Incredible Photography Bundle Sale in September

If you have been visiting this website for some time now and if you have not lived under a rock for the last two years, you know what this is all about. Valerie, Griffin and the team of are preparing their third Complete Photography Bundle, and it will be coming to you September 10 – 15. This will be the biggest photography bundle sale ever… eeeeever… everrrrrr.

I am contributing two products this time and if you purchase through this link, you will get an exclusive video course from me in addition to your bundle (check below for the details).


Quick facts

Ok, here is what I can tell you right now without violating the contract I signed:

  • What? They are going to offer a huge bundle of photography education and tools (ebooks, video courses, preset packs, tools, you name it…) for a ridiculously low price. (Can’t give out the details yet.)
  • Who? Some of the biggest names in the industry are going to be in it.
  • When? The sale is going to start September 10th, at noon PST and is going to be running for 5 days.
  • Prizes? Yes! You can win $50,000+ in prizes on top of snatching your bundle.
  • Charity? Sure! 10% of the revenue collected will go to charity. You can pick the organization your money goes to.

OK, breathe!

A Special Gift from Me (Exclusive Video Course)

OK, hold your breath again… because this time, I am going to put something special on top:

If you are purchasing a bundle via the link you will receive an exclusive 3-hour video course from me. This course cannot be bought, watched or rented in any other way or form. It is an exclusive “Thank you” for all you awesome people who are with me during these exciting five days, September 10 – 15.

Bookmark now

To make sure that you don’t miss this gift, bookmark the link ( right now and use it to purchase when the sale goes live.

It’s too early to give you any details on this video course, but you will learn a lot about Lightroom, Photoshop and some other good stuff. More information on this special thank-you bonus is coming soon. So stay tuned!

Some more details about the sale

While I cannot tell you the detailed numbers, the sale is substantially bigger than last year’s sale. There are more big-name contributors involved which means that the products are going to be even higher quality. This by itself is already very exciting. If you have purchased one of the previous bundles and enjoyed it, you’re going to love this one for sure. And yes, all the products in the bundle are brand new for this sale. So you will not get stuff that you already bought last year.

But the team around Valerie and Giffin Stewart does a lot in addition to that in order to make this even more attractive for you. There are $50,000+ in prizes to win which is insane. I am not aware of any single event where more prizes where offered.


Last October, the team and all the contributors and affiliates where able to raise $250,000 for charity. That is an amazing achievement and it sends shivers down my spine when I think about it. So, this is not only an even that is good for the organizers, the contributors and you – it has some real impact by giving urgently needed money to people who need help. I know that this year’s goals are even more ambitious, and I am really looking forward to see the numbers grow by the minute.

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