Photographers on Pinterest – The Definitive List

Photographers on Pinterest - The Definitive ListYou are on Pinterest and you are trying to find fellow photographers to follow and interact with? You are planning to join Pinterest and you don’t know how to start off? Then this is for you.

At the end of this post, you will find a list of photographers who are active on Pinterest. View their boards, re-pin their content, follow them!

You can join the list too. It’s free, it’s easy, and there is no requirement on your skill level. Read on to find out how to join!

You will find my Pinterest profile at

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is the new kid on the block in terms of social sharing sites on the Internet. It provides a clean and simple platform for sharing your favorite content (not only photos) on the Internet in a visually appealing way with board and pins. You can pin anything you like to a set of boards you create and organize, and it will show up as an image icon. Especially for photographers, this is a very nice way to share their work and other stuff they are interested in to show people who they are and what they are about.

Simplicity – Good and Bad!

The simplicity is certainly a strength of the platform, but it is also a weakness. Why? Because the lack of an adequate search mechanism makes it quite hard to find other “pinners” that share the same interests. For example, finding all the photographers on Pinterest quickly is literally impossible. You have to make a long journey through the pins made by others and collect evidence as to who might be a photographer. In terms of following the right people and building a community, this is suboptimal.


There has been an enormous amount of controversy about the Pinterest Terms of Service (TOS). Many photographers were in great fear that Pinterest might start selling their photos since prior to March 24th 2012 their TOS apparently gave them the right to do so. After an update to the TOS, however, that danger seems to have disappeared. Read more on the controversy and the discussion in my article Will Pinterest sell your images? I don’t think so!

What this List is About

Therefore, I have collected photographers that are active on Pinterest wherever I could and set up this list. You can use it as an index to find out if any specific photographer is on Pinterest, or you can go through (a selection of) the profiles and visit them directly. Note, however, that the list is far from being complete. Thus, if you don’t find a specific photographer on the list, he or she may still be on Pinterest.

The “Best of Pinterest Photographers” Board

Important Note: There are some problems with the board. Pinterest is randomly removing users that I added. I will try to fix that, but you may lose the board due to this. I am contacting Pinterest about this, but there is no solution so far.

Best of Pinterset PhotographersIn addition to being on the list, you will get the right to pin your best image to the “Best of Pinterest Photographers” board on my profile. That board represents a visual catalogue of all members on the list that people can use to go directly to your profile. With every update, I will add the new members as contributors to the “Best of Pinterest Photographers” board. From that point on, these people have the right to pin things to this board. This is meant for you to pin your best photo there as a visual reference to your profile (see above). Please do not abuse it!

The board is located at

Do not Spam the Board

Let me reiterate this, because it’s important: Every member shall only pin a single photo to the board! Please do not spam the board with your your photos, and do not pin the same photo multiple times. This would not be polite, and contrary to what you may think, it does not increase your reputation among the other people on the board. I cannot delete any specific photo from the board, but if I see somebody abusing it, I will remove that person and, in effect, all of his /her photos together with the right to post ever again.

It goes without saying that porn, racist, criminal and similar content is unacceptable.

Two Important Notes

  1. The idea of adding all the list members to a single board and letting them contribute is experimental. I did not find any information on the max number that you can add to a board, and I still have to find out how much work it will be to add everybody. But let’s try this. If it works, it should be fun!
  2. It will take some time to add initial set of people to the board. Manually adding everybody is a slow process, and mass adding people in any form may get me into trouble. So, I may have to throttle this a bit. Please be patient!

How to Use the Board

Below, I will explain how you get access to the board. Once you have access, please be fair. You should only pin your single best photo, no more. You can write a little description if you like, but please do not write novels. 3 sentences should be enough. Please don’t use it to write spam.

How to Join the List

There are a few simple steps you need to carry out in order to join the list:

  1. Check if you are already on the list.
  2. Add a comment below indicating your name and your Pinterest profile address (Example: “Klaus Herrmann,“). This is the important information I need to add you. You may add a brief description if you wish, but your name and your address in one line is important.
  3. Wait for an email notification telling you that you have been added to the “Best of Pinterest Photographers” board. From that point on, you are officially on the list, and you may pin things to the board.
  4. Contribute your best shot to the “Best of Pinterest Photographers” board on my profile after you have been added.
  5. Share this post on your social networks (optional). This is not a strict requirement to be added, but it helps spreading the word, giving the list (and therefore you) more exposure. You can simply use the sharing buttons to the left.
  6. Follow me on Pinterest at (optional). This is not mandatory either, but maybe you like my pins. 😉

How the List will be Updated

I will update the list manually in regular intervals. So please understand that joining is not an instant process. It may take a while for your name to actually show up on the list and for you to be able to pin to the board.

The List

Version: 1.10; Last update: 30.11.2012 14:30 CET; People on the list: 1047

Tips: People added in the last update are highlighted. Click any name to go directly to the Pinterest profile of that person. Ctrl-Click to open the profile on a new tab.


Aaron Hockley
Abby Beach
Abigail Thompson
Adam Allegro
Adam Czuprynski
Adde Adesokan
Ade Russell
Adrian Evans
Agustin Rafael Reyes
Ahmed Habashy
AJ Borromeo
Akbar SSi AFo
Akseli Niemelä
Alan Morris
Alastair Goldfisher
Alejandra Quero
Alessandro Cerè
Alex Banakas
Alex Cassels
Alex Koloskov
Alexandros Maragos
Ali Elhajj
Ali Lochhead
Allen Freeman
alvaro gonzalez novoa
Alysha Thompson
Alyssa Bausch
Amanda Arms
Amanda Hobbs
Amanda ThePanda
Amara Cohen
Amy Buchanan
Amy Douglas
amy sherman-lilley
Amy Wilson
Analia Hoyer
Anand Damani
Andreas Schniertshauer
Andres Glückert
Andrew Benson
Andrew Marston
Andrew Prokos
Andrzej Libiszewski
Andy Gray
Angel Figueroa
angela craddock
Angie Candell
Anna Bäckström
Anna Schulze-Wenck
Anne Durand
Annie Boccio
Anoushka van Velzen
Anthony Allan
Anthony Tripodi
Anthony Tulliani
Antonello Calax
April Joy Gutel
April Sullivan
Ariel Roda
Arnold Szmerling
Art Griffo
Art Hansen
Asaki Abumi
Ashagi Harahap
Ashley Haire
ashok mani
Asif Patel
Audrey Camilleri
Augusta Stewart
Aundrea Celeste Sheffey
Averil Hall
Azhar Khan


bao tran
Barb Cochran
Barb Roberts
Barbara Garrett
Barbara Newson
Barbara Vanderstelt
Barbol Carmichael
Ben Kress
Ben Locke
Ben Moll
Ben Timmins
Ben Willmore
benjamin cortis
Benoit Héroux
Berndt Weissenbacher
Bernhard Rypalla
Beth Akerman
Beth Blackwell
Beverly Britton
Bex White
Bill Allen
Bill Russell
Bill Stone
Billy McGee
Billy Wilson
Björn Kleemann
Blair Evan Ball
Bob Decker
Bob Hodgkiss
Bob Kubiak
Brad Granger
Brad Sloan
Brady Dindia
Brandie Via
Brandon Doran
Brandon Kopp
Brendon Fry
Brian Bach Sørensen
Brian Bonham
Brian Cox
Brian Donegan
Brian Hoffsis
Brian Lee
Brian Matiash
Brian Titus
Brooke Reynolds
Bruce Bain
Bruce Burr
Bryan Thompson
Bryn Forbes
Brynn Burns
Bryon Lippincott
Butch Layson


C. David Cook
Calvin Merry
Cam Miller
Candace Moss
Card Art
Carl Evans
Carmelyne Thompson
Caroline Taelman
Carrie McGann
Casey McCallister
Catherine Goron
Catherine Vibert
Cathy D
CdL Creative
Celeste Odono
Céline Deligey
Cesar Gonzalez
Chad Powell
Chad Weisser
Chanapai Limsuwankesorn
Charlie Choc
Chase Guttman
Chatchai Rombix
Chen Yihan
Chester Bullock
Chris Albertson
Chris Chabot
Chris Combe
Chris Gillett
Chris Hoffmann
Chris Koontz
Chris LaCour
Chris Summers
Chris Trew
Chris Turnbull
Chris Wright
Christian Campo
Christian Krieglsteiner
Christian Northe
Christianna Pierce
Christin McLeod
Christina Doyle
Christina Graham
Christina LaBrunda
Christina Lawrie
Christina Rollo
Christina Simpson
Christina Verduchi
Christine Grabig
Christine Walker
Christoffer Mattson
Christophe Friedli
Christopher Harnish
Christopher Odd
Christopher Waddell
Christy Patino
Chryseis santos
Chuck Russom
Chuck Underwood
Cindy Mead
Claire McGranahan
Clarissa Colletti
Clarissa Sidhom
Clark Crenshaw
Cliff Smith
Colby Brown
Connie Bunke
Conor MacNeill
Cora Triton
Corey Burk
Corey Gibson
Cosme D. Churruca
Craig McClure
Craig Stilson
Cristina Kelly
Crystal Blackwell
Cyril Bosselut


D.C. Lutz
Dakota Visions
Dale Abuel
Dale Kincaid
Dale Kincaid
Damien Roué
Dan Cabral
Dan Garrett
Dan Perlman
Dan Susek
Dana Gibbons
Dana Huffmon
Daniel Birchall
daniel daube
Daniel Dryden
Daniel Fava
Daniel Norwood
Daniel Peckham
Daniel Schwabe
Daniel Stalter
Daniela Serpi
Daniela White
Daniele Zanni
Danny Dutch
Darrell Dearden
Darren Shilson
Darryl Van Gaal
Dave Beckerman
Dave Bernard
Dave Bouskill
Dave Brookfield
Dave Cox
Dave Cross
Dave DiCello
Dave Hales
Dave Morrow
Dave Veffer
David Brookover
David Condit
David Fielding
David La Spina
David La Tache
David Luque
David Nguyen
David Pasillas
David Peter
David Seibold
David Taylor
David Tedman
Davorin Mance
Dawid Martynowski
deborah Johnson
Deborah Sandidge
Deborah Yun
Deena Wilhelm
dene’ miles
Denise Crawford
Derek Kind
Deric Mongeon
Desmond Johnson
Diana Miller
Dianna Keller
Didier Cayrac
Diego Cattaneo
Dietrich Bojko
Dirk Heindoerfer
Dirk Wüstenhagen
DM Cook
Dominic Urbano
Don Amaro
Don Harper
Don Schulte
Don Wolf
Donald Peterson
Donna Jordan
Dorothy Freudenberg
Doug Fresh
Doug Isaacson
Doug Kaye
Doug Niedermiller
Douglas Sandquist
Drew Lundquist
Dru Stefan Stone
Duane Hall


Ed Buziak
Ed Mercer
Edith Levy
Eduardo Calvo
Edward Brydon
Edward Hall
Edward Law
Eileen Ringwald
Elena Grigorian
Elena Kalis
Eleni Messini
Eli Hernandez
Elia Locardi
Elias Bouzid
Elisha C
Elissa Punkkinen
Elizabeth Bruders
elle moss
Ellie Moffat
Emma Joy Miller
Emma Mitchell
EmmyAnn Horstkamp
Eric Bass
Eric Leslie
Eric Mulligan
Eric Rousset
Eric Seale
Eric Wood
Erica Miller
Erik Kerstenbeck
Erik Linhardt
Erika Thornes
Erin Kortum
Ernesto Castro
Eugene van der Watt
Eugenia Whittenburg
Eustace James
Eva Hjerkinn
Eva Kovari


Fabian Bernal
Fabio Porcelli
Fahad Jafarullah
Fedor Pikus
Ferdz Decena
Ferry Destawijaya
Filip Zamorsky
Fokion Xiotakis
Fokko van der Leest
Francesco Gola
Francis Gorrez
Francisco Herrera
Frank Anderson
Frank Benitez
Frank Domahs
Frank Köhntopp
Fraser Ross
Fraser Smith
Fred Arechiga
Fred Castillo
Fred Murphy


Gareth Robins
Gary Norton
Gary Paakkonen
Gary Zorko
Gavin Chapman
Gemma Costa
Gene Bowker
Genia Larionova
Geoff Ridenour
Geoff Yale
George Peterson
Gerald Fischer
Giacomo Valentini
Gilad Steinberger
Gilmar Smith
Gina Bégin
Ginae B. McDonald
Gino Caron
Giovanni Mari
Glen Berry
Glenn Forrest
Gordon Laing
Graham T
Graham Wilson
Grant Collier
Greg Berdan
Greg Russo
Greg Vaughn
Greg Wohlleb
Gregory Russo
Gregory Urbano
Gunnar Kristian Kopperud
Guy Milnes
Guy Prives


Håkan Dahlström
Han Nguyen
Hannes Schleeh
Hans Kool
Harald Hempel
heather white
Heidi Anne Morris
Heike Delmore
helen sotiriadis
Henny Boogert
Henrik L Andersen
Heri Gunawan
Hilary Cam
Hilary Stephens
Hoami Thamracksa
Holly Elchert
Holly Stigen
Hope OHara
Huong Phan


Ian Barber
Ian Carroll
Ian Clark
Ian Good
Ian Stewart
Ian Wedgewood
Igor Tsukerman
Ilya Genkin
Imene Said-Kouidri
Ina Gatzmaga
Inga Pae
irene lea
Isaac Moscovich
Issa Fakhro
Ivan Nicolau


J. Rae Chipera
Jacob James
Jacob Lucas
Jaime Martorano
Jakob Nilsson
Jamal Williams
James Brandon
James Clear
James Liddil
James Thomas
Jamie Furlong
Jan Freire
Jan Kabili
Jan Karlo Camero
Jan Lindenberg
Jan McCartney
Jan van erven
Jana Davila
Jarek Klimek
Jason Arney
Jason Baldwin
Jason Borg
Jason Bouwmeester
Jason Chau
Jason Joseph
Jason Kravitz
Jason Rykiss
Jason Stone
Jason Wilson
Jay Boyle
Jay M
Jay Taylor
Jay Wolberg
Jean-Charles Renaud
Jeanette Dobrindt
Jeannette Marshall
Jeff Burton
Jeff Clow
Jeff Cofer
Jeff Dierking
Jeff Hirsch
Jeff King
Jeff M
Jeff Moreau
Jeff Oliver
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith
Jeff Tamagini
Jeko Watung
Jenn Trunk
Jenna Lynn Monroe
Jenness AKA Dory Asby
Jennifer Gulizia
Jennifer Hardt
Jennifer Luzio
Jennifer McCannon
Jennifer Shelhart
Jeremy Cowart
Jeremy McKinley
Jeremy Randall
Jerry O’Loughlin
Jesse Ferrell
Jessica Joy
Jessica Voigts
Jillian Chilson
Jim Denham
Jim Goldstein
Jo Lee
Joanna Pechmann
João Almeida
Joe Azure
Joe Blevins
Joe Ercoli
Joe Martin
Joe Maxwell
Joel Cyr
Joel Nevius
Joel Sax
Joerg Knoerchen
Joerg Piechotka
Joerg Stephan
Joerg Sterner
John Arnold
John Cabuena
John Cachero
John Davenport
John De Bord
John Gulizia
John Kaminski
John Paul Caponigro
John R. Math
John Sawyer
John Sealander
John Smitherman
John Spade
Jolie B Studios
Jon Herrera
Jon Matthies
Jon Meier
Jonathan Bentley
Jonathan Hui
jonathen adkins
Jonie Barton
Jordan Oram
Jörg Piechotka
Jorge Zamanillo
josh hikes
Josh Russo
Josh Skonecke
Joshua Eckert
Joshua Smith
joy hockensmith
Jude Camwell
Judy Frederick
Jules Hunter
Julia Harwood
Julian Mills
Julian Ortiz
Julie Magers Soulen
Julie Woodruff
Jurien Minke
Justin Fabian
Justin Law
Justin Spelbrink


Kai Bergmann
Karen Atrero
Karen Brockney
Karen Brodie
Karen Heinig
Karen Hutton
Karen Johnson
Karen La Spina
Karen Overall
Karen Shackles
Karen Tate
Karen Voshol
Karen Waters
Kate & Chris
kate havercroft
Kathryn Burrington
Keith Cuddeback
Kelley Bard
Kelli Seeger Kim
Kelly Conway
Kelly DeLay
Kelly Lenihan
Kelly Patrick Dugan
Kelly Shipp
kelvin espada
Ken Hurst
Ken Kaminesky
Ken Latman
kenji nomura
Kenneth Jarecke
Kenneth Snyder
Kenny Salazar
Kerri Elan
Kerry Murphy
Kev Isabeth
Kevin Friery
Kevin Gonsalves
Kevin Griggs
Kevin Jobe
Kevin Kelly
Kevin Mims
Kevin Rank
Khush Naterwalla
kim martino
Kim Rognmo
Kim Troutman
Kim Wilhite
Kiri Bane
Kirsten Alana
Kirsten Bowers
Kjetil Greger Pedersen
Klaus Herrmann
Kol Tregaskes
Konrad Deskiewicz
Kris Schroeder
Kristian Peetz
Krzysztof Zajac
Kurian Varghese


LaDonna Pride
Laine Torres
Larry Marshall
Larry Tripp
Lars Clausen
Lars Dahlin
Laura Luis
Laurent Lanee
Laurie Crofoot
Laurie Nation
Lawrence del Mundo
Leandro Bauducco
Leanna Lomanski
Lee Daniels
Lee Hopkins
Lee Wilkinson
Leo Soderman
Lesley Fennell
Lexy Page
Li Lawrence
Linda Edgecomb
Linda Goodhue
Linda Piersma
Linda Walker
Lindsay Donaghe
Lisa Bond
Lisa Mikulski
Lisa Ng
Lisa Osta
lissa liggett
Logan Miller
Loralea Kirby
Lorenzo Montezemolo
Lori Bush
Lotus Carroll
Louisa Catharine Forsyth
luca eugeni
Lucas James
Lucille Galleli
Lucretia Yeh
Lucy Hill
Luis Guerrero
Luke Krzysztofiak
Lupe M. Luevano
LynnDee Smith


M.Alyce Morin
Mabry Campbell
Maciej Markiewicz
Maggie Mae McCain
Mandy Jones
Marc Kohlbauer
Marco Freudenreich
Marco Virgone
Margaret Waage
maria strack
Marianne Bush
Marie Burgman
Marilou Aballe
Mário Caldeira
Mario Pires
Mark Bernard
Mark Fletcher
Mark Hooper
Mark Houston
Mark J P
mark palmos
Mark Sunderland
Mark Swindells
mark waslick
Marko Kulik
Markus Ziermann
Marni Mendez
martin kimchi
martin ollman
Martin Rak
Martin Soler Photography
Mary Eikenberry
Masis Usenmez
Massimo Xma
Matt Jenkinson
Matt Kloskowski
Matt Nasman
Matt Shalvatis
Matt Suess
Matthew Ireland
Matthew Lacroix
Matthew Ryan
Matthew Southard
Matthew Stein
Matthew Yau
Maurizio Palumbo
Mayur Hulsar
Megan Daly
megan long
Melanie Castle
Melanie Kern-Favilla
Melissa Mertz
Melissa Reed
Meredith Jones
Michael & Nicole Stuart
Michael Frye
Michael Glover
Michael Howard
Michael Kennedy
Michael Lorentz
Michael Muraz
Michael Paulison
Michael Rajiv SHAH
Michael Ratcliff
Michael Reut
Michael Riffle
Michael Stuart
Michael Taggart
Michael Van der Tol
Michal Vitásek
Michele Littlejohn-Luccketta
Michelle Potter
Michelle Sypult
midori chan
Mikael sh
Mike Cavaroc
Mike Duncan
Mike Gabelmann
Mike Gass
Mike Gaudaur
Mike Hendren
Mike Hollman
Mike McKnelly
Mike Miller
Mike Nyman
Mike Olbinski
Mike Sperlak
Mikko Tyllinen
Mindy Bench
Miroslav Petrasko
Missy Kelly
Misty Dawn
Mohit Khanna
Mumbi Muturi-Muli
Myrna Weinreich


Nadine Lotze
Nancy Ottenweller
Narasimha Chari
Natalie Prikhodko
Natasha Schroeder
Nate Isaksen
Neville Nel
Nick Chill
Niclas Sparr
Nico Morgan
Nicola Conway
Nicole Kosic
Nicole S. Young
Nidhi D.
Niki Aguirre
Nikolas Kyramarios
NJ WIght
Noah J. Katz
Nuno Ferreira


Obi Nwokedi
Oliver Chua
Onny Carr
Owen Richardson
Owen Thomas


Paige Rynberg
Pam Chalkley
Patricia Davidson
Patricia dos Santos Paton
Patrick Ahles
Patrick Di Fruscia
Patrick Flood
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Sheeran
Patty Hankins
Paul Colton
Paul Cutright
Paul Gillespie
Paul Indigo
paul pardue
Paul Retherford
Paul ‘Skip’ Brown
Paul Smith-Keitley
Paul van de Loo
Pawel Mucha
Pawel Tomaszewicz
Pawel Wozniak
Pedro Costa Neves
Pedro Ferrer
Pekka Hartikainen
Per Ardne
Per Zennström
Pete Donohue
Pete White
Peter Adams
Peter Bargh
Peter Michael
Peter Talke
Peter Voigt
Petri Pusa
Phil Hill
philippe manguin
Photo Josh
Pierre Violle
Pieter Pretorius
PJ Ammidon
Plamen Stefanov
Pranay Nigotiya
Pranesh Vittal
Priscilla Warner
priska wettstein
Priyanka chanda


QT Luong


Rachel Enge
Radek Vik
Rafael Kamaletdinov
Raj Boora
Ralph Art Photography
Randy Pollock
randy walton
Ranmali Kirinde
Raquel Cuellar
Raul Goycoolea
Ray Rosewall
Rebecca Borg
Rebekah Knight
Reg Saddler
Regina Fabri
Ricardo Liberato
Ricardo Williams
Rich J Matheson
Rich Johnson
Rich McPeek
Richard fletcher
Richard Furlong
Richard Harrison
Richard Verdegaal
Rick Louie
Ricky L Jones
Rifqah Maker
Rikk Hansen
Ringo Chau
Robby Bowles
Robert Brienza
Robert Brown
robert drew
Robert Farthing
Robert Redl
Roberta Murray
Roberto Vongher
Robin Griggs Wood
Robyn Carter
Rocky Wall
Roger Albani
Rolf Hicker
roma g
Romain Guy
Romain Simon
roman pastierik
Roman Tripler
Rommel Miraflores
Ron Bearry
Ron Clifford
Ron Wiecki
Ronnie Boehm
Rosie Leavesnbloom
Rovenko Photography
Roy Rozanski
Rudolf Vlcek
Russ Bishop
Ryan Frost
Ryan Houston
Ryan L. Smith
Ryan Lynham
Ryan Welsh
Ryan Zeigler
Rznag Rmrod


Sairam Sundaresan
Sally Warren
Sandra Parlow
Sandy Mates
Sangeeth VS
Sarah Rix
Sathya R
Scott Frederick
Scott Gant
Scott Jarvie
Scott Kelby
Scott Loftesness
Scott Maxworthy
Scott Norris
Scott Prokop
Scott Ruhs
Scott Schrob
Scott Starks
Scott Thompson
Scott Wyden Kivowitz
Scotty Graham
Selahattin BABADAG
Serein Lee
Serena Gerfy
Serge Ivanov
shane holsclaw
Shane Pinder
Shane Pinder
Shannon Adelson
Shannon S. Myers
Shanti Gilbert
Shawn McClure
Sheighla Friel
Sheila Giorgetti
Sherri Meyer
Shin-ichiro Uemura
shirley lo
Shuva Rahim
Siddharth Pandit
Simon Gelfand
Sinead Sam McKeown
Skip Knox
Stan Drennan
Stan Smith
Stefan Jansson
Stefan Olivier
Stephen Candler
Stephen Froehlich
Stephen Park
Steve Cottrill
Steve Gill
Steve Montalto
Steve Munoz
Steve Wolfe
Steven Davis
Steven Jones
Strange monkey on my finger
Sukaina Kadhum
Susan Spinola
Suzanne dos Passos
Sylvain Courant
Synnøve Zynne Tilrem


T Michael Testi
T.J. Powell
Takashi Asao
tal flint
Tamara Pruessner
Tamme Marshall
Tana Teel
Tania Sonnenfeld
Tanya Rochat
Tarmo Pekola
Tassanee Angiolillo
Tatiana Parmeeva
Tatjana Marintschuk
Tayo Okusanya
Ted Leung
Tena Lara
Teri Lou
Terrie Heslop
Terry Ross
Thamer Al-Hassan
Theresa Lee Wysocki
Thierry Bouriat
Thierry Schauer
Thomas Denman
Thomas Hawk
Thomas Lottermoser
thomas o’brien
Thomas Raymond
Thorsten Frisch
Tiago Dornellas
Tilman Tausb
Tim Dobbs
Tim McAdam
Tim Pursall
Timothy Lauzon
Tisha Scurich
Toby Harriman
todd landry
Todd MacNinch
Todd McPhetridge
Todd Williams
Tom Bricker
Tom Gort
Tom Husband
Tom Robey
Tom Sparks
Tomate Joyeuse
tony mignot
Tony Unwin
torkil storli
Tracey Colombo
Tracy Wong
Trey Ratcliff
Tristan Shouldice
Trond Lindholm
Tyann Marcink
Tyler Harney


Ugo Cei
Ulf Weihbold
Ursula Maxwell-Lewis
Ursula Rodgers
Uwe Skrzypczak
Uwe Werner


Val Rufus-Ellis
Vance Sisk
Vanesa Bechini Simon
Vanessa Knijn
Varina & Jay Patel
Velvet Oberg
Vena Sensenbaugh
Veronwell Benggon
Vicki Dixon
Vicki Field
Victor Bezrukov
Viktor Elizarov
Vince Maidens
Vincent Demers
Vivienne Gucwa


Wade Hewitt
Waheed Akhtar
Walter F. Rodriguez
Walter Hawn
Wasim Muklashy
Waverley Dixon
Wayne Hall
Wayne Rochat
Wendy Badman
Wendy Walker Cushing
Wes Lum
Wilfried Haferland
Wojtek Szkutnik
Wolfgang Jorzik
Wout Overkamp
Wray Post


Xiomi Abad


Yasmin Simpson
Yegor Korzh
Yuga Kurita
Yuga Kurita
Yvette van Teeffelen


Zero Dean
Zsoka Scurtescu


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    José Parcerisa Vilatarsana says:

    hi Klaus, I am a fan of your hdr images and I have followed every tutorial you have issued, Of course I am interested to be part of your list.
    Congratulations for your effort to improve the photographic community.
    Your friend José.

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    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Hope! I am adding people step by step. Today, I added all the people starting with ‘H’, so you should be among those. If it did not work, drop me a line.


    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      ——————————————————————————————————- Version 1.2
      Everybody having submitted a valid comment above this line is included in update version 1.2 on Feb. 19th 12:00 CET

      Everbody below this line will be included in an upcoming update.

      Thanks for registering!

    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Yuga!

      I am slowly adding everybody piece-by-piece to avoid getting in trouble due to mass-adding people. Please have a bit of patience. You will be added over the next few days.


      • farbspiel
        farbspiel says:

        Hi Dale!

        yes, I see it. I have little control since I cannot delete individual photos. I can only remove a user entirely. I have made the “Do Not Spam the Board” message in the post more clear, and I hope people will play by the rules.

        Thanks for telling me.


    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Thanks for your sympathy, Linda!

      I am prepared to suffere for the sake of the community! 🙂

      Well, I can handle it. You just need the right tools and two quick hands. 😉


  4. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    Hi Klaus, I’m now on the list but cannot add anything to the board. I know you said this process isn’t instant but any idea how long it will take to be able to add images?

    Thanks for your hard work, this is a great idea!

    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Jamie!

      I have added you to the board now. I am still trying to find out if this works properly as borads may not be designed for this many people. Anyway, I hope it works for you now.


    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Richard,

      you will receive an email notifying you that you can pin to the board. Please give me some time for that.


    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      ————————————————————————————— Version 1.3
      Everybody having submitted a valid comment above this line is included in update version 1.3 on Feb. 21th 16:00 CET

      Everbody below this line will be included in an upcoming update.

      Thanks for registering!

  5. Roberto
    Roberto says:

    What’s up to “Best of Pinterest Photographers”
    Yesterday there were more than 300 collaborators, today less than 200… and I can’t pin in it

    Thanks in advance Klaus

  6. Jude Camwell
    Jude Camwell says:

    I’m already on your list here, but never got an email telling me I was able to post a contribution to your Board on Pinterest. Maybe I’m confused and if it’s going to take time, that’s fine, please don’t think I’m being impatient. I just wanted to make sure. 🙂 Thanks for all you’re doing! I look forward to contributing!

    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Jude,

      sorry for that! Jugding from your name, I should have added you, but apparently Pinterest has got some problems with board contributors. I’ll try to fix it.


  7. Rosie@leavesnbloom
    Rosie@leavesnbloom says:

    I would love to be on the list too.


    I’ve just deleted a load of my boards. Why you might ask? well my love affair with Pinterest is on hold just now until they can sort out this copyright issue………….or at least get a change in their TOS or a clarification. My biggest concern is their TOS where I’ve just discovered through all the hyp on the internet these past few days that I’m giving away my own rights of how Pinterest uses my images when I upload them or someone else does………they could even be sold by Pinterest!

    I would value your thoughts on maybe another blog post about this.

  8. Lady Pinsalot
    Lady Pinsalot says:

    Wow, thanks for putting together this amazing list!

    I’m the founder of a new Pinterest directory called that I hope to build into a great resource to help pinners find fellow pinners with similar interests and tastes. It’s still in beta, but I’d love it if some of you would check it out and add your profiles!

  9. Fred Murphy
    Fred Murphy says:

    Fred Murphy is a serious amateur photographer living in New York City, mainly interested in landscapes, nature and cityscapes. His work has been exhibited in juried shows at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum and in a solo show at NYC’s Indian Road Cafe. His day job is in information technology and the performing arts.

  10. Hilary Stephens
    Hilary Stephens says:

    Hi – I’m on the list above as being able to add photos to the group, however, today, when I tried to do so for the first time, the group had been removed from my list. What happened? I’d still like the opportunity to add to the group. Thanks, Hilary

  11. Maggie Mae McCain
    Maggie Mae McCain says:

    Have not pinned any of my own work yet. Have only pinned my favs from other users at 365 Project. Have not pinned anything since the ugly controversy started and the poison started to spread. I just don’t believe Pinterest’s plans include selling original photos.

  12. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Please added my talented husband, Paul Gillespie, who has joined but isn’t sure of the value of Pinterest. Having a network of colleagues might motivate him to see the value. . If you want to see more of his work, go to

    Jennifer Donatelli

  13. linda
    linda says:

    Hi, Klaus. When I click on the highlight on my name in your photographers’ list it doesn’t go to my pinterest site. It goes to that of one Elizabeth Bruders. Do you have any idea why?

  14. farbspiel
    farbspiel says:

    ————————————————————————————— Version 1.4
    Everybody having submitted a valid comment above this line is included in update version 1.4 on Feb. 29th 9:00 CET

    Everbody below this line will be included in an upcoming update.

    Thanks for registering!

  15. Jan Karlo Camero
    Jan Karlo Camero says:


    I seem to have received the notification that I was added to the group board however, I cant see the “Best of Pinterest Photographers” in my board. Could you check this if I was really invited?


  16. Joel Cyr
    Joel Cyr says:

    For some reason I have been unable to pin my picture. I am in the list above but I am unable to find the board in my pinable boards.

  17. farbspiel
    farbspiel says:

    Dear all,

    I have received many questions asking: “I am not able to pin to the Best of Pinterest Photographers. Why? Can you fix this?”

    The short answer is: “No!” This is neither my fault nor yours. Pinterest is simply randomly removing people at their own will without any notification whatsoever. To me, this looks like a bug. I have contacted the Pinterest support, but got no answer yet.

    So, I can only ask for your patience while I try to resolve the issue. I will inform you here when I have news. So, please stay tuned.


  18. farbspiel
    farbspiel says:

    ————————————————————————————— Version 1.5
    Everybody having submitted a valid comment above this line is included in update version 1.5 on Mar. 18th 15:00 CET

    Everbody below this line will be included in an upcoming update.

    Thanks for registering!

    • farbspiel
      farbspiel says:

      Hi Karen,

      you are already on the list and on the board. I hope it works for you. If not, let me know!