How To Digitally Blend a Single RAW file by Jimmy McIntyre

Digital blending is a technique by which you blend selected regions of one photo with regions from another photo to combine the best aspects of both images. Of course, this is also possible for sets of more than two images. One typical use case is manual HDR where you blend the well-exposed areas of each photo in a bracketed series of shots.

But digital blending techniques are not only applicable to multiple exposures. While that’s usually how these techniques are used, you can actually use the same technique to blend a single photo with itself, or rather, with a different version of itself. In the video below, Jimmy McIntyre shows you the basics of this technique.

Hands-on Photo Tip: Single Exposure Blending

This is an article about a similar technique where I also show you how to make best use of Smart Objects when you blend a single photo.

Summary: I will show you how to optimize the dynmic range of a photo by developing two versions of a single RAW image and blending them together in Photoshop. [Read more...]

The actual blending technique that Jimmy uses here is based on the Blend If controls in Photoshop. To get in-depth instructions on how to use these controls, check out this tutorial by Blake Rudis.

5 Ways Blend If in Photoshop Will Blow Your Mind by Blake Rudis
Summary: In these featured videos, Blake Rudis gives you 5 ways to apply Blend-If to achieve very specific things and he teaches you the basics of Blend-If. [Read more...]

Check out Jimmy’s blog. He has some great free Photoshop tutorials and some very useful tools in his store.

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