Beginner’s Guide to Composites in Photoshop

In this featured video by Serge Ramelli, Kelvin Pimont gives you an introduction to creating composite images in Photoshop. What is a composite image? It’s an image that is assembled from different photos to create a final image showing a scene that never actually existed in real life.

One typical application for the set of techniques shown in this video are ‘environmental portrait composites’. In these composites, you put together a portrait and a background that have been shot separately and you merge these photos so that the final results is believable.

The ‘believable’ part is most important here. Anybody can put together a crappy composite in Photoshop. But the art is to ‘sell’ the impression that that person was actually shot in front of that background. If you’re able to do that on a consistent basis, you can get really creative in your photography.

You can get Serge Ramelli’s entire ‘Portrait Composites Workflow’ video course featuring instructor Kelvin Pimont as a part of the Complete Photography Bundle 2016 together with tons of additional photography training, resources and tools. In the course, Serge and Kelvin take you through 5 portrait composite projects teaching you everything you need to know.

The bundle contains dozens of products with a total value of $2,500, but you will get it for $97. The only problem is that you need to be quick as the bundle will be gone very soon.


In a Nutshell…

Kelvin shows you how to put a businessman in front of a cityscape background. He explains the entire workflow from start to finish in a way that even Photoshop beginners will be able to follow along. He teaches you how to position the subject and the background relative to each other, how to get the lighting and the colors consistent across the different elements of your composite, and how to add other elements like smoke.

You will learn a ton of cool tricks that will not only help you with your composite adventures but also with your Photoshop work in general.

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