5 Ways Blend If in Photoshop Will Blow Your Mind by Blake Rudis

You may have stumbled across the Blend-If controls in the Layer Style dialog box in Photoshop. But chances are that you did not even notice them, let alone recognized that they are actually a very powerful tool. Blend-If is one of those tools that is not self-explanatory and that does not make you want to use it straight away. The reason is that, by itself, it does not do a lot other than letting you select a range of tones where the layer and the layer below are going to be blended together.

Sounds cryptic? Watch the two videos in this post to gain some insights into this tool. In the first video below, Blake Rudis gives you 5 ways to apply Blend-If to achieve very specific things. In the second video, he actually takes one step back and teaches you the basics of Blend-If – the theory, if you will. You should really try to get your head around this as it will help you take your post-processing skills to the next level.

5 Ways Blend If in Photoshop Will Blow Your Mind!

How to use the Blend if Options in Photoshop

Check out Blake’s blog where he publishes great Photoshop tutorials regularly.

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  1. Steve Sims
    Steve Sims says:

    Thanks Klaus! Great information! I use blend if but this really gives me ideas I never thought of.


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