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My eBook “HDR Top Tips – 10 Tips for Better HDR Photos” is my thank-you gift for our loyal subscribers. Your sustained support means a lot to me! Thank you!

What’s in the Book?

This eBook contains 10 handy tips for your HDR work (plus a bonus tip). The range of tips covers the entire HDR workflow starting with shooting your source photos, via the preparation and the merging of the images, all the way to the tone-mapping and post-processing phase.

In each tip, I get straight to the point and give you practical guidance for avoiding or solving particular problems. Each tip is richly illustrated to help you implement it in your own workflow. Wherever possible, I will give you pointers to additional sources of information where you can read more about the respective topic.

The eBook comes as a PDF file that you can read conveniently on your Tablet PC, on your Laptop or Desktop PC, or on your Smartphone.

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