HDR Cookbook – Poll: Most Difficult Area of Work

Which area of HDR photography do you find most difficult to master?

The Minerals Gallery (HDR)This is the result and discussion page for the Photography Poll on The Role of Time. View how the poll is doing and feel free to leave your comments here to explain your point of view on this question.

Where can I vote?

The actual poll can be found on Google+ and Facebook. The poll is open-ended – so you can still participate! Make sure you go there and vote.

What’s the deal with those polls?

Did you ever ask yourself if your way of practicing (HDR) photography is that much different from what all the others are doing? Are you in any way different from the rest, or are you right in the midst of it with all the other people who think similar? Find out!

This is a fun way to get to know the community a bit better. Join in and cast your vote(s). Others will do so too and in a short while, we will have a clearer picture of what the community thinks on this particular question.

Question and Background

Which area of HDR photography do you find most difficult to master?

  1. Selection of subject (finding a good scene and composition)
  2. Taking the source shots (setting up tripod, camera setup, hand-holding a shot, deciding for the right exposure values, etc.)
  3. Merging (selecting source shots, alignment, etc)
  4. Tone-mapping (finding the right parameters)
  5. Post-processing (giving your images the final look)
  6. Presenting your work adequately (deciding for the right sharing site, providing an engaging description etc.)
  7. None of the above (It’s a piece of cake!)

Due to its complexity, HDR is a technique that holds a number of challenges in the entire workflow. Therefore, the learning curve is usually steep. But just what is most difficult for you? Let us know and see what the community as a whole thinks about this question.

Preliminary Results

Preliminary Poll Results – Which area of HDR photography do you find most difficult to master?

Surprised? Not in the pack? Tell us what you think by writing a comment!

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