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New YouTube Channel - Featured ImageThose of you who follow closely may have noticed that I took a little hiatus over the last few weeks. The reason is not that I am exhausted or tired of what I do here – not at all! I am more fired up than ever and full of exciting new plans. I just needed some time to step up the game a few notches and to provide you not only with new content, but with new content formats.

Video has already been a part of my content for some time now. I used it to present my Making-of features to you. These are time-lapse videos of the entire process of making specific images. They have been fun to produce, and – judging from your reactions – they are also fun to watch. However, time really flies in these videos, and absorbing all the details is difficult. Consequently, one of the most frequent questions you asked was this: Do you also offer “normal-speed” video tutorials? My answer was always something like this: I will do so in the future, so stay tuned!


You know what? The future is now!


In addition to the text-based recipes (tutorials) that have been the backbone of this website from the very beginning, I am starting to offer you video-based tutorials as well. Those video tutorials will be concise, covering a series of specific topics complementing the text-base tutorials and going beyond them. It will get even more hands-on as I will be able to really explain and show stuff.

Now, I am originally not a video guy. So, I had to learn lots of new stuff over the last few weeks – which was a lot of fun but also very time-consuming. This week, I am ready to step into the public and announce my new YouTube channel – the place where it will all happen for you. The short video above gives you a first impression of the new look and a sneak peek of the upcoming contents.

What can you expect?

As I already stated above, I will be publishing video tutorials regularly. In addition to that, I will be migrating the Making-of videos from the old YouTube channel to the new one gradually, and I will be giving them a facelift to make everything nice and consistent. Each video will be published in 1080p HD so that you can see and enjoy every detail.

How can you stay up-to-date?

As always, you have ample ways of staying up-to-date and getting the latest content as I publish it. I will be publishing each video here on The videos will be hosted on my new YouTube channel. To make sure that you do not miss anything, simply subscribe here and on YouTube and be the first to get new content.

If you are a YouTube junkie, you may want to subscribe to the YouTube channel in any case. If that’s not enough, you can also receive updates through my Google+, Facebook and Twitter pages. Feel free to choose the one that suits you best – or all of them, if you like.

You see, there is really no excuse for missing a single one of my tutorials. 😉

“…But wait, Bob! There’s more…”

Now, you may be thinking that that’s it, right? Au contraire, mon amie!

There is another – completely different – new format coming soon. I cannot give you any details yet, but if you like the recipes on this site, you will love this.

<in a whispering voice> But that’s just between you and me. So, psssst, don’t tell anybody. 😉

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6 replies
  1. Patrick Ahles
    Patrick Ahles says:

    Looking forward to the videos, Klaus!

    BTW: the link to the second Youtube channel subscription is not correct (there is an extra ‘http : //’ at the end).


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