Photography Event Ever is Coming Up!

5 Day Deal - The biggest thing since DSLR

When Bryon Lippincott invited me to the new event on 5daydeal.com, my first reaction was “Sure! Sounds cool!“. But I had no idea how cool this would become. I feel truly honored to be a part of this event besides industry greats like Joel Grimes, Lindsay Adler, Gordon Laing, Nicole S. Young, Topaz Labs, onOne Software and many others. This select group of people and companies agreed to contribute to give you a big-bang start to 2014.

UPDATE: The event is live now! Check out the details!


Now, Bryon asked me to keep the details to myself before the launch day, but I can tell you this much: This is going to be a BIG DEAL for everyone who is

  • Interested in HDR photography
  • Pursuing travel or fashion photography
  • Needing to get better at food photography
  • Looking to start or grow a photography business
  • Wanting to sell photography or photography related products on the internet
  • Wishing they could find out which tools the pro’s use

…and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Really… if you’ve got a camera your gonna want to be part of this event.

I wish I could tell you more right now because I am really excited about this, and I know you will be too. For now, just mark the launch date

January 5th at noon EST

in your calendar. The event will run for exactly 5 days until Juanuary 10th at noon EST. I will also keep you updated here and through our email newsletter (subscribe here) so that you absolutely won’t miss it.

To review the dates, the contributors and additional information, head on over to 5DayDeal.

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