How to Create an HDR Panorama in Lightroom

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to use Lightroom to create one of the most complex types of images. We’re going to make an HDR panorama by merging and stitching 21 photos to get a single 180° image that has sufficient details in the highlights and shadows.


In this type of photography, you often need to capture a very high dynamic range due to the extreme field of view. And HDR is really useful in this situation. You basically capture an entire exposure series for each section of the panorama. These exposure series are then merged to HDR images which in turn are merged to create the final panorama.

This sounds like an intimidating process. But in Lightroom CC, Adobe introduced the ability to merge panorama images as well as HDR images quickly and easily. For a basic HDR panorama, that is all you need. So, you won’t even need to leave the software, and you can do everything from start to finish inside Lightroom.


In this video, I show you how to create an HDR panorama in Lightroom. We talk about how to manage and organize your source images using the stacking feature in order not to lose track.

I show you how to merge your source photos for each section into HDR images quickly and easily using Lightroom’s headless Merge to HDR mode. Then, we merge the resulting HDR images into the raw panorama image.

Due to Lightroom’s unique ability to create a new raw image from the merged photos for both HDRs and panoramas, we do not have to do any preprocessing. The full editing capabilities are preserved during the merge procedure which gives us a nice way of separating the merging from the subsequent editing.

Finally, we edit the panorama image in Lightroom just like any other raw image to give it its final look.

Now it’s your turn…

Did you ever try to create and HDR image or maybe even a panorama in Lightroom? How do you like this feature?

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  1. Emaad
    Emaad says:

    I am having really tough time making HDR of moving people. Moving people become ghosts or halos in HDR. I am working on an assignment where there are lots of moving people and I also have to capture building details which can only be covered by making an HDR. Please! Help me out. thanks.


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