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If you’ve been following my newsletter, you know that I am constantly keeping up to date with the latest news, stories, and developments in the world of photography. One of the main tools that I am using for this is Flipboard – an app that is available of iOS (iPad and iPhone) and on Android devices. With the latest update, Flipboard users can create their own magazines. This is a really cool feature as it allows me to present all the information that I find interesting in a compact and easy to read format for you.

I have created two new magazines on Flipboard for you to bring the latest news, stories, tutorials, tricks & tips, and master piece photographs from the world of photography to you. I am doing all the heavy lifting for you by collecting and arranging these stories from the web. All you need to do is to subscribe to the magazines on Flipboard, sit back and enjoy. It’s all free, of course!

For PC and Mac: You can install and run any Android app (including Flipboard) on you PC or Mac using the Bluestacks app player. So, not having a mobile device is no excuse! 😉

Tip for Android users: Install Flipboard and open this page in the default browser (not in Chrome or any other browser that you installed later). Tap on any of the magazine links to open the magazine in the Flipboard app. Tap the ‘+’ next to the magazine name to subscribe.

Photography InSight - Flipboard Magazine by Klaus HerrmannPhotography InSight

Photography InSight covers all areas of photography from landscape to architecture, to portraits, to street photography and many more. It provides links to tutorials, tips, techniques, reviews of cameras and gear, news and stories. This is a great way to stay informed, no matter what your preferred style of photography is.

Link to the magazine:

Top Photo - Flipboard Magazine by Klaus HerrmannTop Photo

Top Photo is all about the photos themselves. I love viewing great photos from other amazing photographers and this is the place where I present my absolute favorites. If you need inspiration, if you want to discover new photographers, or if you’d simply like to look at some amazingly beautiful art, this is for you.

Link to the magazine:


Tip: If you have Flipboard installed, tap these links on your iPad, to open the magazines directly in Flipboard.

How to get started with the magazines

The video below will tell you what’s in the magazines and how to get started.

Transcript (Excerpt)

What is Flipboard? Flipboard is a content aggregation app that is available for Android and iOS. It lets you combine various information sources like RSS feeds of your favorite blogs and Streams from the major social networks. It presents that content in a nice magazine layout that makes it really easy to find and consume the content you’re interested in.

To make things even simpler, I have created two new magazines inside Flipboard for you using the new features of Flipboard that just came out a couple of days ago. The first magazine is called “Photography InSight”. It contains the latest news, stories, tutorials, tricks and tips from the world of photography. I am using Flipboard daily to stay informed, and as I discover something interesting or noteworthy, I am putting it into this magazine. So I am doing the heavy lifting for you by gathering great content while you can sit back and enjoy all the information. As I will show you in a minute, you can simply subscribe to the magazine and you’re good to go. Of course, subscribing is completely free.

The second magazine is called “Top Photo”. This is a collection of my absolute favorite photos. As I discover new gems, I am putting them into this magazine. Subscribe and flip through these master pieces to get some inspiration for your own photography.

So, how do you subscribe? Getting started with these magazines is really easy. First you need to get the Flipboard app:

  1. Go to the App Store
  2. Type “flipboard” in the search field. The Flipboard app will be the first one that appears.
  3. The next step is to install the app.
  4. When you open the app for the first time, you will see a screen that lets you choose your interests. Then you’re taken to the home screen.
  5. Flip to the second page and type “klaus herrmann” in the search field at the top right.
  6. This brings up a list of search results. Simply tap on the second result (the one with my portrait in front of it). You will be taken to a view that aggregates all the content I am curating in my magazines. You can subscribe to that if you’re generally interested in the content I curate. Or you can tap on my name at the top to open the list of all my magazines.
  7. Open the magazine you like. This will take you to the cover page that provides an overview of the latest stories.
  8. Check out the magazine by flipping through the pages. If you like what you see, tap the “Subscribe” button at the top left besides my name.
  9. That’s all you need to do. Next time you go to your subscriptions, the magazine will be there for you, and you can open it with a tap to see the latest stories.

If you enjoy a story, feel free to “Like” it by tapping the heart at the bottom. You can also leave a comment by tapping the balloon. Liking and commenting gives me some valuable feedback and helps me improve the contents of the magazine for you.

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9 replies
  1. Linda
    Linda says:

    If I don’t have an iphone or ipad or Android device, is there a way to read your magazines using a computer? I love your terrific information!

  2. Nikon_bob
    Nikon_bob says:


    Tried to find you in Flipboard by following your instructions with no luck. I do get to your name in Flipboard, but there is no second option with your photo. If I select the Flipboard option with your name it takes me a page with no contest or a option to select your magazine.

    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Bob,

      I have just tried it again on a freshly reset iPad and it does work as described in the video.

      I suspect that you had a typo in my name (correct spelling: “Klaus Herrmann”). If you type the name incorrectly, the app behaves as you describe it in your comment. Otherwise, it should work.

      I hope this solves the problem.


  3. Homer Arment
    Homer Arment says:

    Thank you for doing the heavy lifting for us. So far I have enjoyed everything you have put up. Now I’m busygoing through some of the FlipZinesin your top 20.


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