HDR Vertorama eBook Released

A Practical Guide to HDR Vertorama Photography - eBook cover iPadIt has taken quite a while to complete the first eBook in the new Photo Cookbook Series, but now it’s here… released… published… available… done… at last.

Last week I have rolled out the eBook and the newly integrated online shop (to be filled with more products soon) here on farbspiel-photo.com to my email subscribers exclusively to make sure everything works as expected.

Today marks the public roll-out.

Light my Way (HDR Vertorama)What is the eBook about?

HDR Vertorama photography is a photographic technique that is especially suited for producing impressive indoor photographs that present interiors like no other technique can. It allows you to capture the entire room and present it in a single image that appears to open towards the viewer.

You will learn everything there is to know about combining panorama and HDR techniques to create these stunning images that will be a highlight in your portfolio.

Contents at a glance

  • The basics: How to combine HDR and Vertorama photography into a consistent overall workflow.
  • The technical side: Which camera, lenses and tripod support you need.
  • Tripod shooting: How to adjust and use your panorama head for highest quality and precision.
  • Hand-held shooting: How to manage the complexity of shooting the source photos hand-held.
  • Rules of composition: How to compose your vertoramas without ever seeing the final result in the field.
  • Post-production: How to post-process an HDR Vertorama from merging your HDRs all the way to the finishing touches.
  • Workshops: Detailed insight into selected HDR Vertorama projects.

Visit the eBook page for a downloadable sample PDF as well as more information on the contents, the pricing, the format etc.

A Practical Guide to HDR Vertorama Photography - Download the free sample PDF

Download the free sample PDF

So, why has it taken so long?

Basically for two reasons:

  1. I decided to start with a big one and
  2. The actual writing is only a small part of the whole path towards offering your own eBook for sale.

Coming from a scientific background, writing books is nothing new to me. I know how this is done, and I am pretty good at writing high-quality text fast. After all, this has been an integral part of my job over the past 14 years. So, writing this 183-page book was not intimidating to me at all.

But I set out to do this on my own without hiring expensive people. The motivation was twofold:

  1. to save money and
  2. to learn every part of the process myself.

Especially the second point was really important for me. I am convinced that even if I will hire other people later, getting what I need from them requires me to understand the process. Working with a professional layout software, optimizing the layout for readability, building an online store and doing the customer care and the marketing presented me with a steep learning curve over the past year. But now, I have a process that works and a running system. And that was my initial goal.

What can you expect in the future?

The Photo Cookbook Series - Photo Recipes for Practical PeopleBuilding on that process and the things that I have learned, I will be adding new products swiftly and regularly. The PCS products will provide in-depth information on different photographic topics and offer practical guidance to photographers at all levels. The topics include a variety of areas related to the technique, the tools and the workflow involved with creating, processing and presenting your photographs.

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