Learn How to Produce Stunning HDR Images

Welcome to the educational section. In this section, you can access a variety of resources that help you improve your photography skills. All of the material that you find here is free. Note however, that it took me a lot of time and effort to create this for you. The only thing I am asking in return is the following:

If you use these techniques in your own work, and you find that they help you improve, please tell other people simply by mentioning where you got it from and by providing a link back to this page. Thanks!

The HDR Cookbook

HDR Cookbook - teaser - 01The HDR Cookbook is a collection of recipes for better post-processing of HDR images. Many people think that an HDR image is finished when it drops out of the HDR software. Nothing could be further from the truth! Actually, this is where the real work only starts. Find out how you can improve your images in post processing.

Before-and-After Comparisons

HDR Before and After - teaser - 01The Before-and-After section contains the largest collection of HDR Before-and-After comparisons on the web. Each comparison chart presents the source images, the tone-mapped image and the final result in a concise way. Discover what you can potentially make of your source images with the right techniques.

Dynamic Before-and-After

Dynamic Before-and-After - teaser - 01The Dynamic Before-and-After section lets you compare the before and the after for selected images directly through an overlay technology. You can click and slide directly on the image to slide back and forth between the before and the after version to discover the changes. Try it! It’s fun.

Making-of Videos

HDR Making-of Videos - teaserA video says more than a 1000 images! While the Before-and-After comparisons do a good job of showing what is possible, actually seeing how it is done can reveal so much more information. Watch the making-of time-lapse videos that show the post-processing process. Watch them full-screen in HD and pause at arbitrary positions to see exactly which parameters have been used to produce an effect.

Pics to Play With

HDR Pics to play with - teaser - 01When you are done viewing the Before-and-After comparisons and watching the Making-of videos, you will surely want to practice the techniques you have seen. But if you use your own source images, there is no objective way of verifying your progress because every set of source images is a bit different. Maybe you also find it difficult to produce the source images in the first place. But that is no problem. You can simply go to the Pics-to-play-with section and download some of my source images. Use them to create HDRs and practice the newly acquired knowledge as you wish and compare the results with others.